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  1. Asus 1070 Strix is on its way. Arriving 7/12  although it can't come soon enough. I had forgotten how bad HD 4600 was.

  2. So guys Newegg has Nexus 6P on sale for $419 for the 32 GB version and $469 and $569 for the 64 and the 128 GB version. They are also giving a free $50 Newegg gift card and a free clear case for what its worth. I picked one up myself. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16875606065
  3. Windows 10 Questions

    Above answers are all good but make sure your Nvidia drivers are updated. I had issued where the install would get stuck on a black screen due to shitty nvidia drivers. I reverted to intel drivers with my Nvidia cards disabled to update to Windows 10. Once in windows 10 you can install the 10 compatible nvidia drivers and everything is fine now.
  4. Looking for a new phone.

    I went for the Note 4.
  5. Looking for a new phone.

    I have been considering it too. But the ugly UI and size is holding me back.
  6. Looking for a new phone.

    United States A good camera. I tired of carrying phones with mediocre cameras. A decent DAC and a great screen. Also battery life.
  7. Looking for a new phone.

    I am looking for a phone to upgrade from my OnePlus One. My budget is around 650 USD. What are your recommendations? And no don't suggest the OnePlus Two. Its not really that great. Preferably Android.
  8. I need a new Netflix series

    Sense 8.
  9. How long did it take to install in a single machine?
  10. Its the first one. Go to location tab and hit restore defaults.
  11. Try re-seating the cooler. Check if the thermal paste is applied the right way. If it does not work try an after market cooler. If it still does not work RMA the CPU.
  12. I mounted my on the top. Make the pipes face to the right side of the top that way exhaust stays clean. Make the top exhaust. The front intake. And the back exhaust.
  13. Pain the the ass to setup with shitty graphics performance in VmWare Workstation. (By graphics here I mean general UI. To slow to use even with Nvidia and Intel integrated ones. Not recommended.
  14. Do you even lift bro?

    2 bags of onions.
  15. Solid Build?

    Consider adding a SSD.