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  1. Obviously disregard the beer part then. We usually go with old games because they're the games from when we were young(er), and because we either own them or they're often on sale during the LAN for next to nothing. Look at what games you all have and run with those. It is easy to spice the gameplay up at a LAN with what ever rules etc. you can come up with, that wouldn't usually be possible or fun over the internet (almost as in custom game modes). I think the most important part is that everyone is having fun, so if one person is getting absolutely trampled or just not enjoying a
  2. Many, many, many, many many times. Among our favorites are Warcraft III custom maps (Warlock, Wintermaul, Enfo's Team Survival etc), good ol' Counter-Strike 1.6, Unreal Tournament (both classic and 2004) and Quake 3. The absolute must for our LAN parties is Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. Wonderfully whacky co-op shooter, that can only be described as a collection of the craziest discarded level design ideas brought together and turned into a game. It is especially fun after a couple of beers.
  3. No that does not look normal at all. Was the packaging it arrived in alright? I'd imagine it would have been bashed to all hell.
  4. Apparently we still have available stock here in Denmark from Gainward and Palit, but of course ASUS, MSI and similar cards are sold out.
  5. If you guys keep it English, there's a chance that some people might find this thread useful in the future, not to mention a lot more people who can potentially be of help.
  6. 32" 1440p is the same PPI as 24" 1080p, so that's not going to do you much good. 27" 1440p is the sweetspot I think, but the distance from you to the monitor is important as well. If you sit too close to your monitor, the individual pixels will be more perceptible. 4K sounds good on paper, but good even somewhat affordable 4K monitors don't exist currently.
  7. Interesting. Looking at pictures of the board online, they don't have them either. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that the PCB is used for several different boards to keep cost down, and this particular version just doesn't have these features. Looking at the USB 3 circuitry, it looks like there is no controller installed as well, so that makes sense. As for the IDE port, you're not gonna miss that one, horribly outdated standard.
  8. Chairs are not like graphicscards or CPUs, they're chairs. Gaming chairs basically haven't changed the past 10 years, they're just as awful as they always have been. Buy a quality office chair instead, your back will thank you, and you will be much happier in the long run.
  9. That said, what hardware? Maybe the motherboard is picky, who knows.
  10. Retail price in Denmark before it was discontinued was ~$400, which means it was probably around $230-$250 in the US. Your suggestion of $100 seems fair, but I'd imagine it's gonna be very hard to sell.
  11. I believe the plats are 55mm tall, the official maximum memory height is 45mm (although there are reports that a couple more mils will fit).
  12. If your parts are compatible (RAM height and GPU size being the main concerns), you should be just fine. It's a different experience than building in a traditional case for sure, but it's a well thought out case, and everything is made as convenient as can be.
  13. If you're running Windows 10 you can open System Information, everything should be there.
  14. That's true. The PDF viewers on Android and iOS might support it, one would have to test that. Come to think of it,