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    Team Group Dark Pro 2x8Gb 3200mhz 8Pack LE
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  1. i half expect amd to drop a stack of hbm into the am5 socket, to work as a sort of l4/Ram
  2. the 200-250 dollar market right now really is a lost cause, one gets almost the same performance you could get in 2016, hopefully in January things improve
  3. an am5 substrate would have similar issues unless they increase the size of the io die significantly
  4. you will need an interposer to increase the ccd count on am4, as they are already out of pins on the bottom of the IO die, shown by how each die only have half the writing bandwidth, and they are already at the maximum amount of pins per mm²
  5. their site only says hdmi 4k: YES ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. just dlss, gameworks is just a set of graphics effects for devs, the end game runs on everything and amd has its own hair effect which is straight up better, its the one that is used in the tomb raider games don't worry too much about that, from what they showed the performance gain seemed quite small, as they only showed it with also the auto overclocking feature
  7. the 6800xt only uses 72 of the 80 so there is room to grow it might help with 0.1% lows, which would be nice
  8. not even surprised at this point. i have seen many people planing on upgrading/building new rigs for it though
  9. hey at least people will probably have the new amd and nvidia cards on shelfs by then
  10. i was being generous and considering the 3090 10% faster, which is true on dx12 and vulkan games but not so much on dx11
  11. does it even matter though?, this will be at most 8% faster than the 3080 doesn't seem enough to warrant a different naming, hell the 1060 3gb vs 1060 6gb has a 10% performance difference
  12. nvidia's acquisition has much more broad implications, as they bought a company that designs cpus for mobile, embedded, iot, server, so much more is at stake, melanox is the same thing as they are important to those that want to make more interconnected server clusters, this is amd buying a single fpga manufacturer, the implications are much smaller, and for the record i am not in favor of it.
  13. everything points to them going for good stability this time as a major focus, even support on the linux side is looking good, this being more evolution than revolution also will help quite a bit, fingers crossed, as my 480 is struggling a little to drive my ultrawide i follow /r/amd and there there have been numerous cases of crashes being actually, instability elsewhere, most were either psu or overclocks (memory or cpu), but that doesn't necessarily mean that the gpu isn't the cause of the instability on other parts of the pc, what i think happens is that because boost algos are now
  14. gn was the only ones claiming that supply was close to fine, everyone else doesn't seem to agree though its anecdotal but it seem to me like while there is higher demand than usual, the bigger issue is supply that is way too small.