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  1. Depends what you want to do and what your budget is, but the R5 3600 on a B450 motherboard is incredible value for money.
  2. Yeah, but AnTuTu even says you shouldn't compare Android v iOS because the versions are significantly different and not apples to apples. Even with that in mind, this processor is an impressive step forward for ARM in general! Source: https://www.antutu.com/en/doc/119646.htm
  3. Can't forget Razer Or pretty much any other ultrabook manufacturer.
  4. I have 0 issue with microtransactions so long as they're either cosmetic or don't give players an unfair advantage.
  5. Even if it was a high traffic site, a lot of the content is static so you could likely mitigate a lot of the traffic by using a CDN like Cloudflare.
  6. What's your source? If so, that would be the first time Apple has used RAID in their laptops to my knowledge. https://www.anandtech.com/show/15101/apple-rolls-out-16inch-macbook-pro-a-bit-more-refined
  7. Reading Anandtech's opening remarks it looks like it's something to do with Apple flexing it's engineering muscle on their custom SSD controller design within the T2 enabling 8TB of storage. Other manufacturers have to deal with RAID and 3rd party controllers. Re T2 encryption concerns, they could add it as part of the beautiful setup experience the first time you open your Macbook, and if you choose 'No' you could also have a setting to encrypt your drive later on under 'Privacy' in settings.
  8. If that was indeed recorded using the microphone on the MBP colour me impressed! Definitely contemplating buying the entry 16" MBP as my next laptop... Spec wise it ticks all my boxes. Last MBP upgrade was the late 2015.
  9. $5 this is the replacement Anthony has been waiting for
  10. I wonder if how the scores are calculated differs significantly between your country and mine as mine is 974. Maybe I have more debt.
  11. Well yes, but my understanding is that there is data to support that men are higher risk hence higher premiums. The data surrounding the investigation seems to be that only gender is significantly different, particularly when it comes to credit scores, income, etc as they were all join applications with shared accounts.
  12. Yeah, D2 LOD was great... D3 was disapointing on release but pretty good 2+ years later after they broke a ton of promises and missed deadlines. Replay-ability was pretty average though with most content driven by seasons and was a massive boring grind-fest.
  13. How did this even happen.... *puts prosecutor on the stand* AMD: Does the CPU have 8 compute cores? Prosecutor: Yes, but... AMD: No more questions your honor. I'm not a lawyer. EDIT: We should sue all OEM computer manufacturers for advertising dual core CPUS in the early 2000's as 4GHz when they were 2GHz and also for listing the R295X2 as 8GB VRAM when only 4GB was usable when gaming. And Microsoft for Windows 8.
  14. Did you guys see their Mini Dune Case? These guys are so getting sued. https://www.dunecase.com/dunecase/
  15. The standouts to me: A13 Bionic Retina Display XDR.... 1200 nits peak brightness on an mobile OLED. Would have been nice to have 90Hz adaptive refresh, but hey. Baby steps. Always on screen for Apple Watch with same battery life I really want to see a review of the A13 from AnandTech. Can't wait! SD855 shouldn't be able to hold a candle to it.
  16. Seems kinda cheap now, dunnit? https://www.apple.com/nz/pro-display-xdr/
  17. Don't know why the NSA is complaining about not being able to access devices of terrorists. Have they even tried Admin/Admin?
  18. Possibly, but he does praise them from time to time and his business repairs MacBooks…. So it would be almost idiotic if he didn't.
  19. I get the feeling you're not a fan of Mercedes.... ?
  20. Welcome to team red... For that kind of money you're probably looking at the Ryzen 5 3600 (X) and either a 5700 XT or 2060 Super. In productivity, AMD reigns king at every price point (I'm pretty sure?) and for gaming only the i7-9700k and i9-9900k win by a small margin, but get stomped in productivity tasks. Given your budget constraints, I would think AMD is going to offer superior productivity performance with equivalent gaming performance. If you go for a 5700 XT you could maybe stretch a Ryzen 3700X or 3800X. Basically: - Ryzen 3600 (X) / 3700X - Radeon 5700 XT - 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz RAM Then with remaining budget be wise about your storage, PSU, case, etc.