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  1. ooooh like that haha. I just took out the motherboard and put it on a plastic plate, only the psu connected. Still same problem... I can't believe I just broke the first pc I built 7 years ago
  2. Hahaha doesn't matter bro. what did you mean by "you couldve just tide it up"?
  3. Sadly I don't have any other socket 1155 motherboard or cpu laying around. I did just check it pretty thoroughly for burnt places or something like that but could not find anything.
  4. Wait.. those are the pins in the socket right? anyway this is the back of my cpu
  5. There is a picture of the socket attached to the post
  6. Thanks for your answer! I reinstalled the 24-pin mobo connector, also checked the 8-pin cpu cable. Still the same problem
  7. Thanks for your input, I did, reseated every single one of them, they're fine.
  8. Thanks for your input. I only disconnected the gtx 970 after the problem occurred, just to rule out that the gpu wasn't the problem.
  9. Hi everyone After replacing my old corsair h55 AIO watercooler with a be quiet pure rock slim cpu cooler, my computer won't boot. When turning it on, it turns itself off after ten seconds and turns back on and then stays on. No signal to the monitor and no power to usb peripherals. There is a red DRAM led lit. Things I already tried: - switched all my ram sticks, also tried putting in only one stick. - removing the new cooler and booting without it. - Put old cooler back - Check for leaked rubbing alcohol (from removing the old thermal co
  10. Thanks for your answer! I found it helpful to know that 2gb does actually limit you even on a 900p screen. Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone! Currently, I have a +- 4 year old pc rocking an i7 3770 together with a radeon hd 7950 (3gb) A friend now sells his old gtx 770 to me, but it only has 2gbs of vram. He asks 50 euros (=55 usd?) for the 770. Will the vram limit my 1080p gaming experience? Is the 50 euros worth it? When I look up benchmarks at anandtech.com/bench the 770 shows a performance increase of about 20%. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi guys, I have a corsair cx430 together with: i7 3770 @ 4.1GHz 2x8gb 1600 MHz ram 1xhdd 1x ssd fan controller with display (nzxt sentry 3) dvd writer corsair h55 water cooler and I used to have a gtx 650ti, so everything was just fine. but recently, I got an old graphics card from a friend, an AMD radeon HD 7950 boost edition. Its been running fine for about two months, but I'm worried the psu would die sooner or later. any advice? thanks in advance!