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  1. I think i will go for it tnx guys
  2. I had both and both are quiet,but series S makes 0 sound,and fan noise
  3. I am thinking of buying the new AC Valhalla for xbox series S. But i never payed that much money for a game(70euros),so i am wondering if people can give me their opinions if the game is worth it if they played it. Reasons i want to buy game is,i want open world game,i love medival times and Vikings especially,want to kill my time cause i dont want to play mutliplayers game anymore,rather chill with singleplayer. Only AC title i played was AC Black Flag,and that was an amazing game.
  4. Depends on what you want to play.As a console i would say PS5 is better one,Sony made more effort with console,marketing,and whole changes compared to Xbox. Game pass is amazing value,but only if you like the games that are included. I bought xbox series S since i am poor,and got gamepass for 3 months for only 1 euro. That being said,there is like only 2 games that i like in the whole gamepass. If there is a lot of old xbox 360 games that you like,and you enjoy many different games then xbox and gamepass is good value as a console.
  5. FIrst of all,dont wait for the 10 hours or so,drive only when you are sober,its for your safety and others,and it doesnt matter if you think you are able to drive,having some alchocol in your system,and accidently killing someone results in a jail,and having that on your mind your whole life. Second do you need to get drunk?If you are drinking just cause everyone is drinking,and you want to be cool,dont do it.Being cool is to have your stand,and say no to something when you dont want to do it. Ciders like Somersby is super,with nice tastes and small percentage of alchocol Look a
  6. Cpu will be probably ryzen 2600,since i cant justify 100 euros more for 3600,to get a bit more performance.Unless you wana recommend something else. 16gb ram 3200mhz 500gb m2 Thermalake 550w MSI Mainboard B450 Gaming Plus Max I am trying to keep the price of the pc under 580-900 euros.Location is Austria
  7. I am building my pc,and frankly i am on a budget.My goal is to play at 1080p 60fps max(this is what my monitor supports),but i am not sure what to buy. Games that i will play are Red Dead Redemption 2,Assasins creed black flag,maybe even something from newer title if i like it,but probably not. For Honor(this will be my main game),Battlefield 1. I would like it to play at high setting,doesnt need to run on ultra. What card would you suggest?
  8. New AAA title,4k,budget and triple monitor setup doesnt go that well together.Just buy one bigger 4k monitor it should be enough
  9. You have one ssd for windows which is good,i would personally add 1 more ssd to put the games on since it improves game loading.You can leave the hdd there aswell if you have movies,songs or what ever.
  10. I played before with One X game on 1080p monitor,games looked okay,then i decided to hook it to my 4k tv and it was huge difference
  11. Tnx for taking your time for this.I need the pc now,so waiting for 3060ti is not an option.1660super is like 160 euros cheaper then 5700xt and looking at benchmarks,its good enough for me.The ryzen 5 3600 is it needed?How good are some lower tier cpus?
  12. Budget (including currency): 1000euros max Country: Austria Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: For honor,RDR2,Kingdome come deliverence,Assasins creed black flag,maybe vallhala.And do a bit of programming,which is not taxing Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): I want a pc that will let me play at 1080p for 60 fps.My monitor is 60hz 1080p,will later upgrade to ultrawide 1440p. I just want to play sing
  13. I didnt want to bother honestly,i got that phone for a 100 euros,2 weeks old,it was supposed to be replacemnt phone for me,but i loved it so much that i kept it for more then a year,but my phone contract expired and got nice deal on Iphone 11 so i went with it.