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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    Asus X470-F Strix
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    Team Group Dark Pro 2x8Gb 3200mhz 8Pack LE
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    Asus strix Rx480 8Gb
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    kingston 128Gb ssd + 3Tb Wd Red
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    Corsair Rm850i
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    LG 29UM68 @80Hz
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    Cryorig H5 Universal
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    Logitech G502
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    Win 8.1

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  1. its not surprising, considering its blatant manipulation, no company would invest as much as they did without first looking into what they are investing into, it seemed to be elon just wanting to buy a much more at low prices how are they doing?, i just started up again my 480, to see if it pays for an upgrade as well
  2. let me put it this way, not everything from china is horrible quality but almost everything that is of horrible quality was made in china
  3. just be lucky you dont get the chinese products africa gets, and lets leave it at that
  4. if you have any questions feel free to ask, dm, whatever
  5. ok so on the top it shows you the cards you have plugged in, there should be another one bellow that 0x67df card, using something like gpuz find out which card is which, by looking at which card has which bios name, then you want to choose the right card on the list then click load image to load the bios you want to flash, finally press program to program that bios into your gpu
  6. it doesn't actually, no zen 3+ is all about a new desktop non apu cpu coming to market this year, this is an apu that has been rumored for a while now.
  7. this is likely them trying to not to have to save all that data for all players and instead only save the data of those who pay, seems more like a move to make csgo cheaper to maintain server cost wise
  8. they would simply move on to another way to get monetary gain from ransoming the computers, something like create an account in X online bank and give me the credentials, buy Y on ebay to Z PO box, etc
  9. ha yes because before it was so easy to track the movement of fiat, i value peoples privacy over the governments ability to hold your hand while printing more money to devalue your cash that would destroy the whole point of crypto, mining is simply the way they found to try and keep the network decentralized (why its using gpus), and with time new and better more efficient ways will be found to keep the network going (there are some like staking etc), centralizing the nodes and giving control to the government would go against the whole idea, getting away from governments messin
  10. as if regulating crypto would have any effect on ransomware or money laundering
  11. getting it while cheap and mature is probably the best bet, its my plan as well so i might be biased
  12. well for you to get the guys making it you first need to know who they are, and have some proof that they done it, so you need to search for the CP first, it be great to find the golden pot without having to find a rainbow first but you cant
  13. if i remember right they had the site but couldn't get who made / uploaded content so they were waiting to try and getting the guy, the problem is that involved another child being raped. overall quite a different case.