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  2. xbone

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  3. Bytecoin

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  4. How many Fans?

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  6. Installing Windows 7 on a Z370 Gaming K6

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  7. Calcaulating Wattage

    @Brick1026 when calculating the power needs of your system to decide on the type of PSU you will need is quite simple. As @aki adaki and @Stefan Payne both have pointed out and to add my bit; Add up all the nominal and peak usage of each major component and then add around 50-100 watts for your other components. When you have that choose the PSU that your Idle and Peak usage fit in the power curve of the psu that interests you. The key is to the find a PSU with both good efficiency and a good power curve, ideally you want to hit that 40/50% - 60/70% for best performance 40/50 being nominal and 60/70 being your max load. This way your not buying an over powered or under powered PSU. @Gedgn makes good points as well on pointing out usage and what to look for. The following is found in the Cases and Power Supplies Sub-Forum; I suggest you review this topic as it relates to this conversation; [its a long thread but the information is updated semi-regularly] and this video [bit old but still very relevant]; This one is also a good resouurce; and last but not least; As @Gedgn mentioned about those that buy 1k PSU is not necessarily true, more than half those bought normally go to miners and multi-gpu systems, the other half can broken down to Water cooling, Multi-cpu systems, server style, systems with multiple HDD's and etc... and then those random ones that are purchased just like anything else are those that buy big because they can or because they dont know better (of which is a much smaller percentage than he lets on). Now I am not saying you need a 1k watt PSU (take a look at my system stats HERE) as you most likely wont need it but just take into consideration what you need for a build vs what it is you want and most importantly what your system will need to both function normally and under load. 1k watt systems are no longer a common thing any more, I had a 900watt system a number of years ago but that was before systems became as efficient as they are now and they will continue to be come more efficient and more power hungry (depending on use case) as time goes on. Hope that helps.
  8. Need help with folding@home

    You can F@H with this but your FX will be a bit warm for the effort and I am not sure if the Radeon is still supported but you can use the 750ti. F@H most uses your GPU any how but you can elect to F@H on your CPU but its not efficient to do so. F@H is designed to run efficiently on GPU architecture. You can run the program on either, I dont use linux so you'll have to get instruction from one of the other members on that but windows will operate it just fine. You can also run in the browser but your folds wont be part of the big projects. Downloading and running the F@H software is pretty straightfoward these days as it is most ready to go with some very minor tweaks. ANd you can run on multiple machines all you have to do is enter your information on each machine and your points will counted appropriately. Storage is not a factor as F@H only requires what it needs to install the application which is fairly small. Most of the folds are kpet in Ram and/or the VRam of your graphics card. [as far as I understand]. I do suggest reading up as much as you can but as I mentioned F@H is pretty much self maintained, it automatically detects what hardware you have and delegates work appropriately. @Ithanul and @Whaler_99 have more knowledge on this than I do.. lol
  9. Drivers suck

    You umm quoted the wrong person... lol.
  10. Drivers suck

    What drivers are the issue?
  11. What is a good E-bike kit?

    There are some decent reviews on E-Bikes by Tarran... cant think them atm but if you do a search for terran and electric bikes on the LTT channels youll find it.
  12. Hiding a serial number

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  13. Help!

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  14. my pc build

    A 500w or 750w would work fine. Personally I would go for the 750w if you plan to do any upgrades in the future.