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  1. You should get wifi calling with the T-Mobile firmware and you won't have any bloatware on the unlocked one. Not sure if wifi calling will work but unlocked firmware is so much better than a carrier branded one.
  2. AFAIK the S7s are all the same hardware wise. I would recommend getting the firmware file for the T-Mobile or Unlocked S7 variants and flashing it with Odin. You should have full compatibility.
  3. Holy shit glad you made it out okay! This takes tree hugging to a whole new level. Pixel 2 XL gets my recommendation. Currently $100 off through Verizon with a free Chromecast and Google Home Mini.
  4. You can harvest the battery and use it to power all sorts of things like small Arduino projects. At this point you are probably best to properly send it in for recycling.
  5. I've done a iPhone to Samsung transfer with Smart Switch many times. Works really well. The iPhone plugs into the Samsung device with a provider transfer adapter in the box.
  6. checkcoverage.apple.com You should still have warranty on your phone if it is only 6 month old.
  7. I've switched to Kenu mounts for my cars. My cousin was using a magnetic mount and her iPhone does not know which way it is even pointed anymore... I am sure if we took the stupid magnet glued to the back of the phone it would start working again but the whole magnet thing isn't even that great.
  8. Did you continue to use your Verizon iPhone? If so, it may not support all of At&t/Cricket's bands.
  9. This should do it. https://www.ifixit.com/Store/iPhone/iPhone-6-LCD-Screen-and-Digitizer-Full-Assembly/IF268-000-7 Something other than the screen can easily be damaged, but it appears to function just fine.
  10. Used iPhone 6s should work fine. Buy a Verizon variant. It is unlocked already.
  11. I'll buy it for $150 Walmart makes so much profit they could care less. They literally have a slave workforce ;D
  12. That is definitely a great deal. The only thing is, if the rest of your family has a device payment to be bought out, you will have to start up to 4 new Device Payments which will rack up quick. Personally, I would stick with Verizon unless you are the only one getting a device payment and everyone else is paid off and able to bring their old phone over to T-Mobile.
  13. The 10GB plan is definitely an older data plan with probably higher account access fees. Definitely check out the New Verizon Plans. For just the plan(Plan + Access Fee) Verizon Unlimited is also $180* for 4 lines *(Tax and fees. With AutoPay) For your S8. You will have to pay off all Device Payments from Verizon. Not sure on T-Mobile contract payout promo but I would just pay off your S8 from VZ and then flash the T-Mobile firmware on to it. All S8s are U variants so flashing with stock firmware is easy. This way you get to keep the same phone.