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  1. Summary Netflix is planning to make a new gaming service, similar to Apple Arcade. This comes from 'The Information' which also details that Netflix wants to hire a gaming exec. This was also supported by Reuters and Axios. Reportedly decided not to include ads in the games, which suggests an upcoming service that would be offered to subscribers as an extra bundle.The Company did officially say that in the regards to the new exec, "excited to do more with interactive entertainment." The move follows previous efforts into gaming by Netflix, such as its partnership with Telltale Games to c
  2. I would like to thank LMG for using this in their latest TechLinked Episode
  3. Sorry I meant teh 3080 Ti has 10Gb which is wrong according to the rumours
  4. Summary On Chinese Tmall, they have already been taking preorders of Razer Prebuilts with an RTX 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti. This appears not an accident as the site is promoting the computers heavily. The Specs Match the rumors with 12GB for the 3080 Ti and 8GB for the 3070 Ti. However, the listing does mention that the 3080 Ti version has 10GB which does not replicate rumours. My thoughts Well, that's another graphics cards we won't be able to buy. According to the listing the RTX 3080Ti looks quite expensive, so keep an eye out for that. Sources https://videocardz.com/n
  5. Summary Apple is now selling the PS5 DualSense Controller on their website for $69.95. This follows the iOS 14.5 update which brought support for PS5 controllers and the Xbox Wireless Controllers. To add that Apple is selling the original White Controller Only. My thoughts Well, if you're those people who gets everything from the Apple Store well it's good news for you. Most people would get it on Amazon but it is there now. Sources https://9to5mac.com/2021/05/21/apple-now-selling-ps5-dualsense-controller-following-ios-14-5-support/ https://www.apple.com/shop/
  6. You basically can't upgrade your laptop. You can just open it up and put a new CPU or RAM. This is because each laptop is designed for the model not industry wide standards. This is why when you open two different laptops they could look completely different Sorry to diappoint you.
  7. Summary Apple is now discontinuing the Space Grey Versions of the Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad due to axing of the iMac Pro, earlier this year. On Apple's website is says under all items that these products will be around while stocks last. My thoughts Well, Apple doesn't want you to get a set of accessories that doesn't match a product. Time will tell when the new iMac will get stand alone accessories, but took the iMac Pro several months to have the accessories separate. Sources https://www.macrumors.com/2021/05/14/apple-discontinuing-spa
  8. I would like to mention a big thanks to LMG for using this article in one of their recent videos
  9. Right ok, I don't trust myself to do it and I am not sure in my area of any good repair shops so I'll just take it to Apple, even though it will be much more expensive. I'll try getting them to just fix button and not the Touch ID
  10. Oh ok, so the home button can be fixed with new glass but I need apple to sort out touch id. Correct me if i am wrong
  11. One of my friends is planning to get a new gpu (wish him luck with that) but the thing is he doesn't even know what graphics card he has. All he knows he has a Nvidia Geforce, btw he said nvidia completely which really annoyed me. He is also considering building a computer (he needs even more luck now) but doesn't know how to build one in any way shape or form and said he was relying on his dad to do it who he also doesn't know much about computers but thinks he will still do a good job because I quote 'he is quite good at that stuff'.
  12. My iPhone 7 home button has cracked. I left it in a coat pocket on a table and someone must have pushed it onto the ground with my bag. When I took my phone out to do something on it I noticed that it had broke. The only possible ways it could have broken are: My bag fell on my phone Someone stepped on my phone When the phone fell off the table in my coat it got damaged by the impact. My phone is still usable and the phone automatically detected that the home button was damaged and disabled Touch Id. It also automatically added AssistiveTouch. By this information coul
  13. Summary IBM have now created a 2nm chip in one of its labs. IBM says that the chip can improve performance by 45% compared to the current 7nm chips found in Ryzen. They also said that the chip uses 75% less energy as well. It claims the tech could quadruple mobile phone battery life. IBM claim they can fit 50 billion transistors on the size of a fingernail to roughly quote IBM. My thoughts IBM may have done it now but will take ages for the desktop computing industry moving towards this new standard. There was a four year interval between IBM getting 7nms and AM