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  1. It's super overkill for the 1050 ti tho and won't do anything, kind of a bottleneck and waste of money if you ask me!
  2. Get a 12 mm ryzen and a cheap board. 1200 12nm is good. Spare cash can go into a fast ssd or maybe try to sell the 1050 ti and upgrade to a better card, an option as well.
  3. ALWAYS a risk, even if you buy the exact same memory, sometimes adding more ram simply causes issues. The Sticks can be different. It's not fun but the manufacturers simply don't care I would try to return the ram and try another kit!
  4. I mean you can try but the resistance and stuff on the wire ( right tech gurus) will maybe make it come out too dim etc. But you can try I guess
  5. After the new 4 series, Idc what they do, They're just too ugly to own LOL Ot: This has been done so many times before, It's actally quiet common in Europe tbh..
  6. Honestly, seems like it's a mobo failure. Try to borrow a Card specifically for Mac and try that, if that fails, I wouldn't put too too much effort into this one.
  7. The v3 version is fine, which that is, otherwise I'd like to see some proof tbh. I look at CAS latency as well. IMO, it's not far off, besides for gaming it's superior still!
  8. But is that going to be in the next 2 years? I highly highly doubt it
  9. Set all the channels from Auto to a channel you desire, Stating you're at a farm, doesn't matter what you choose ( 1-20)
  10. 1. MacOS devs 2.Of course, As I stated, all conspiracies at this point 3. No, It doesn't work like that, also watch Dave2D's video, good explanation on the situation 4.Doesn't matter, It's about the developing for the platform, NOT the actual use once the ''program/app is done''
  11. If the shield were to run Windows or MacOS , it would be worth a potato