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  1. Summary Samsung announced at CES 2021 that they would be allowing old Samsung devices to be reused as a variety of different IoT devices through SmartThings integration. Examples include: Baby monitor Ambient light trigger for lights (aimed at pets) XDA reports that Samsung has not shared specific details about timelines and what devices are included. My thoughts I can really get behind this initiative to reduce e-waste, really glad to see a huge manufacturer both recognise and act on this. This feeling is somewha
  2. Macbook Pro 16" usb-c to HDMI for a 4K 60Hz monitor usb-c hub 100W power in 1080p 60Hz monitor usb power cable for the laptop stand fans iPhone 6s as a webcam Logitech 720p webcam as a backup usb 3.0 hub 2x Wireless dongles Drevo Blademaster Pro MX Ergo wireless trackball mouse JBL Pebble speakers Jabra usb headset for conference calls Razer Deathadder for when I game
  3. The industry seems to be headed towards a chiplet approach, AMD with infinity fabric and Intel using their EMIB tech. Will be interesting to see if Apple will buck the trend given they put such a large focus on memory latency and unification. That said the 16p and 12p each are listed with 4 efficiency cores so Apple's 'chiplets' don't sound like they would benefit from M1 dies.
  4. Yeah for sure, this is what I miss most using a MBP 16 for work compared to my Surface Pro 4
  5. Still got 2 6s devices kicking around. Remarkable how well they've aged, I use one as a work phone and the other as my webcam.
  6. That 14" laptop would be really interesting to me. Am hoping that they are able to leverage the smaller board size of the M1 to fit a 100WHr battery into a 14" frame, one can hope for a 24Hr battery.
  7. The MBP 16 actually has pretty good cooling as long as CPU and GPU aren't loaded up at the same time. It's still not adequate for combined CPU and GPU load (I have a whole reddit thread of a VRM mod I did) but in terms of CPU benchmarks it's pretty comparable to top of the line windows laptops. It's not a valid knock on Apple to say M1 vs intel is gimped. Edit: To backup my claims you can see here I posted that the MBP 16 can maintain 3.3Ghz on all 16 threads for an unlimited amount of time. Then notebookcheck showing the Blade Pro 17" maintaining around 3.3 - 3.6GHz in a stress te
  8. I think it's impressive we're getting a part that sits at 20 -25W doubling the GPU performance of a 4700U. I'd call that pretty awesome for the ultrabook space even if not of much consequence in the desktop.
  9. Only 10W in the Air, other devices have more headroom. Mac Mini is 20-25W
  10. To be fair it's not just the same chip with a frequency bump. The M1 has 2 more Big cores, double the GPU as well as a load of things like TB3 controller built in. I think you're right that they're definitely near the limits of the efficiency curve for this base design but I'm expecting them to have a completely separate chip for their higher end models.
  11. I was skeptical but Anandtech made a good case for it recently in this article https://www.anandtech.com/show/16226/apple-silicon-m1-a14-deep-dive/4
  12. Summary Reviews just dropped, M1 mac lineup of Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and Mac Mini Reviewed. From Anandtech where they say the M1 in the Mac mini behaves like a 20-24W TDP chip at peak loads. CPU performance: GPU performance: Quotes My thoughts Damn. This is super impressive stuff, I was skeptical about the non-native ARM performance but either Rosetta 2 is magic or these M1 chips are absolute monsters. I'm glad that the 10hour+ laptop is back to being a thing too! Edit: GPU performance is eq
  13. Just indicates that the decode block doesn't handle more than 90fps for the VP9 codec I guess. Not that it's an issue given macOS's poor support for higher refresh rate displays anyways.
  14. Cinebench is impressive. On my MBP 16 i9 2.4Ghz I just ran a Multi 8221, Single 1192 (Minimum Duration: 10 Minutes) Average of 3 runs
  15. Yeah I think you're right, 90fps presents as 60 due to the panel limitation. Was just curious to see if there was fixed function hardware for 4k 120fps VP9 decode, was cpu usage high during playback? I'm assuming it could either be pure cpu or a hybrid approach if we're dropping frames.