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  1. I was looking at used GPUs and found something I'm interested in, but the only issue with it is it has a bad fan controller. So is it possible that's something that I could replace on the board itself if I feel up to the task, or could I just solve that by reflashing the bios?
  2. Imo, I don't think its justifiable. When you can get a Ryzey 5 2600 for $120 that has more than double the performance of an 1100T, it just doesn't make sense
  3. You'll see motherboards with the naming scheme B150, B250, Z170, Z270, etc. These are the chipsets, knowing this will tell you what CPUs your motherboard supports. Considering you said you have a G4560, no you cannot. You would need a B360 motherboard or better. Edit: Also no, that cpu would not bottleneck your gpu
  4. That narrows it down, but there are 4 generations that have that socket, so what is your chipset?
  5. I would try to take everything out of the case and boot it off of your motherboard box, to eliminate the possibility of a short occurring That board does not have a post code led
  6. @ExiiPlease read the thread before giving suggestions, as everything you've said has been pointed out
  7. Have you tried putting your rams in different slots, that sometimes helps And are you putting the video connector in the gpu and not the motherboard? Edit: I also noticed you don't have a 6-Pin Connector plugged into your gpu, could that be the problem or was it plugged in previously
  8. I've seen a few people on overclocking forums give that example, but I first heard it from Buildzoid
  9. Bandwidth is the rated speed divided by the latency. So 2400/10=240, and 3200/16=200. The 2400MHz CL10 kit has more bandwidth
  10. This might be too late but, I would say to get the 2400MHz CL10 kit, due to higher bandwidth
  11. The difference between those kits is pretty minimal when talking about gaming and streaming. There's also the possibility that 4000 MHz kit won't even post on your motherboard because very high speed memory kits, from Corsair at least, are only verified on 1-2 motherboards. Even with the verified model, it can still be pretty dodgy 64GB is pretty overkill for that kind of use case, 32GB is more than enough. I would buy this kit - https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820236408
  12. Zen 2 is the Ryzen 3000 series, sorry I should have clarified.
  13. Vega cores? Nothing in this post has anything Vega. Do you need an upgrade right now? If not, I would wait a couple more months for Zen 2 to be released. But if you need an upgrade today, I would get the 2600 over the 1700 because of the small single core performance boost and the better memory controller. Which means better compatibility with more ram. And if you get the 2600, make sure to update your motherboard's bios if it is a B350/X370 board.
  14. I tried reseating both cpus multiples times and they did not work, and can not figure out why my original cpu just decided to work all of a sudden