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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    Asus X470-F Strix
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    Team Group Dark Pro 2x8Gb 3200mhz 8Pack LE
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  1. lets be honest the reason the new "free news sources" are as popular as they are is because they group up a bunch of relevant news from actual news sources for each day, rarely do they actually have their own news, now i am not against the new news guys doing their thing but they need to start to have their own journalists instead of using other companies news
  2. btw, since you played around with it, can it handle interrupts?, i saw no mention of it in the datasheet, unless you can do it with the state machines (never worked with them)
  3. shouldn't be hard to make a version with wireless capabilities if there is enough demand, it should have enough space in the board for it, kinda like nano every vs nano every ble
  4. it doesn't have enough analog pins to achieve a similar layout to the nano. couldn't they have made it use mini usb B instead, i hate micro usb, specially in these cases, i have never had a connection issue with mini usb i almost always have issues with micro. outside of that it seems to be pretty damn powerful for the price it sits at. the closest thing arduino has is the nano every (my favorite board)which costs 9 bucks (7.5 on kits of multiple ones), i will probably buy 2 of them to try them out.
  5. sooo where is the "suspension" from aws?, this is much more of a violation than what parler supposedly did
  6. in many cases you cant simply start producing much more than you did before, for one because in most cases you dont have the ability to ( not enough room to grow with the factory you have) another because you have no clue how long the supply high will last, just look at amd during the bitcoin mining bubble in 2014-2015 they made a bunch more 290xs but because increasing production takes time as so does reducing it they ended up with tons of leftover inventory and they ended up loosing money. and about cost going up when supply is scarse is simply the market finding out who really needs/wa
  7. this dude has been doing shady stuff for decades, i followed some of it years ago, its been so long i barely remember any of it, i dont like banning people (light is the best disinfectant), but if youtube is going to do it he was a prime candidate.
  8. thant the heavens for that "vulnerability" though as i forgot my password multiples times and that is how i go back in
  9. that excuse was BS from the start. this is the kind of accusation where getting hard evidence will be hard as not all agreements are done on paper and even if they are only top level guys would have access to them and good luck getting those, who knows if its true or not, one thing is for sure its something right up intel's and nvidia's alley
  10. it was stuck behind a interface that was too slow, and capacities that were too small, hopefully things improve once ccix comes around
  11. is it that dumb though, the same way you are arbitrarily ignoring any value in crypto he was making the same comment about the value of entertainment. there are many diverse uses for crypto that make it very much a useful thing, it can be used to avoid the use of your own country's coin if for some reason its not advantageous to do so like you needing to make a international transfer, as many times in poor countries they run out of dollars which leads to many problems
  12. although in that case its probably related to the issue of badly coded games
  13. because specially on arm, the socs are already pretty efficient, and it always much harder to get that little extra efficiency using just design (without using new nodes), on the software side it might be a bit easier but with screens using most of the energy in a phone how long a phone lasts is very much in the hands of consumers as to where they set their screen luminosity to. i would love the return of retractable baterries though as there used be custom double sized batteries with new back cover that were just great like this