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  1. So let me get this straight. Every time a new video comes out you download the closed captions script specifically searching for when the url key is "announced" and then you just take the quiz over and over until you get to the end through trial and error? Am I the only one who thinks this goes against the spirit of it? Shouldn't there be an IP blocker to prevent this kind of gaming of the systems? I and many others spent a good chunk of time googling, watching youtube videos and asking in twitch channels for the answers to questions about games that we weren't familiar with. Doing it
  2. I actually thought the DirectX12/Vulkan question was one of the easiest ones. The SoulCalibour and Resident Evil questions I hadn't the remotest idea about.
  3. oh you're right. nevermind then I'm dumb. I saw the "visit the gigabyte store" thing and thought it was being sold by the official store.
  4. Pretty sure nvidia isn't cool with their partners selling cards for 80% above MSRP regardless of supply and demand.
  5. The official Gigabyte store on Amazon casually selling RTX3070 cards for 900 bucks. 80% above MSRP. Guess they figured they might as well do the scalping themselves rather than sell them at MSRP and let others get that money.
  6. meh doesn't affect me. I have unlimited storage for 9.99/month. I have close to 30TB on google cloud.
  7. The latter Zen 2 chips that came out in Q2-Q3 2020 including the refreshes were noticeably better at handling high speed ram. Might be due to process maturity, who knows, but they did fare better than the first Zen 2 chips that came out last year.
  8. The official benchmarks comparing 5000 series to 3000 series were run with all other system specs being the same, so they wouldn't have used higher clocked RAM and taken advantage of that higher infinity fabric clock.
  9. Based on information from WCCF and PCgamer, it's looking like AMD's next gen CPUs will be even better than leaked benchmarks suggested. It seems the new infinity fabric and memory controller can handle higher speeds than the 3000 series wile maintaining the 1:1 RAM : IF clock relationship. Going from a current sweet spot of 3600Mhz DDR4 up to 4000Mhz DDR4 while maintaining 1:1 relationship with infinity fabric, could yield around 10% extra performance since infinity fabric clock has been shown to scale almost directly with CPU performance. If we take the IPC and clock speed improve
  10. I mean... doesn't matter anymore at this point. Not like you can buy a 3090 anyways.
  11. Seems like the usual suspects botted the fuck out of the 3090 launch as well and they're mostly doing instant buy orders on ebay now rather than auctions. I hope a good chunk of those buying cards on ebay open disputes or create brand new ebay accounts and ask for chargebacks on their credit cards. Scam the scammers. This kind of behavior needs to be rooted out and you do that by making these people loose a lot of money.
  12. You're also neglecting the fact that VRAM and system RAM have latency in the order of nanoseconds, compared to milliseconds for other types of information that they'd have to pull from your system drive or through usb/thunderbolt connections.
  13. I envy people who live near a microcenter and could go pick one up in person. Kinda hard to mass bot purchase in physical stores.
  14. I'm looking at the Sliger CL530. Seems like it's vented on both sides and might actually work for the 3090 but the issue is that it's only got 75mm of clearance for a CPU cooler and none come to mind that would handle a 3950X that'll be pushed hard. It might work if I try undervolting it with that 1usmus ClockTuner from the recent LTT video and get it down to a 95W TDP.
  15. I'm looking to build a "portable" workstation with a 3950X in a Mini-ITX B550 board with a new RTX 3090. I do some gaming buy mostly video editing on premiere pro and after effect. To put it in perspective, I currently have an i9-9920k and a Pascal-based Titan which was a great workhorse for many years but it struggles with 4K timelines and vram runs our in a hurry when using lots of effect layers. I'd like my next rig to be somewhat portable (make it fit in carry-on luggage). I'm planning to buy one of those USB-C portable monitors and a compact keyboard and mouse to