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  1. Noob here so apologies if what I'm saying sounds really dumb. Is it possible to run this on a Raspberry Pi 3b+ (or even a Zero WH)? I only have a laptop (poorly built one imo by HP with 7700HQ and 1050 hitting 90+C when at full load and whiny fans) and it's summer here with 30C. Definitely don't want to use my laptop as a frying pan atm but still want to contribute. Have a 3b+ and two Zero WH sitting around after my uni project so thinking of using them instead if it's possible. Thx
  2. They claimed that the leaked codes (and presumably the passwords as well) are "historical". I guess they don't think it's that big a deal. I'll admit those hard coded passwords sound a lot like testing accounts to me.
  3. Yahoo! Taiwan esports (in Chinese) technode (summary in English, lacks a lot of detail) Weibo post cited in technode's article with screen shots of (censored) leaked username and password (in Chinese) Summary from technode: bilibili's official response: Sample of leaked username and password (censored by poster): Funny side stuff: a list of censored words Rumours: some claims that bilibili is faking viewship, subscription number and gold coins due to the screen shot containing the phrases "作弊播放量" (c
  4. Source (in Chinese) A Weibo post quoted in the source Right: the alleged (former) writer Up left: Huawei's promo pic Bottom left: Original picture with an underwear superimposed on the moon Bottom middle: alleged "enhanced" photo when using P30 Pro to shoot the underwear moon pic Left: Chu Shi Biao in a circular frame Middle: blurred imaged alleged to be used as the original pic Right: the alleged "enhanced" picture by P30 Pro Personal thought: Personally can't verify if this is true or not. But if it's true, t
  5. I'm actually very curious to know if Riley's usb to pcie adapter can be used for laptops. My laptop doesn't have a thunderbolt port for a external gpu and I don't have space for a desktop Also, any direct link to that adaptor?
  6. One more reason to tell my teammates why I suck/screwed up. Instead of saying "I lagged", now it's "I turned on RTX on my 1060" ?
  7. I guess it's more aiming for people who want searching result that aren't biased to what they've been doing online, instead of privacy? But it's definitely a weird move. The only reason I could think of using it is for people trying to get information from new sources instead of having the same few sites always in the top result.
  8. Curious. I'd thought LTT would be jumping on Huawei's price-to-performance ratio after seeing they bought a bunch of shady cheap stuff from Aliexpress/Taobao. Not to mention similar products, like the LG Gram, were reviewed before.
  9. Is it possible that LTT didn't get a review sample of it? After all, Huawei's COO was arrested in Canada and they're not really happy about it.
  10. While you can simply not have a network on your phone, someone's phone yours connected to still need a connection. I don't see how that'll be censorship resistant as they claimed to be. And that also adds a risk of someone adding malware to their phones and intercept your data. If it supports VPN, it probably wouldn't be a big deal. If they don't, well count me out. Still, I'd be concern about connecting my phone to so many other unknown people's phone.
  11. I doubt they'd fall in the near future. They have the backing of the Chinese Communist Party and 1.3 billion people's wealth. Even with all the western countries banning them, they'd still have African and Asian market, which is huge. Huawei, along with Xiaomi and numerous other Chinese electronics companies, are being accused of stealing IP from Apple, Samsung and other tech companies. Whether or not these accusations are accurate is up to debate.
  12. Isn't this like how TV, especially cable TV, works in the old time? You paid for the service, be it the TV itself or a decoder box, the you can watch the shows and whatnot. Technically, the TV signal is only broadcasted once by the company. But there are going to be someone who paid the service, record it with a recorder and put it in a rent shop. Except all these are now in digital.
  13. Can't take a nice picture with all the smog and photo ban during the Lianghui (the annual meeting of the Communist party) ?
  14. Source: GSMAren The Verge (Stefan Etienne) Personal thought: Why am I not surprised... I'm sure most people would know DSLR is better equipped for photography (duh). Not stating it clearly is just misleading. And if you're going to be a dick, at least put some effort into it. Use one that aren't on the web... Also, sorry for the Verge's link. It was where I saw it first from Chrome's suggestions. Stefan (the writer) is the thermal paste guy btw.