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  1. Part of me wants to go back to when I just had a ati radeon 6450 and an i3 2120. I miss those days of fighting with ini files to squeak out every fraction of a fps increase, but these days I dont have the time to modify files. The balances of life changes, now I have money but little time. 

  2. I got my new motherboard this morning and got really nostalgic all of a sudden, the pc I built back in 2014 impacted my life massively, I wont go into details but if you knew me from my old news days on this forum then you will remember how amazing it all was. A lot has changed since I used to be so immersed in tech but I wanted to go back and look at my old parts vs my new parts starting with my motherboard. So this is the first pc part I got, the Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H The most insane deal, it was £70, brand new, the person that bought it got a amd cpu and messed up and panic sold it so cheap, this board was way out of my budget at the time but at £70 it was a massive steal and at that point I was honestly awe struck but how beautiful I thought it was, it was my first step into computers, the first part of my journey. The picture was taken with a Nikon D80 with a fixed 35mm if I remember correctly, unfortunately that camera was stolen. And now we have the Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro taken with a huawei p30 pro(if its blurry its gyazo being crap just click the picture for higher res) Its the future, it looks as different as a motherboard can be, I remember back in 2013 if your motherboard had a fan on the southbridge then you would have had to send insane amounts, the kinda stuff linustech was barely even touching back then. I'd love to go really indepth which I can for my old board but I dont know much about my new one aside from the ports it has. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On a side note I do miss this community but I dont have the time to come back, I remember posting news like crazy, being on the wan show every week, talking with linus and slick about the crazy stuff I had written, then being approached by some outlets to write for them. it was crazy stuff, maybe one day I will come back. Heres to many more years of faffing around with PCs, im glad this forum is still going as strong as ever.
  3. Hot take: PC cases now are honestly pathetic compared to what we had 5 years ago, my hard drive options are limited, nearly every case has side intakes instead of the front. NZXT literally have a single model. Barely any cases have 4 front usb ports have without 5.25 bays I cant add one. In terms of raw functionality I feel like the Corsair 750D Airflow Edition is the best I can find and thats nearly 7 years old. 

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    2. dizmo


      If it sells, it's clearly what people want. It's not manufacturer's faults you want things no one else really cares about. 

    3. Caroline


      I like to play movies so I kinda need the ODD


      streaming or downloading is nearly impossible considering my connection is 1Mbps, and that's the fastest there is in my city, better to pay $1 for a Joker release with subs in korean than nothing

    4. brownninja97


      I am stuck in the past honestly but the stuff back then is better for my needs, I am the type of user that requires a lot of storage, I have 5x3.5inch drives which will be moving to my new pc, with an ssd that will be retired due to nvme being a viable option. 

  4. How the hell does Fire emblem three houses look better then persona 5

  5. Started looking into making a new pc since my 2014 based machine is starting to struggle well mainly the i5 4670k. I spent £700 back then, to match that with a modern i5, 16gb ram, same case etc etc somehow is £300 more. I get that tech has progressed but holy crap its got so much more expensive.

    1. TheSLSAMG


      Thank you Intel, very cool!


      Ryzen 3000 looks really promising so far, especially since the price of RAM has also gone down. I'd just give the platform a little time to mature. Board prices are high, but X470/B450 work just fine.

  6. It's 2019 yet I'm configuring routers worth more then my annual wage over dial up. 

  7. Trying to get nested if statements to work in excel is going to be the death of me.

  8. Two years ago I dropped out of university with £15000 debt to show for it.

    One year ago I reset passwords and basically changed inbox permissions for 8 hours a day.

    Today(well yesterday) i was staging routers for foreign embassies. 


    Honestly really fun working for an ISP, aside from the 14 hour shift to get everything done and a mini heart attack from nearly dropping a cisco 4451.

  9. I dont think this is true at least in one case, my mate backed phoenix point and based off the dividend they must have gotten up front cash. Not sure if thats with all epic deals, im sure they are all slightly different.
  10. Seems like a pretty cool project, wish I had the patience to do stuff like that, i just cant be asked lol. That being said the t300 i use has a lot already.
  11. im up for buying a next gen console but not going to completely switch to console gaming again, its just so expensive to do that, games are more expensive and ps+ is a thing.
  12. Damn people here really dont like Huawei, honestly it just seems like the AI messed up, seems like a fringe case to me.
  13. I think its one to ignore, in two or three months the next Honor phone will come out and if its anything like the trend the Honor 10 set last year it will cannibalise Huawei's lower end products.
  14. I bought a dead EVGA GTX 650ti to turn into a drinks coaster for £7, on amazon a god awful rubber circle coaster is £10. One mans trash is another mans.....coaster? 

    1. Sharif


      But that thing ain't even flat? 

    2. DildorTheDecent


      Tear off the GPU. Make it a keychain. Use PCB as a coaster.



    3. brownninja97


      The evga shroud is pretty much a flat block, once you take off the rear bracket it will sit flat, I sanded down the pcb a bit so it doesnt murder my table and superglued the fan so it will not move, its quite stable. Gonna try a cpu heatsink next.

  15. steamspy reports last light has sold between 0-20000 sales. 2.5 that is 50k. Honestly not that impressive.
  16. We have had a massive increase in dodgy emails coming through this year, based off what other people are saying on r/sysadmin it seems this is happening in many places. Seems like it was only a matter of time, people are just unfortunately quite unwilling to learn
  17. Honestly I dont even know why they are doing this, its not like their cameras are bad. Its like a straight A student cheating whats the point.
  18. 397 can sod off with their pricing imo they are going too far, yeah its accurate and likely fun but the models are pathetic and the sounds are questionable, the shaders on sebring at catastrophic.
  19. to save money, im below minimum wage thanks to being an intern, the price of the game is over a days wage
  20. Honestly im gonna wait until its a deep sale, trouble I have is ill think its great, play 10 hours and never touch it again, happened with dirt rally, happened with dirt 4, wrc 7, gravel, doki doki literature club and vrally 4 I just sadly get bored of rally a bit too quickly to be interested, perhaps ill be a bit more hyped if there are some nice dlc cars especially for the rgt class.
  21. Epic also has a lot fewer features to cater for, there is a lot of stuff steam has to deal with, all the reviews, all the screenshots, artwork, pictures, mods, curators, leaderboards, forums etc etc . All that takes up space and bandwidth. Epic simply have less to pay for at the moment. Out of all of those discord and GOG are likely most at risk. Steam, Origin & Uplay will be fine, steam has the brute force of the vast majority of pc games on it, origin has the steady stream from access and EA games are popular, uplay can survive off its own games as well and I expect them to got subscription based in the future as well. Sadly at the moment I dont think epic is going to fail, they have too much funds to unless people are very patient which I doubt very highly they will continue the brute force tactic, this being said I dont have the best history at predicting the future, I hope Epic fail however I dont think they will, there are too many people that dont give a crap that about having 50 launchers.
  22. Just handed in my resignation for my first full time job, feel like im gonna cry.

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    2. LukeSavenije


      i feel sorry now...




    3. Lurick


      That sucks :(

  23. Well its cheaper then the eos r at least here in the uk so it seems about right