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    HyperX Savage 1866Hz 32GB Kit
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    Phanteks Eclipse P400 TG
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    Samsung 250 GB 850 EVO SSD, Samsung 500GB 850 EVO SSD, Samsung 1TB 850 EVO SSD, 2x Seagate 1TB drives, 1x WD 2TB drive, 1x WD 5TB drive
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  1. 2 seconds while i recharge my lead-acid battery
  2. Actually. Use YouTube. He gave live interviews with StefanMolyneux and Rubin Report
  3. HP Builds A Beast Of A Tablet!

    and if you get a good keyboard its perfectly capable of office work too. I use my tablet for work, Samsung Tab S....
  4. World's First 5g Smartphone Chip

    whats your provider? Telia? Telenor? Coax, depending on how many is on it, can easily hold 200-300Mbps
  5. World's First 5g Smartphone Chip

    Like i said you should go seek refugee status in Norway or Denmark. Those speeds are straight up 3rd world. This is what I get at home (LTE/wifi coax respectively) http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/3299512102 http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/3299520425 That's my speed. I can't get more than 100/30 on my old Coax line, but 100/30 just isn't worth it
  6. World's First 5g Smartphone Chip

    My condolences that you have to live in such a 3rd world country. You should go across the border to the north west or south west. Much better speeds.
  7. World's First 5g Smartphone Chip

    Asia and Scandinavia. I get to up to ~120Mbps on LTE during rush hour. This is my phone earlier this year http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/2847594921
  8. i think the best solution for that would be to use two 1mm opaque plates glued together with doublesided adhesive tape. My plate is 3mm thick, and still it didnt spread the light that well. I had to put two layers of frosted privacy filters ontop of the 3mm plexi to get somewhat decent diffusion. I couldnt get 1mm plexi at any decent price where i live, as i had to buy 3ft x 3ft panels... instead of a 1ft x 1ft for like 4$, which isnt bad considering taxes and shit.... But 2x 1mm sandwiched by a clear doublesided tape should scatter the light better given how the adhesive and edges of the panels interact... sadly i couldn't try it out, so its not 100% sure.
  9. i have. except at the top cover
  10. i used to have it like that, but Phanteks strips doesnt work with the Hue+, and also has different color characteristics, so the orange on Phanteks LED strips doesnt match the orange you get on NZXT strips
  11. Running a nice 7% OC... get around 1080 perf gonna tear it apart next month (need to wait on next salary until i move onto next phase), then wrap the "metal" frame in brushed copper, and the interior black section in brushed gunmetal steel wrap.... might change the fan LEDs to orange LEDs, OR, potentially, ill get a second HUE+ and put a HUE+ strip in there
  12. Ive alreaady done the vertical mount, was easy, but now, i am working on the light diffuser for the LEDs, to get a "glowplate" in my P400 For the vertical mount, i used a Cooler Master vertical mount (made for the Masterbox and Mastercase), some adaptation to the P400, aka cutting into the PCIe brackets on the back, solved that issue. However, the lights in the case was still quite a challenge. I wanted illumination from both top and bottom. The bottom mostly for effect, whilst the top was meant more for practical illumination. I have chosen to use NZXT Hue+, as my ASUS board (Z97 ROG Hero) doesnt have LED headers. The case has a "grill" above the PSU, so naturally, you'd just put the LEDs ontop of the PSU and let them shine, thus getting the "underglow".... yeah, no. As you can see, the bottom LEDs (and top) is quite harsh, so i decided to take the case apart, again, and do something to diffuse the light. BUT YOU SEE, THAT WOULDNT BE SO EASY, CUZ FUCK YOU PHANTEKS. The P400, is mostly riveted together... not screwed.... so lots of rivets to drill and then re-pop... I cannot use screws as there isnt enough material for screws to get any reasonable grip. Luckily, i got the tools i need (and more so) So here goes, how to diffuse the bottom light? Get a opaque piece of plexiglass.... but, that wasnt enough, it worked great if it had some more space away from the LEDs, but it will be stuck really really close to the LEDs, so how we gonna fix this? get some privacy film used for bathroom windows and shower glass walls.... excellent, we are now ready NOT SO FAST I got a AXI 1500i.... its too large to just easily take in and out of the case, and once you put the LED strips ontop, its actually FAR too big... it wont be able to fit without tearing the case totally apart... SO TEARDOWN TIME Yes, its just a LITTLE BIT big now for the plexi plate.... I forgot to take a picture of the next little hurdle... Looking at the first pic, you see i got a connector wire between two of the LED strips ontop of the PSU... well, those cables are "too thick"... so i had to take my dremel and grind down the plexi piece enough to fit the connectors. Took quite a while, and my kitchen/livingroom is now sprinkled with plastic So... time to put the cover back ontop of the PSU Yeah, such great clearance.... ......many hours later: And done!! camera doesnt do it justice. It didnt end up QUITE like i wanted, but it got way better. So that is all that matters @Morgan MLGman @i_build_nanosuits Next project; Custom vinylwrapping and custom cables. Going to go with gunmetal, brushed copper and black chrome wrapping.
  13. i see you are still libeling companies.
  14. The LTT youtube channel has become alot worse

    Are LTT becoming less factually correct and more and more entertainment based? yes want facts? Rigorous testing? integrity? well, there is a few other channels for that