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About SansVarnic

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    The Ban Hammer of Fate
  • Birthday 1981-05-13

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    I have it. I don't usually share it.
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    I have it. :) I don't usually share it.
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    Behind you with my Hammer Lulz
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    To many to keep track of... hmm must be bloatware.

    Reading <-- lots of this
    Just to name a few. . . .
  • Biography
    I was born in Iowa. I have had no reason strong enough to move, yet.

    Served 12 years of my life for the country I love.
    Engineers Lead the Way. Essayons!

    I am Married to the most beautiful woman that I know.
    I have 5 children. My wife has 6.
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    Business Operations Manager of Haven Protection LLC


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    Commonly Practiced eUphemisms is a hobby of mine. yup
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    My Mother doesn't Board ... err um what?
  • RAM
    Got some of those, the horns hurt, a lot.
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    Sorry my Grandpa doesn't have a Personal Unicorn
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    Ya I think I have one of those it where all the cool techie stuff goes in right?
  • Storage
    Oh definitely, I keep all the stuff I can't fit at home in...
  • PSU
    Partially Stupefied User, yes I know a few.
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    You want to Display what?
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    I'm to hot.
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    My typewriter works better, you cant even fit paper in these, uugh
  • Mouse
    Caught one last week, it bites too.
  • Sound
    Bit flat
  • Operating System
    MS-DOS 6.2, MSVII, MSX
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  1. SansVarnic

    Ever seen Linusmediagroup.com

    -= Locked =- This is better suited as a Status Update. And yes Linus Media Group (LMG) is the parent company of; Linus Tech Tips TechQuickie Tech Linked Channel Super Fun There is also a LinkedIn page for LMG. Linus established the business shortly after starting his own channel before leaving NCIX.
  2. SansVarnic

    I need a CPU cooler for 8700k under $44 USD

    @a poor computer builder Please quote or @ mention the person of whom you are speaking to so they know you are directing your comments to ...
  3. Bitcoin; Essentially you have to spend money, build a system or purchase systems to "mine" and earn bitcoin. Today your ROI (return on investment) is very small or negligible. 10 years ago was the time to invest, today not so much. There is no way that I am aware of that you can not invest to earn bitcoin today. Unless you win some from some game or what-not. The the answer to your question "how can i earn bitcoin free without investment ??" is simply; you cannot.
  4. SansVarnic

    Best GPU for 1440p gaming?

    -= Locked =- -= Topic Cleaned =- This has run its course. Topic has been answered ... moving on.
  5. -= Moved to New Builds and Planning =- And lets get back on topic.... the pc.
  6. SansVarnic

    LTT forum "banning" game

    Lets get this back on track shall we? its a banning thread not a meme thread.....
  7. SansVarnic

    The best budget matx case - $65.99?

    -= Locked =- Better suited as a Status Update. Or if you wish to do a review (if that was the intention) we have a member review section you can post your thoughts in for other members.
  8. SansVarnic

    Lightning to release a new Motorbike: the Strike

    @BrokenClock your topic does not meet the guidelines for this section. Please update appropriately;
  9. -= Locked =- This has been previously posted.
  10. -= Locked =- We do not allow extreme and un-realistic builds to be posted. This is considered troll/spam posting
  11. -= Moved to General Discussion =- While this is a stimulating conversation this subject is not News. Its a revision of an old product with no new features or design, just re-release for the new model of phone.
  12. SansVarnic

    Memory Express, Victoria

    -= Locked =- Better suited as a Status Update.
  13. SansVarnic


    The human eyes can detect in upwards to and above 300Mhz, the airforce as example tests pilots eyesight to be able to see an describe an object at 1/270th of a second. Fyi.
  14. -= Locked =- This is better posted as a status update
  15. SansVarnic

    lock pdf file help!

    -= Locked =-