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    Hanging out in the sixth circle.
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    Machine Learning, Neural Networks


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    Dual Xeon
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    1060 GTX
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    PowerEdge 2900 III
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    RAID, lots and lots of RAID, plus some nVME and m.2 SSD goodness for added measure
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    900 watts, redundant
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    Air, for now.
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    Windows 9 (yes, it exists)

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  1. Soon, not now From what I've read, it too is "coming soon" Still not now and the other shortages will affect availability Again with the "coming soon" I'd love for you to be right, really I would, but the people directly involved in the industry say 2022, I'm going to put more weight on their words than yours. And the OP wants a cheap but good (doesn't exist) card for gaming now, not in 6 months, not in a year. The entire situation is completely FUBARd
  2. Can't speak for DevOps, I did full-time Fetish Photography, until covid kinda put paid to that, so I went back to what I know, Systems Admin for the gov't, which is a special brand of insanity (or masochism) all its own. In the gov't, your performance isn't linked to your pay, nor the continued existence of the Department, so all the really incompetent people gravitate to gov't work, and just hang around (it's really really really hard to get fired) until retirement age.
  3. Come....join us....revel in the insanity that is Assembly programming! (I used to be a programmer, the mental scars are still with me. SysAdmin is a safer route)
  4. Bummer. Start a new thread for the mobo question, I'm not an expert on which one to buy
  5. The solution is simple: Keep XMP off. Otherwise, it's going to have to be a manual overclock and you'll want to start in small steps (provided the mobo is fine-grained enough for that) and experiment with what works and what doesn't.
  6. Well, an overheat and instant off (what they call a "thermal shutdown") won't create a crash file anyway. So if it's heat-related, then there is nothing you can do other than keep the system cool.
  7. Doesn't exist. Wishful thinking. nVidia announced recently the shortages will continue through 2022...
  8. All good, MemTest said everything is okay? That's...puzzling. How are your temps of the CPU and GPU?
  9. Hardware issues (or an XMP or OCing gone badly wrong) Sudden crash to black screen is either overheating or insufficient power under load.
  10. Lack of crashing is good. If you get any more BSoDs, upload the crash dumps here. Fingers crossed!
  11. I prefer the software made for the disks by the manufacturer, but CD should be okay. HDTune is also very good at testing drives
  12. Cooling down both will help, are you still seeing crashes?