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  1. Securing network server

    Would not use built in firewall, DMZ is good though. Just get any old computer of any processing power (I'm serious, Celerons with 1 gig of RAM are more than enough for your use case) and two ethernet ports. Slap pfSense on it and roll.
  2. Arduino Code required for 8x8x8 LED Cube

    The whole point of an arduino is to learn how to code/program and how to do some basic electrical engineering/hardware kind of stuff. I doubt you will find anyone (even outside of this forum) willing to write your stuff for you. You will definitely find people here (and other places) willing to explain specific concepts and programming stuff to you though, once you show that you have used available resources to try to learn it yourself and you are stuck and need help with a specific thing.
  3. CPU Upgrade from FX 8350

    8 threads or 8 cores?
  4. What are general sysadmin tasks on a given day?

    Must disclaim that I am not a sysadmin, but from my (rather extensive) research into the field: Assuming you are currently at a help desk or IT support kind of position, you can expect to be doing the tasks that normally other (less skilled than yourself) help desk people escalate up to sysadmins because they don't know how to fix/do them. You can also expect a lot more networking in general and more management of servers than employee workstations. Pros can correct or support me.
  5. Home Server Build HELP

    Was it a driver issue do you think?
  6. Cars subsection

    I don't know why this is all such a big deal. I originally said that because this is a tech forum and not a car forum and because there are already existing, bigger, better, and better populated car forums that having a subsection for it here would be unnecessary and defeat the purpose of having a tech forum. This all reminds me of the whole Boy Scouts gone "The Scouts" chaos. Why do you personally want a car subsection? I doubt your answer is going to be significantly more "morally correct" or anything, because this is all a very small thing. I only voiced my opinion, and you voiced yours while also claiming I was wrong about certain things. I showed that we didn't read things the same way along with some other points of why I thought your reasoning wasn't as relevant as mine, and now we're here. When it comes down to it, it doesn't really affect me whichever way this ends up. I, personally, don't want it. You, personally, do want it. Neither of us are going to change each other's minds here.
  7. Cars subsection

    My response to this entire block is: So what? Just because misguided people come to the wrong forum for help doesn't mean we should encourage them by making a subsection. Just because there is demand doesn't mean it should happen (there was demand for Trump to become President and there was demand for Hillary to become President, so whichever way you fall... [I am assuming you're in the US, I apologize if you're not, but you see my point I'm sure]).
  8. Cars subsection

    You completely missed the fact that we each read his reply differently, and both could be seen as correct. How about we have him clear it up? @OrbitalBuzzsaw He said this "I mean I agree with you but lots of people don't and so I think a place for them is good." You read it as "lots of people don't go to car forums," whereas I read it as "I agree with you but lots of people don't agree with you." Do you see why I responded like I did now?
  9. Cars subsection

    I don't understand your first question. Someone said that they agreed with me that car people can go to car forums to talk about cars, but then followed that statement by saying that lots of people disagree. I therefore said the logical fallacy statement, pointing out that just because lots of people disagree doesn't make their argument or their side any more right/correct/powerful etc than another argument with less people supporting it. I think being off topic is a reason in and of itself to not have it's own subsection beyond the "off topic" section because it detracts from the forums and makes it harder on the admins. Once they make a car subsection, then they (in order to be fair) have to make a subsection for any other stupid topic that comes up. I know that not all things are fair, but if the admins and mods can't be cohesive in their treatment of users (for example by giving you a subsection you request but not giving me my requested subsection) then it is obvious that they cannot be trusted for more serious topics like that of banning members based on their judgement of the given member's behavior. Have I explained myself well? I'm happy to further clarify and know that I do not always speak clearly.
  10. Cars subsection

    That's a logical fallacy: It is perfectly possible for lots of people to all be wrong in exactly the same way. I don't think a place for them on this forum as a subsection is good. It's okay if it's not populated by the LTT community; you can message someone on here if you really want to talk to them. There are definitely plenty of people here who like cars, and that's okay. I would have the same reaction to someone suggesting an airplane subsection as I have to this car one. I draw the line at what is obviously tech. If you want to start a thread on here called "Building a Computer for My New Open Source Car" then yeah! That's a computer; but if you want to just talk about cars, especially parts of cars that have no computer to them at all (and that is the vast majority of discussion of cars in my experience) then that is irrelevant. The point that cars have computers in them is a small one because, let's be honest here, how many times do you (as in car people) want to talk about car computers and nothing else straying from that? Rarely, at best. Car people going to a car thread or forum want to talk about cars, not computers. That's okay; but it's not relevant to this forum as a whole. Lastly, why can't people be members of multiple communities and forums?
  11. Cars subsection

    Not to seem sarcastic or passive aggressive, but this is a tech forum and--while cars do have increasingly more tech in them--cars are not really tech. Couldn't people go to one of the many dedicated car forums that are around?
  12. How exactly did you install linux? (I'm asking for detailed steps)
  13. boot order doesn't affect it. EDIT: Unless you have installed windows and fedora to different physical drives You need to have windows installed first and then use some live boot to make space in a free partition, then install fedora only to that partition. GRUB will overwrite windows stuff and then you pick from the grub menu at bootup
  14. Good start, OP should be aware there are more methods than this too : D lol thanks I ended up with a distributed solution. For about ~$1400 I got performance in the range of 35-40GH/s on MD5. Not too bad, but at least it's scalable as I had to spend some on setting up the network to allow for future upgrades. Should be able to support about 2 or 3 more GPUs before having to buy another motherboard and other PC stuff.
  15. Except his i5 will crush those Xeons. Just an aspect to keep in mind.