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  1. yeah that fat fuck of a stepmom and the scrawny dad need to be chucked in a meatgrinder and compacted into a chumball for shark research.
  2. Because it gives you results you didnt actually search for... its like a "feeling lucky" button for porn
  3. MSI... who buys that shit?
  4. And you'll be waiting even further for a gawdy enough motherboard that wont look terrible with those DIMMs in them
  5. Keep waiting. In the meantime ima go watch the carnage now that Steve Bannon is fired
  6. So you are just another Neo-con/establishment warmonger.
  7. Once again, you mischaracterize people. Molyneux is not Ancap. he moved away from that view almost 2 years ago. You're more out of date then my 40+ year old coworkers.
  8. IT WAS MADE ON 4CHAN. it has the 4chan logo in the top left. We know 4chan loves meming the shit outta nazis. Just like they did with the Mountain Dew contest where they trolled the polls so that "hitler did nothing wrong" was the overwhelming winner. Or how they troll parents who ask the internet to name their children that start suggesting the names of Goerings children. Also... Shit is NOT all that it seems.
  9. The irony is that FOR ONCE, you could legitimately say "If they hadnt shown up, people wouldnt have died"
  10. let me guess, they probably use it to search for chrome or firefox download upon fresh installs
  11. So basically what you are saying is; "I dont like Sargon, he is a garbage human, and he is right, but i dont want him to be right, because he is a garbage human"
  12. Sargon does not push white nationalism, never has. He does however post a lot of well reasoned anti SJW and anti feminist stuff