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    Solving puzzles, defeating challenges, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
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  1. Bad Tech Jokes

    Who has the joke about ARP? Please tell it to @Nuluvius
  2. Bad Tech Jokes

    Would you like to hear a joke about TCP? Yes, I'd like to hear a joke about TCP. Great, I'll tell you a joke about TCP!
  3. Outdated Python...

    I'm interested in the rationale behind this. I have continued use of Python 2.7 because a few modules are not supported with 3.
  4. User said he "compromised my Windows"?

    No, not an application you installed. A backdoor is a program an attacker uses to repeatedly enter an infected system to do whatever... I said to look in the Windows Defender Firewall rules for open ports, not whatever that is that you have a screenshot of above. IP/physical addresses are readily available, yes, that is common knowledge and not hard to get even without IRC and "tools" or "google fu". You can get it with "Noogler" levels of knowledge. If someone is using tools however, then they will probably be aware that is themselves... which contradicts what you said about not ticking people off.
  5. User said he "compromised my Windows"?

    I meant through Windows firewall. You're looking for ports a backdoor might talk out of or listen on.
  6. User said he "compromised my Windows"?

    Malwarebytes and check your firewall rules for open ports (maybe use netstat too) that could be possible backdoors. If nothing shows in either of those, then, unless that IRC channel was one of professional hackers, I doubt he has infected your machine.
  7. OSX vs Windows vs Linux

    This belongs in the operating systems section It needs a poll It needs to say it has a poll I'm sure there are other threads already existing that are like this If it is just what we prefer and is therefore all opinion-based, then it actually belongs in the off-topic section
  8. Use sockets and calls to system functions... like I said in my original post... If you expect to already know how to do your program before you sit down to do it then you will be disappointed quite often. Sockets and system functions are well documented as they are core functionalities for any programming language, which also makes them easier to use than an HTML parser. If you don't know how to do something, Google it.
  9. Where does Edge store its cookies?

    Lynx ftw
  10. A program that listens on a port and takes commands to do tasks, a sort of remote management system. This would require sockets and system function calls, which are both documented I'm sure. This project should be neither too complex nor too easy.
  11. New coder needs some help

    That post represents a gaping cavity in my programming knowledge, and is probably the reason some of my projects are not nearly as good as I want them to be. I'll be copying @Nuluvius' post.
  12. In my experience, when you copy a command set with newlines in it, it executes them as the one before completes. Meaning if I copy this: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get install supercoolprogram cd supercoolprogram ./supercoolprogram it will update lists, then upgrade once that finishes, then install supercoolprogram, switch to its directory, and run it
  13. May I suggest that you put all commands in code blocks for easier copying and pasting?
  14. Password Manager Recommendations

    I'll see if I can find them, but I was more asking than stating. I have heard second hand about LastPass issues but wasn't sure of the veracity of them. That's why I asked.
  15. Password Manager Recommendations

    I've heard of LastPass having security issues more than once... Were those fixed? Also, Uber and DJI have just been found to have hidden MAJOR vulnerabilities and data breaches; Knowing that LastPass has been hacked at least twice makes me think there may be more issues than are currently apparent.