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  1. When I am streaming movies and tv shows it is always buffering, I have more than enough speed and when it buffers my computer stops using wifi, what is going on and how do I fix this?
  2. Yea, that is the latest update but for some reason my computer thinks that the windows 10 2004 update hasn't been released. I still am wondering how to fix it?
  3. When I open Windows update it says "The Windows 10 May 2020 Update is on its way. Once it’s ready for your device, you’ll see the update available on this page." even though its way past May 2020, how do I fix this? I even click check for updates but it just shows this screen.
  4. How do I attach a python program to a window? Lets say minecraft how would I attach the program to that window and have it auto click or mine while afk and I go and do other things, is that possible?
  5. I did what you said but it is saying one of the items in the list is not defined.
  6. How can I put tkinter buttons into a list that way I can resize every button when I change the window size rather than creating a window change size for every button I have? eg. list = (btn1, btn2) def resize(e): size = e.width / 10 list.config(font=('Times', int(size))) btn1 = Button() btn2 = Button() btn1.grid() btn2.grid() root.bind('<Configure>', resize)
  7. import pyautogui, time import keyboard time.sleep(5) while True: pyautogui.click() if keyboard.is_pressed('p'): quit()
  8. I made an autoclicker turn the py to exe with pyinstaller and I have the program close with pressing p and when I close the program with p, it gives an error saying "failed to execute script autoclicker. What is going wrong and how do I fix it?
  9. When converting a py to exe, the output is an exe but how do I get rid of the terminal in the back ground?
  10. I said there is only 2 references to it and no vendor there is only one sticker on it that says oc 2018 pass surrounded by numbers 1-12. Absolutely no model number or anything else. It is once again unknown with very few references.
  11. Ok, so I have this keyboard that works amazing and I have no idea where to get another because the vendor is unknown and I can only find two places on the internet that has even a little info. One of them being this website and they were asking about their pc stuttering and on there list of usb device the keyboard is on the list. Good PC Stuttering - Troubleshooting - Linus Tech Tips And the other is talking about drivers but also says the vendor is unknown. Unknown CASUE USB KB (linux-hardware.org) If anyone has any information on this keyboard I
  12. I'm using tkinter to make a menu and when I click on pyautogui, or any other python packages I put in their. it will install them by just clicking a button. So I need to make the user interface. So I'm still wondering how I get the interface to talk to command prompt.
  13. I would like to make a python program that automatically installs python packages, how do I get python to press enter inside of command prompt? def pyautogui(): subprocess.Popen("cmd") print('pip install pyautogui') keyboard.press('Enter') #pyautogui pyag = Button(root, text ="PyAutoGui", command=pyautogui) pyag.grid() This is the basic of what I got but for whatever reason the keyboard module won't hit enter inside of command prompt.
  14. If you go into file explorer and right click a file and go to properties it says type of file, I downloaded pycharm and now the file type says "JetBrains PyCharm Community Edition (.py)". How do I change it and make it say "Python file (.py)"?