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    Gigabyte Z97-N Wifi
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  1. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Wins Best Single Camera Award

    You only posted 1 video, I ignored nothing that was relevant.
  2. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Wins Best Single Camera Award

    He most definitely does use raw photos to bring up darks and lower highlights. Maybe I’m thinking of another photographer, but the iPhone still won either way. iPhone X doesn’t have smartHDR or the new ISP or the 8-Core neural engine Can’t really tell what you are trying to say here. Yes the, smartHDR on the iPhone is made possible my taking many photos in rapid succession at different exposure levels and combining them into 1, well exposed image. Shooting in RAW and trying to manipulate the image to expose it properly results in a loss of detail. You can’t enhance data the sensor never got, something the new iPhones don’t have to deal with. As for bringing the photos to a PC.....I don’t understand what you’re trying to say there. Are you implying that if you threw a RAW photo into Lightroom and tried to expose it properly, unless you had a $2,000 camera you’d be wrong because of what I said above^ And like I said, unless you spend money on the big guns, iPhone XR is going to capture more detail, but admittedly probably less accurate color, than a DSLR taking a single RAW photo.
  3. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Wins Best Single Camera Award

    Of course not. But when you have to start bringing out cameras like that, just to be smug that it’s better than a camera like this ....then yeah, I think the Camera team in the giant space donut are pretty happy with what they made.
  4. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Wins Best Single Camera Award

    He did that....in the video If you've got to compare a $2,000 Camera to a $750 phone then I think Apple has accomplished their goal for the XR and Xs.
  5. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Wins Best Single Camera Award

    You could watch the video I linked? And see the evidence for yourself?
  6. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Wins Best Single Camera Award

    Ok, so you knew that, in your view, smartphone cameras are irrelevant to you.....just gonna leave that there.
  7. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Wins Best Single Camera Award

    Yes, yes it is. That is why it performs so well in testing for a smartphone camera designed for point and shoot captures.
  8. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Wins Best Single Camera Award

    Which is infinitely less portable, convenient, lacks endurance in terms of battery life, and probably requires you to edit the photo after (assuming you're shooting in RAW like you should be if you're going to tout DSLRs), and also has inferior video and audio recording capabilities* iPhone XR can record video with dynamic HDR in 4K which takes the same smartHDR technology on iPhone XR/s (Max) to video So actually iPhone XR would probably capture a better photos and videos in low light conditions than you're DSLR, even when shooting RAW, thanks to how much on board processing can be done with the A12 Bionic.
  9. Do you think I'll find a better deal than this after Ryzen 3rd gen comes out?



    Mind you that there is no cooler included, but I have a corsair H55 which I can get an AM4 mounting bracket for. 

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. BuckGup


      The 8100 is like $124 on amazon and the 8300 is 174

    3. Speed Weed

      Speed Weed

      FX 8000 series? 

    4. BuckGup
  10. Looking for opinions-dess


    So my Desktop has a little ol’ 4690k stuck on a mITX Z97 board with dual channel DDR3. Obviously not ideal in 2018. 4C/4T is fine for gaming while watching YouTube and on Discord, but that’s about it. 


    After AMD launches 3rd gen Ryzen, do you think 1st gen Ryzen would be a viable option? Or does the 4690K have a tangible IPC gain over, say an R5 1600? Would ponying up for 2nd gen over 1st gen be a better deal?


    Btw I finally decided not to upgrade my iPhone since my 6s Plus is still so strong in 2018 and figured I’d update my aging desktop. 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Nowak


      Mm, yeah. Definitely could benefit from a 1600.

    3. handymanshandle


      Frankly, for how cheap you can find the 1700X for, I'd try scouting one of those out.

      They were on sale at Micro Center for like $160 if you felt that was worth it.

    4. AluminiumTech


      @DrMacintosh As someone who went from Haswell i5 to Ryzen 1st gen, the IPC is somewhat higher than Haswell.


      Although the increased core and thread count is a lot more noticeable

  11. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Wins Best Single Camera Award

    The simple fact that these acts are so common does not change just because you don't understand why people do them. Being able to do stuff like that well is important to a lot of people.
  12. DrMacintosh

    iPhone XR Wins Best Single Camera Award

    All that test did was show that Media platforms compress the hell out of everything to the point where what would otherwise be a potato photo is actually competitive with flagships.
  13. I believe Australia said math doesnt matter, only Australia matters. Or something alone those lines. The EU and the common wealth, cities upon the hill for rights and protections
  14. Drivers are not the problem with that card, the problem is that card is just trash and gaming in macOS relies on OpenGL or Metal. In the case of fortnite, OpenGL. If you are trying to game you have to install Windows through Bootcamp and play that way if you want the full performance of any GPU in a Mac.