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    Asrock x99m Killer
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    4x4GB Kingston Value Ram @2666Mhz Cas: 16-18-18-35
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    Asus ROG Strix GTX 1060 6GB Core +142 Mem +500
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    Silverstone Tek Micro-ATX
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    120GB Plexton m6e m.2 SATA SSD & 3TB Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000
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    Lenovo Thinkpad P52 (i7-8750h, Quadro P1000,16gb ddr4 2433MHz)

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  1. you can as long as you turn on usb debugging to enable this feature here is a thread where Samsung helped someone with a semi similar problem External Storage won't Mount on S10+ - Samsung Community
  2. Honestly the best way it to have the ram configured in that way by taking out the old ram and plugging in the system and running the types of software that you would use on a daily basis. But I think in this situations though the extra capacity will be more beneficial then the dual channel hybrid configuration edit: changed most to this
  3. there are some 6 pin to 8pin adapters that have another power source like molex or sata power supplementing the 6 pin to make up the difference but these methods are usually not recommended. But as for if your gpu requires it that is most likely the case as many times companies like ASUS, gigabyte and MSI tend to factory overlock their top tier gpu's causing higher power draw than the OEM spec
  4. Thats for the reference design of the 3060ti this specific gpu has 2x8pin
  5. There will always be some fluctuation with fps and if your running the highest of settings on directx 11 mode I don't think those number are too far off the expected but as for trouble shooting I would try something like ddu to uninstall the drivers and then reinstalling them also check to see if thermals on the gpu are in check (which they probably will be as that isn't old gpu.)
  6. Also if you start running simulations then the required hardware tends to go through the roof
  7. Yeah it really comes down to the complexity of the model I used to run a 7th gen i3 laptop back when I was initially getting into 3d design(roughly a year ago) but as my models got more complex I obviously had to upgrade.
  8. I would usually go with the Phanteks p400a digitial which usually hovers around $90 but due to the virus it seems to be either sold out has hyper inflated prices but if you want to stick a cheaper case then I would definitely go the the phanteks p300a which usually goes for $50 - 60 and add a couple fans
  9. depends on what games your running and when you plan on your next upgrade to be
  10. these gpus's would be on the edge if you include the value you could gain from selling your old gpu but if that isn't possible then you have the option of a 2070 but you may have a bit of difficulty mostly because of the computer part shortage. As for switching between amd and nvidia for the gpu at the moment the only gpu's that prefer ryzen are the new rx 6000 series gpu's which have smart memory which only works if you have 5000 series ryzen and a x570 motherboard (note this may change as nvidia is making somthing competitive which isn't platform dependent but this is completely speculation)
  11. thanks in all my searching I never found that link
  12. if you fine with a a little downtime you could try to get a gtx 3070 after selling your rx480 but if you need it immediately then you could try for a second hand 2080 or 2080 ti after also after selling your rx 480
  13. I agree with bmx was saying and you could also upgrade your gpu with the amount you will save by doing this
  14. During the Holiday season I was thinking of getting an eGPU for my laptop as the inbuilt gpu isn't that good for games. I found a razer core v1 with a gtx 1070ti for about $300 and I was wondering if these would be compatible? To my knowledge the thunderbolt ports on this laptop are already wired up with the laptops dGPU hence why I was unsure Laptop: Lenovo ThinkPad P52 (i7 8750h, 16gb 2400MHz ddr4,Quadro P1000) eGPU enclose: Razer Core v1 GPU: GTX 1070ti