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  1. I would by the 16" if all they did was update the mic/webcam, and screen to the Liquid Retina XDR display.
  2. I think it's something to do with how it works... The got blocked, but were then talking about a browser release?
  3. Yes, but you're forgetting that times have changed. The big difference here is national independence for security reasons. America got the ball rolling when they fucked Huawei, and the rest of the world woke up and realized it is a massive security threat not to be independent of ARM and x86.
  4. I'm guessing here, but it sounds similar to a friends issue (5900X and 3080) where the PSU couldn't cope with peak loads and was causing all sorts of intermittent crashes. Alternatively, as you've already surmised, if the GPU has been running okay in the past with the current hardware it would also be the GPU starting to fail.
  5. Yeah, that's not what happened with WSB. WSB realised that there was an opportunity for a short-squeeze because there were a significant volume of short positions against GME. The result is history (or soon to be), as retail investors buy shares in droves it drives up the price, which means that the hedge funds holding short positions against GME are required to make their margin calls at the end of the day, and also are required to buy shares as their short positions close driving up the price of the shares.... Rinse, repeat. However, that said, it Fractal could still be a good i
  6. Without being an expert on the new law, wouldn't the fact that we link as a source but add additional commentary and thoughts to the link exempt the forum from having to pay? Additionally, as the links are posted by users it's likely exempt. Whereas Google and other search engines (such as Alexa, Siri, Cortana, etc) just regurgitate the information verbatim and therefore derive their value from others' work without paying for, or crediting the original creator.
  7. Just so we're all clear; this would have been a design choice by Apple to ensure that the laptop was comfortable to use for extended durations away from the desk where it may be sitting on your lap, or otherwise. Not Apple deliberately gimping the laptop to sell more pro devices.
  8. AMD could secure capacity with Samsung for next gen parts, it's not like they're bound completely to TSMC.
  9. I don't see a problem with the subscription model as a way of reducing the barrier to entry for advanced features that are constantly under development. I do, however, have an issue with BMW's approach to making heated seats, Apple CarPlay, and AWD systems subscription based when they're not adding any value whatsoever overtime and the significant costs are already included in the vehicle (unless the vehicle is discounted to reflect the fact that they're not included in the original purchase).
  10. This generation of reference designs from Nvidia is baller. Best looking cards I've ever seen.
  11. While everyone enjoys different games for different reasons, I have to say that Witcher 3 is by far the best RPG that I've played to date. The story is diverse, detailed, and enthralling, and the graphics are spectacular IMO. I did find that when I first played it the first 10 or so levels were the hardest and it took a few hours and a youtube video to get into, but once I got going I couldn't stop. I still remember loading into the world and getting curb stomped by the first monster I came across. And the werewolf.
  12. Also known as constructive dismissal, and very much illegal.
  13. I don’t think we can comment on the price until we get our hands on it to listen. Feature wise, I think these are class leading compared to the Bose and Sony equivalent. $550 isn’t that much for me personally, I paid almost $2000 for my LCD-3 which is just 2-channel and $499 for my computer headset with spatial audio. if it can best it’s competitors in noise cancellation and sound performance I’d buy it.
  14. Microsoft will only sell Windows ARM to OEMs that pre-install.
  15. I'm really liking the rollout plan by Apple. Start with the low-end hardware, the people who only need up to 16GB RAM. Light gaming, office work, some photo editing, etc. This will give devs time to come to grips with the base-line hardware, and time for them to rollout updates and patches to their software in time for the release of the next chip and refresh of the professional tools, such as the 16" MBP, and iMac with the Mac Pro to follow last with M2X.
  16. No, you'll be fine. The 5600X is capable of being paired with the latest 6800XT and 3080, particularly at 1440p and higher.
  17. Don't forget the Harmony 88" OLED with motorised floor stand. https://www.bang-olufsen.com/en/televisions/beovision-harmony Yeah, I have to say, not usually worth the price... but seeing one in person does make you feel special. Just FYI, they've always had a strong relationship with LG so basically what you're buying here is the best-of-the-best LG has to offer, paired with exquisite design, craftmanship, mechanical, and audio engineering.
  18. I use 10G on the daily, both in the office and at home... between my security cameras and plex server with 1gbps internet I can saturate a 10G link. At work it’s super easy, we have a bunch of engineers and graphic designers editing off a local NAS + SQL databases and local backups.
  19. At least warships are running XP, my old workplace had business critical systems on 3.1 and DOS.
  20. Hey, so I heard you like emulation on your M1 so we are emulating windows 32 bit on x64-x86 and then emulating x86 using Rosetta 2 to run on ARM so we can play TF2 on your MBA.
  21. I was thinking the same thing.... I'm speculating that for the 16 MBP and iMac they might have an M1X with a 6+6 or 8+8 CPU core configuration, 8-24 GPU cores, and an additional 2 RAM chips. However, that would be a massive monolithic design. M2 would possibly implement the same features and include more PCIe lanes for additional ports and 10G internet, possibly include 5G.
  22. It's a full $500+ to go from a 6800XT to a 3080
  23. Interestingly in New Zealand, the 6800XT is priced below the 3070. So..... It's a no-brainer really.