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  1. @Curesto, CPU World has a nice side by side comparison feature for CPU's https://www.cpu-world.com/Compare/619/Intel_Core_i7_Extreme_Edition_i7-975_vs_Intel_Xeon_X5675.html The Xeon X5675 would be the better CPU, depending on the application. BTW, I'm jealous that you can choose between i7 and Xeon... Intel killed this with Z270 chipset. ;(
  2. Hi everyone! So last year I made a compromise and settled on an old MSI Z270-A Pro motherboard and an i5-6600K. To say this setup sucks is a minor understatement, if I try to game, my CPU hit's %100 on all cores. So I want to upgrade to an AMD setup, but my budget is, (ahem), tight. I want to try to keep the MB around $150 - $200 CDN and my budget for the CPU will be in the same ballpark. Does anyone have any suggestion on hardware that will fit into that price range? BTW, I have no problem with used hardware. Thanks! zog
  3. I want to say a Intel 486 DX2, but NASA is still using that CPU on the Hubble Space Telescope and other "off world" projects, so it really depends on what your needs are.
  4. OK, so I got it sorted out. All that needs to be done is to connect three pins and your good to go. The pins are pins 3 and 4 on the left side and then run a wire from those two pins to pin # 3 on the right side. You will get your power off of the large clip style pins on the right side. the 3 on the left are the negative and the three on the right are the positive. Depending on your PSU, you may need to figure out how to add cooling fan, as these are meant to be cooled by the noisy system fans. Here's a pic of how to connect everything. I'll post up the finished PSU when I get the fan install
  5. Hi @BelgianDutchman, I know that this is probably a stupid question, but did you check the boot order in your BIOS? I've had problems like this before and it turned out that my BIOS was trying to boot off of my data drive instead of the boot drive.
  6. Hi everyone! I'm upgrading an old PrintrBot Plus 3D printer. This is the original PrintrBot and there is no support for this printer anymore. I'm using a BigTreeTech SKR-E3-DIP for the new controller and a BigTreeTech BTT-TFT35-E3-V3.0 for the display. I have an old Dell server PSU that I would like to use as the power supply for the printer. It's small size will be perfect for mounting to the printers chassis. Does anyone know how to get this PSU to power on when the 120v power is turned on? I tried just plugging it in, but I only get 2v off of the positive
  7. No, it's a Linux OS running off of a USB stick. It's really good for doing diagnostics on your system. You will need ot download Rufus to make the USB stick: https://rufus.ie/ And then any Linux distro, Ubuntu being the most user friendly for a beginner: https://ubuntu.com/download If you look at the pic that I have included, the top red arrow will show your USB stick, if you plug it in before starting Rufus. The second arrow is where you will choose the Ubuntu ISO and the third arrow will be for choosing MBR or GPT(uEFI) for the boot partition o
  8. Hi @BillyPoirier Try doing the following: Make a Linux Live USB and boot your system from it. When you have your Linux desktop, open a terminal and type the following: sudo fdisk -l You should get something like /dev/sda like this: Disk /dev/sda: 186.31 GiB, 200049647616 bytes, 390721968 sectors When you have you disk ID, type the following: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1 This will frag all data on the disk, including your boot partition. Hope this helps zog
  9. Would I be able to run both my GPU's + USB cards on an HP? I know that I can do it with the Dell, however I would have to change the PSU's to 1100w's.
  10. Hi everyone! So I've been running my home server off of an Asus Z9PR-D12, However, the board has been slowly dying and I'm looking to upgrade to something a little less flaky. I'm leaning towards a Dell PowerEdge R720, I like Dell hardware and their after market/EOL support is fantastic. However, I am seeing HP Proliant DL380p G8 for half of the price of the R720's. I am running two VM's with passthrough's for the video and USB, (Windows 10 and Mac OS Catalina), so I need to be able to add two video cards and two USB 3.0 cards. I know that I
  11. Hi @Fatty, I would check the warranty on the drive to see if you can RMA it... money is money! What you really need is a surge protector and a battery backup. This will protect all of your computer. If you've fried a drive, chances are you will fry something else that is more expensive to replace. If you using the 1TB as a boot drive, then get an SSD. If it's only for data storage and you already have your OS on a separate SSD, then buy a mechanical drive and save a little coin. Good luck! zog
  12. Hi everyone! So I've been slowly rebuilding/upgrading my home server. I've been buying a few parts every month and this month I'm looking at upgrading my 32gb SATA drives that run my OS, (Proxmox), with something a bit better. I will also be adding a SLOG drive for my ZFS array. After doing some research, I have two choices that fit my budget, the Intel DC S3500 300gb or the Kingston HyperX 240gb. As a general rule, I avoid Kingston due to the fact that their warranties sucks, (I recently tried to RMA a 16gb USB stick and they wanted the original receipt from 4 years
  13. My sister lives in Phoenix. About 10 years ago, she broke her arm and didn't have any insurance. She had to find a job with health insurance, wait for 6 months for the insurance to kick in, and then went to the doctors again. They had to rebreak her arm and then set it straight. This is the richest country in the world we are talking about. Really glad I immigrated to Canada!
  14. Is this what you need? https://www.amazon.com/SupaHub-Expansion-Expanding-Internal-Connector/dp/B07R8SLRWS/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=USB+3.0+Type+C+%2B3+Type+A+Expansion+Card&qid=1608328298&sr=8-2
  15. Hi everyone! So I have a friend who want's an alarm system for her apartment. Based on the layout of her apartment, I suggested a home brew system using a Raspberry Pi and to hidden reed/contact switches. I told her that adding a cellular module that could call her if there was a break in would be simple and cheap. However.... She want's something in a pretty package. Not sure why, she doesn't want to pay for monitoring and what I suggested is easily expanded to include anything that she could want including laser canons! SimpliSafe seem to be popular, as we