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    Liam Doyle
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    Content creation (Video, photo, web design) - Computers - Networking
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    Non boomer who likes technology.
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    Student, Sales at Currys and PC World


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    i7 - 7740X
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    Asus TUF X299 Mark 2
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    16GB Corsair Dominator RGB
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    Logitech Z333 80W
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
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    Razer Blade Stealth

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  1. About £700-800 UK Business use, programming (MongoDB, Electron, Web Apps) Visual Studio Other details: Okay, so work have me building a load of small internal apps now, and the dual-core i3 I'm using is flat out not okay anymore. Plus it BSOD's at least once a day. So I'm going to try and push the envelope a little and get them to buy me a PC. Bit of a long shot, but for the amount of things I do, and the amount of money I save them, its not out the question I don't think. It does need to be somewhat powerful, because I will be working on our 2TB+ CRM Database. https:/
  2. It's very true. Chances are the initial launch I don't think will be pushed back, but there very well may be shortages. Seeing as China seems to have started up production again, I don't think we will see any definite answer until mid-year. So, in short, most likely, but it is too soon to tell
  3. that looks like a dead (or dying) GPU. If its still in warranty, get it serviced
  4. Tinkering I have no problem with - but what would I be loosing? Tbh the fact that I have no idea what they are means i'm not going to miss them lol - im coming from a 750Ti, so doubt they were even a thing when that was out
  5. For starters, while i’m currently @ 1080p, i’m looking to move to 1440p at some point, but basically I want the most power i can get for the smallest amount lol. Sonin reality, is going up to the 2070 worth it, or is there another card that would work better? My budget is around £350 ($450/417€) Also - has the Bitcoin hype died down enough that it’s safer to buy used? i don’t mind doing so.
  6. Why can't we tho. We should be able to live in a world where we do, and companies actually fight for out privacy. Maybe I'm just naive but
  7. I've definitly sent it to Jake (still no response) and Lilithly but couldnt see momo on the mod role. Lilithty has told me they will look into it
  8. It is on discord, but every platform has holes. While I wish they hadn't had this happen in the first place I'm actually glad it has - I want to see if they will actually do anything.
  9. I've contacted quite a few people, and managed to get responses from the mods of two different servers so far - not the LTT one yet. Apparently Discord is aware of dis.cool, but no action has (currently) been taken as far as them being "forced to implement a data removal page" - and as several have noted, it just redirects to a meme How the fuck is this still a thing.
  10. Fully agree. Annoyingly its down to the way discord works And lol thanks, I'll change my signature See attached image
  11. First off, if your on the LTT Discord this has affected you. Long and short of it - https://dis.cool are scraping servers, acting as real people - and they have scraped the LTT server, along with other big ones like dbrand. They have Linked accounts (Twitch, Spotify, etc) Status Online info Chat logs Game info THIS IS IN VIOLATION OF GDPR. THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GET THIS DATA WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION IN THE FIRST PLACE, AND TO TOP IT OFF YOU CANT DELETE IT. There is a reddit post with more info - here: I have contacted d
  12. I am aware. You can just spoof the MAC address as Virgin does not do periodic checks - only when your IP changes, which is about once every three months. I'm looking into it, but would most likely keep the Virgin Hub as a modem for now What kind of devices would you suggest? My other option is going entirely ubiquiti, then using a cloud key to tie them together - which doesnt sound like a bad idea to be honest - but money is a factor. So what kind of hardware? What kind of speeds do you get on that? I have quite a lot of devices (many are Smart Home ones, on 2.5GHz but I do hav
  13. Okay - so I have finally had enough of my ISP router. It's shitty, slow and - apparently rather susceptible to attacks due to it's slow and outdated Intel hardware. For reference - I am on Virgin Media M350 (Downloads between 300 - 400 Mb, Uploads 40 Mb) and I do a lot of local stuff. So I have been looking around, and so far have come to the conclusion that: As I like to play around, and really customise pretty much everything - pfSense is the way to go. Running it off an ex-enterprise server off eBay is the way to go
  14. It can - I normally run DuckDuckGo to force it to be the standard Chrome New Tab page, just with DuckDuckGo over Google - but that doesn't seem to work.
  15. Okay - so I have just installed the brand new version of Edge. I have to say, I'm impressed. The 'legacy' version of Edge has been hidden from my system, the import from Chrome was relatively painless, and all my extensions moved over. Happy days. Yet there is always a but. The new tab page seems to be locked. It is customised, but the search bar is Bing only - which I am not going to torture myself with, and you really have to go out your way to get rid of MSN stories from the front page. To me there is no way of setting anything as your new tab page. I even tried using