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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    Asus X470-F Strix
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    Team Group Dark Pro 2x8Gb 3200mhz 8Pack LE
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    Asus strix Rx480 8Gb
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    kingston 128Gb ssd + 3Tb Wd Red
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    Corsair Rm850i
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    LG 29UM68 @80Hz
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    Cryorig H5 Universal
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    Logitech G502
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    Win 8.1

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  1. which these days its way too common, i have had more than 30+ videos from playlists disappearing, the worse part is i cant even see what was lost
  2. wait will i be able to play rust again?? (not sure it would do me any good to actually do it though)
  3. bitcoin does crash hard, it has done so every 4 years, but it also has bounced back up and then some every single time.
  4. how can he be sure, its quite easy actually, bitcoin is quite predictable in the macro scale, due to its halving events bitcoin has a quite predictable cycle of bull runs and bear runs, right now we are entering the last phase of its bull run, ending between december and march, after that a really heavy crash is to be expected, and the cycle will start over at the halving event, and even if one doesn't follow bitcoin's cycles, all one has to do is to hold it for 2+ years and the return is very likely to be quite healthy as bitcoin has never fell to bellow the previous cycle's peak. and to
  5. Its their own responsibility to know what they are doing, and btw the bigger crypto sites have big warnings when you enter the leverage side of the site, if one just skips it that's on them.
  6. which only happen if you have leveraged your assets, if you want to win Big be ready to loose just as much. cars are 90% of the time terrible investments, and so is expecting the current market conditions to continue, this easy money will end and market will collapse. as wages wont keep up with the inflation.
  7. i would place geothermal heavily in the non renewable category, and avoid it at all cost, earths heat is all that keeps us living, don't want to mess with it not even a little bit.
  8. My Country sitting on Huge deposits waiting for it to be worthless......
  9. he also said it had little performance gains from its simpler ISA, as today's chips are so large a more complex decoder is trivially cheap to implement
  10. just gotta wait 10-15 years, and stalk government auctions, and other smaller auction sites
  11. seems like they are getting ready for the case that nvidia is able to buy arm, plus that way they wont have to pay anything to anyone to use it.
  12. i would advise you to play with it a bit by booting from a usb stick (its a option from the install files you put on the usb drive instead of installing it to hdd)
  13. except the same corruption happens in unions as well, not sure about McDonalds but walmart works at very slim margins, its lower than 10% if i am not mistaken, that doesn't mean that they couldn't distribute salaries differently but when you have high amounts of low skilled workers ready to replace the workers already there its hard for salaries to be pushed up, less immigration would probably help. the best would be a return to smaller stores, where the dynamic is different, but that ship has probably sailed.
  14. not to mention they are now using rare earth metals to increase efficiency, but mining those is pretty horrible, and almost only done in china