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  1. I don't use Voicemeeter, however, I use one app called VBAN-Spot on my gaming PC. So my streaming PC's OBS would receive the stream and send it to OBS. Are there any OBS plug-ins to do this?
  2. If the file isn't found, then a messagebox error is shown.
  3. I need really low latency audio, not that much video.
  4. How should I wire another peltier to the W terminal of the thermostat? Where should the "heat" peltiers face? The "cool" side of the A/C peltiers face towards the indoor fans and the hot side faces towards the exhaust pipe to go outside while in A/C mode. While in heating mode, the exhaust pipe isn't used.
  5. Peliter: https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=l&ai=DChcSEwj_m7DJ4NPzAhVj7IYKHR6jD08YABAMGgJ2dQ&sig=AOD64_0cYe3aYBP-xIVjq3ciWcEjmONNhg&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwihj6LJ4NPzAhVdknIEHUVgChEQ9aACegQIARBL&adurl=
  6. Thermostat is a Robertshaw 9615. I will use 12V on the resistor; it gets hot. Will the PSU generate heat when the unit is not cooling/heating? PS_ON and GND have to be permanently shorted to power the thermostat with 3V3, and when the heater/A/C turns on. it now has to power the fan with 12V and the peltier with 5V or the resistor with 12V.
  7. I will pack 4 wire PC fans, a PC PSU, heating resistors, an old thermostat, and cooling peltiers in one box. The heat of the peltiers and the PSU will be exhausted outside. The thermostat runs on 2 AA batteries. Here's the schematic.
  8. What if I'm using the DC9V battery input? Is the mainboard and/or CPU still powered? The display and lights fade away when turned off unless the motor is spinning.
  9. The power switch wires are thinner than the AC wires; they are connected to the mainboard. It can run on batteries or AC power, but never both. The CD player has 8Ω 1W speakers.
  10. It has power switch pins that have red and black wires. If they are bridged, the player comes on. If the bridge is broken, the CD player immediately turns off. The player has a slide on/off switch and has no remote control.
  11. I did it, the sound was inaudible. When using your resistor idea, no sound. My idea: very quiet. Max mV reading was about 560 mV. http://i.stack.imgur.com/LBE0q.png
  12. When plugging in the line cable, sometimes the display reads "LInE" and plays sound, but sometimes the display reads "P---" and doesn't make sound until volume is adjusted. What does "P---" mean?
  13. I tried my first method, no sound. But, I used the other functions like BT and optical and everything was OK. How can I damage it if the speaker out give 20 mV max?