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  1. Peltier cooling cpu

    It is an interesting and workable solution but your still going to have to remove waste heat. As mentioned above it is very in-efficient way of cooling a CPU at this time. Just so you are aware there a multitude of discussions in the forum on this topic, some very interesting stuff indeed. **let me point out that the individual in that video used way to much thermal paste...
  2. @lavablade02 Please update your topic to meet the TN&R Guidelines. I have adjusted your title for you to reflect more accurate the information discussed. Missing; Your thread must include some original input to tell the reader why it is relevant to them, and what your personal opinion on the topic is. This needs to be MORE than just a quick, single comment to meet the posting guidelines. Source;
  3. I need a new xbox one controller

    -= Moved to Peripherals =-
  4. Color Laser Printer

    Though I am about 90% sure of what your asking, please ask the question so that I know 100% how to answer.
  5. Dark themes everywhere

    Dark theme is best on the eyes in most cases.
  6. LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for realizing that.
  7. -= Moved to General Discussion =- For not meeting the posting guidelines. -= Locked =- This thread is just spiraling.
  8. LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for hyphenated sarcasm
  9. LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for being a sorcerer.
  10. LGBT community

    Better late then never ... lol
  11. LGBT community

    -disrupting- may have been a better choice but it works either way. /shrug
  12. LGBT community

    -= Thread Cleaned =- I have removed the argument derailing [disrupting] this thread. Lets continue to keep this a civil place of discussion. Restarting the argument will result in warnings passed out.
  13. Budget P.C needs suggestions

    -= Locked =- Discussing Hackintosh is not allowed.
  14. Is this what Langley,BC is like?

    -= Locked =- I have removed the link as its not really appropriate for this forum. This topic is better suited as a Status update anyhow. Sidenote: The actions of one upset individual is not indicative to a populace as a whole....
  15. Duplicate folder for back-up to cloud storage?

    Depending on the service you use [since I do not know i cant assist you.. hint] you will have to open your settings and help file to figure out to set it up to do what you are looking for it to do. Please note that not all cloud services offer these abilities, most only do two-way sync not one way back-up.