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    Hanging out in the sixth circle.
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    Machine Learning, Neural Networks


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    Dual Xeon
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    1060 GTX
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    PowerEdge 2900 III
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    RAID, lots and lots of RAID, plus some nVME and m.2 SSD goodness for added measure
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    900 watts, redundant
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    Air, for now.
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    Windows 9 (yes, it exists)

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  1. They are supposed to look like that, everything so far looks good.
  2. screenshot time I need screen shots of the Device Manager, with the subsection of Display Adapters expanded and I need a screen shot of the resolution section where you can't change it from 640x480 please
  3. I assume the card isn't defective, that you bought it brand new from a reputable seller?
  4. Did the drivers actually install properly? Look in the Device Manager under the Display Adapter, see if anything funky is going on.
  5. Check the health of the drives, start with using the manufacturer's tools (WDDIAG for the WD drive) Test RAM with MmeTest86 Run with only 1 RAM stick, see if the lag/spike issue persists Look in the Event Viewer, especially the System subsection, see if you see anything that stands out. Quote me when you report back, so I know you've replied.
  6. Craigslist, eBay, or gov't surplus auctions
  7. That was the beast, thank you for remembering the name of it.
  8. Some years ago there was a computer case (mATX I think) where the entire case functioned as the heatsink. I don't recall it making much of a splash in the tech circles, so it may not have lived up to the promises...
  9. Fiat used "8V" on their early 8 cylinder models, under the mistaken belief that Ford had registered "V8" as a trademark.
  10. Not that I disagree with your logic, but the board/CPU and RAM combo set me back 244$, shipped. That kind of bang for the buck is hard to pass up. And for me, that's what this was, a cheap n cheerful experiment. Aside from the sensor locks using AIDA64, I've not had an issue with the system (I know, data point of one....) and it does exactly what I bought it for.
  11. @Latvian Video @Devoid Of Knwoledge A tad more info I should have posted, and I apologize for the delay. The x99 boards vary *highly* in quality, with the best ones being average, especially when it comes to VRM cooling (I went with an Open Frame design and a downdraft CPU cooler to help with the VRM temp issues) and the worst ones catching fire. A fantastic resource for understanding these systems is a YT channel called MiyConst Hardware. The Russians are huge into these systems (because they are cheap over there coming from AliExpress) with all kinds of re
  12. Start with the manufacturer of the drive's own tools, after that, I like diskgenius, but the interface is....arcane
  13. I bought an x99 combo, with RAM, 12c/24t Xeon (Xeon E5-2678 v3), mobo. Arrived very quickly to the USA and he only issues I've ever had (I don't bother trying to OC anything) is the system will hard lock trying to run the AIDA64 sensor suite, but has no issues running rainlender and it's suite of sensors. Been rock solid otherwise.