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  1. The reviews of the M1 MBA and MBP are pretty incredible Not only are the products amazing, but this release will ultimately push more Windows ARM laptops as ARM software support becomes more widespread. Rosetta's performance is insane, it's a whole compatibility layer not just an emulator
  2. I was wondering what he was up to since I haven't seen him on YT for a hot minute. I still remember the ads he did with Kyle (Bitwit), they were really good
  3. Undoubtedly, yes. Apple bringing ARM to their desktop OS and attracting users to perform tasks that need a laptop using ARM hardware will undoubtedly spur significant ARM developer support in general. Though, the real significance of Apple's decision probably won't be felt or known until a couple years from now.
  4. Aside from fixing their manufacturing woes, they need (and probably are working on) a significant architecture shift. Another clean sheet design or significant redesign of their Core architecture. AMD has been able to make such drastic improvements gen-on-gen because they have a much newer architecture and Intel needs to do something to get back up to speed. Perhaps Alder Lake will bring that, but who knows how that'll go.
  5. Considering the entire M1 package as a whole, with this level of performance, ARM has taken its first substantial development in challenging x86. We've yet to see how it actually performs, but this can very well be the first ARM laptops people will actually want to buy and use. I think that's insane and it's going to be spicy to see how Intel and AMD will combat this.
  6. I guess they're going to start DMCA'ing every screen and audio capture tool as well since they can record YouTube music videos, what a bunch of pricks.
  7. Yeah, everything about 3080 20GB and 3070 16GB were all pure speculation. Nvidia has never said whether they'll launch such models, and until they say anything about them, I'm just going to assume they never existed in the first place
  8. I'm using Nano Defender to block anti-adblock popups ... hmm this is interesting
  9. It was well produced and while I think some of the features were a little mundane, I don't think it was a mess at all. My definition of an absolute mess would be Google's event ..
  10. Kind of disappointing, would've wished they launch the 5600 preferably before the end of the year
  11. Dell Outlet, their refurbished monitors are excellent and you can find some pretty good deals
  12. I hope they don't spend too much time ducking around and launch the non-X variants sooner rather than later, preferably before 2021
  13. Why is there like 3 threads about this ... it happens every launch, no one should be surprised
  14. If anyone wants to know how it scales with PCIe 4.0: https://www.techpowerup.com/review/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-pci-express-scaling/