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  1. Thats better. Since those are web apps,you dont need a powerhouse for it,so no need for 2k+ CHF laptop for that. Dell XPS line look really good,but if you go to Dell XPS subbredit their Quality Control is pretty shit a lot of time. But since money isnt a problem Xps 13,with i7,16gb,512gb ssd,integrated gpu(since no gaming,and will help with cooling and battery life),3456x2160 OLED touch screen is 1529 CHF,on dell.ch. Lenovo is about same price but as far i heard better QC. That is about top limit for your needs.You can go even cheaper,and it will still be overkill.
  2. What kind of software development,and requirements are required for you type of job. Its better to write you exact needs,since we dont know are you gonna be satisfied with 8,16,32gb of ram or hell maybe you need 64gb of ram. If the applications you do,need more then 4 cores,how much storage is required,what size you prefer of display you like.Is the battery needed for work consisting for 10+ or just few hours. What type of keyboard to you preffer,what is the budget.This are the things you should write first so people can make an informed suggestion at start.
  3. Its was more an impulsive and not generally smart decision at that time to buy those things.If you are 100% sure that you want to game and what not,then i agree its better to invest in better quality stuff,but if you just buy someothing like i did just because of sake of it,to have it,it isnt right decision. I work in lumber industry,i work in a factory and often while repairing same things,you need to do in in small places so you often hit your hands around while screwing things.And i had often happen that a piece of lumber falls on my hands,its a smaller pieces and generally dont do mu
  4. I could afford to buy a number of things i want but as you said justify/need is different. I want a smart watch to track my HR,and steps,but do i need it well no.I would wear it at home and gym but i cant wear it at work since i will probably break it. I want apple earpods but again i would want them but i dont neccesery need them,since i survived 25 years without them(used earphones when i was in school but even that was at minimum),and even cheaper non apple ones are the same.(lets not start apple vs something disscussion here). I want a new 4 monitor but i dont need it.
  5. I just grew up. Used to be a gamer since like 9 years old when my friends introduced me to pc games and mmorpg's. We played this one game for like 4-6 years and i was addicted to it.Then played some COD 2 since i had old PC and couldnt play anything else. Then finished school,worked my ass,and at age of 19,i bought a real pc.I mean 9700k,980ti,ultrawide 35' 1440p and boy the addiction started again.Slept about 4-5 hours a day and worked and played for about 6 months. Got in financial problems,i got burnout from games,sold the pc and that was it with pc. I tryed to get
  6. At this market at the moment hardly that there was a better option.Maybe some used better GPU but still. But if you didnt buy it and the prices went up,you would be mad that you didnt buy it for that price when you could. If you buy it now and the prices went down,you will be mad that you payed the price you payed. So what ever you do dont check market and prices for a while for a peace of mind. And yes 3060 is good card.
  7. For 14 dollars saved,id rather have a PC company make my pc,and if something is wrong i can send them to fix it.If its 100+ dollars saved then its another story
  8. I am not the OP btw,and you are wrong i manually installed the RAM by adding 1 more plate,and SSD is also swapable.
  9. Thats to much money just for reading documets and emails. I have Hp with ryzen 3500u and 16gb ram that i paid 500 euros,it even less now,and it can do all the perfectly fine.
  10. I apologize to mods,i wasnt sure to put this under Monitors or gpu section. Anyway my laptop ryzen 3500u with radeon vega 8 says that maximum supported resolution is 3840x2160. However i am not sure how to take that. I want to buy my self 1x 4k monitor,and use it as a dual setup 1x 4k monitor,and 1x 1080p external monitor. But i am not sure how to calculate that total resolution. If the supported amount is 3840x2160,is that calcuting in the build in display of the laptop which is 1080p,or it is just for the externals? I dont want to buy 4k monitor just to learn
  11. Then even cheaper ones like 400-500 usd will be more then enough,if she is pleased with her 10year old one,then this ones will feel blazing fast for her. Something in the range like ryzen 3500 will be enough,and 8gbs of ram,if you want you can upgrade it by your self to 12 or 16gb.but 8gb should be enough.
  12. The gaming i do If i do its on xbox singleplayer titles where more then 60hz is not necessary.I more geared toward general browsing and programming.
  13. BenQ PD2500Q 25'' i never thought about accurate colours thats why i am asking