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    AMD A10 6790K
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    x4 Dell 4Gb DDR3
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    EVGA GTX 750 Ti
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    Corsair CSM 430W 80+ Gold
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  1. Help with new server build?

    please don't do this, there are so many issues it will bring up and it will probably not make you money, especially if you don't know what you're doing (and you say you're completely new to this)
  2. Young IT Technican Wage?

    I agree with the $75 for the build. You could charge $100 if they want custom hardline cooling or extra stuff, so set those extra prices ahead of time so you don't make them up on the spot in front of your customers. I disagree about virus removal and OS installation. It should not cost $45 to install Windows, that's a $10 quick job because they should be able to do it themselves, even if they aren't a techie. You can never be truly sure that a virus is removed, even after running a good anti-malware like malwarebytes. And honestly, are you going to charge $30 to run a Malwarebytes scan? Don't do that. If you can, reinstall the OS. That's the only true way to clean a computer (and even then one could argue about rootkits). It's an automated thing (a Malwarebytes scan) that costs you nothing, charge $10 at most. Not sure what "t/s" stands for, technical support maybe. Can't comment without knowing what it is exactly.
  3. need help with python

    you apparently need the basics if you don't know what a variable is, take what you can get
  4. Agree with VPNs, disagree with the firewall and "connection vs traffic" thing.What's the difference between them getting into his connection vs seeing his traffic? A hardware firewall is overkill for basically every use case except when running an intentionally public server of some sort. Would not recommend hardware firewall. It would be at least $50 for an old enterprise one and just flat out would not be wroth it. Routers give basically no security. The only reason I partially agree with this comment is because then you have your own WiFi network (although it is still connected back to your apartment) Agreed (Evanair was quoting the router post) I wouldn't be so sure, businesses go cheap and switches would be a good way to do that. Regardless, OP, we need the answer to this question. Good points, I agree more with getting your own router now, OP, though I would not say that it makes it much harder for someone who actually knows what they're doing.
  5. which wifi card?

    If you care about speed so much, Ethernet is the way to go. If it is not, please include what router, internet connection, distance from the router, other users on your network, etc information for us to work with to work out a good solution. Almost any decent quality WiFi card will be equivalent to the rest in terms of "high performance when gaming", and it will be more a product of the other factors at play here.
  6. need help with python

    if you don't know what a variable is then you need to learn the basics of programming before you attempt a game codecademy is good for learning syntax and as a starting point
  7. Why is savage jerky so good?

    use multiquote next time
  8. Why is savage jerky so good?

    Came in to comment on "why in GPU section?", thread organization at the top says this is off topic, now I am confused
  9. I was pointing out that extra terrestrial life probably does not affect us as much as other more immediate issues that GPUs could be used to enhance the research of.
  10. I am being slightly sarcastic, I do believe in space research. Though in my own personal opinions, I would prioritize biological research that aids in life span. I am well aware of how important all fields of science are (though listening for aliens is a goofier one)

    I didn't know it was even possible to "mod" a motherboard to allow for a different socket type CPU....
  12. Is this server any good?

    Agreed What do you mean "learn servers"? Any computer can be a server. There is nothing special about a "server" unless it has specific software, in which case you mean you want to learn about that software and not necessarily about servers. For $10 it's probably good, but it will be loud and power consuming. I do not recommend it if you do not know what you are getting into. Agreed
  13. What do they want to learn from that radiation that is more helpful than folding proteins?
  14. Is this a joke? Who needs GPUs to listen for extra terrestrial broadcasts, and better yet, what is their scientific evidence that such broadcasts have the potential to happen? What are the chances of it happening? A grant sounds good to help scientists do really good stuff like find a cure for canc----no, they're listening to space with radios... Maybe the grant should go to folding@home instead? +1
  15. Does PS even have the ability to uitilize a GPU?