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  1. I've had good internet connections while living in the US. That said I lived in seattle and minneapolis, 2 high tech urban cities. The size of the US and the amount of people living the suburbs makes tech like starlink more viable than deploying cables tbh
  2. While samsung learns how to make their ultra phone looks better, vivo is now making their phone looks ugly
  3. I understand tesla charging a subscription based system for the car The system is still developing at quite rapid pace. The system itself requires continuous spending on R&D Look, having subscription system for now means it allows more people being able to use it when they need / want to. Although to be fair, tesla should provide the option of buying this feature outright, even if they are expensive
  4. When you spend too much budget and time on marketing hype than the actual software Obviously cd projekt red doesnt see this as a long term project, simply create the hype and then release a shit product which people believe is good, make back the money within the first week and then goes “ha ha eat shit”
  5. It’s a simple supply and demand condition People are still buying despite the jacked up price, so there’s simply no reason to lower the price It’s a shit condition but that’s just how it is
  6. If google goes too far, i could see amazon pouncing on this, since they have the infrastructure to make something at YT scale if they so wish
  7. It should be fine, as long as it doesnt go to the point of being obnoxious After all, YT is a free platform but it’s not free to maintain the infrastructure
  8. Thankfully in Indonesia we get great family plan for YT premium Considering the amount of hours we spend on YT, definitely worth spending the money
  9. Hardware acceleration is an entirely different ball game because it needs proprietary hardware and software in the first place. The execution of apple to release the product for MBA, MBP 13 and Mac mini is on point TBH. The performance gain can be felt the most on these products and the vast majority of the users on these products are probably not going to notice the "transition period" since all they do are browse the web and word-processing Apple won't encounter the problem of developers not developing apps for mac, because they only need to focus on making one versio
  10. The make or break for these 1st gen apple silicon mac is how well will it run x86 apps during the transition period Rosetta 2 is an absolute master piece of software architecture. Almost all the reviewers are basically blown away by the fact it runs faster than the x86 chips, while running benchmark and apps designed for x86
  11. 5nm process, which is more advanced than what we are seeing in 5950x and since apple M1 runs on SoC which allows way faster communication between CPU, memory and GPU.
  12. HA! The amount of brain dead anti-apple in this forum is amazing Simply cant celebrate great strive in semi conductor technology, simply because it was made by apple
  13. If this means us non americans dont have to deal with the BS of processor disparity, that would be great
  14. No, it's not for your safety. It's too make sure you aren't spreading it to other people. Some people will need to go out, either for work, groceries or emergencies even if they live in a super priviledged countries. In some other countries, not working means starving your family and depraving them from a roof above their heads. Not all countries have average GDP per capita above $20K Frankly, countries that aren't really conducting surveillance are either extremely lucky they don't have to do it, or just too poor. Americans yelling about "muh privacy" with
  15. First off, the current algorithm apple using doesnt take in private information. It’s already one of the least invasive way of contact tracing We could have a 14 day location logging for contact tracing but people will go out with their pitchforks Most of these companies dont need further data from you anyway, they already own all your data. Your email, phone number, location, credit card, everything. Most people are willing to lose a limb for their loved ones, but apparently not their private data