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Status Updates posted by brownninja97

  1. Part of me wants to go back to when I just had a ati radeon 6450 and an i3 2120. I miss those days of fighting with ini files to squeak out every fraction of a fps increase, but these days I dont have the time to modify files. The balances of life changes, now I have money but little time. 

  2. Hot take: PC cases now are honestly pathetic compared to what we had 5 years ago, my hard drive options are limited, nearly every case has side intakes instead of the front. NZXT literally have a single model. Barely any cases have 4 front usb ports have without 5.25 bays I cant add one. In terms of raw functionality I feel like the Corsair 750D Airflow Edition is the best I can find and thats nearly 7 years old. 

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    2. dizmo


      If it sells, it's clearly what people want. It's not manufacturer's faults you want things no one else really cares about. 

    3. Caroline


      I like to play movies so I kinda need the ODD


      streaming or downloading is nearly impossible considering my connection is 1Mbps, and that's the fastest there is in my city, better to pay $1 for a Joker release with subs in korean than nothing

    4. brownninja97


      I am stuck in the past honestly but the stuff back then is better for my needs, I am the type of user that requires a lot of storage, I have 5x3.5inch drives which will be moving to my new pc, with an ssd that will be retired due to nvme being a viable option. 

  3. How the hell does Fire emblem three houses look better then persona 5

  4. Started looking into making a new pc since my 2014 based machine is starting to struggle well mainly the i5 4670k. I spent £700 back then, to match that with a modern i5, 16gb ram, same case etc etc somehow is £300 more. I get that tech has progressed but holy crap its got so much more expensive.

    1. TheSLSAMG


      Thank you Intel, very cool!


      Ryzen 3000 looks really promising so far, especially since the price of RAM has also gone down. I'd just give the platform a little time to mature. Board prices are high, but X470/B450 work just fine.

  5. It's 2019 yet I'm configuring routers worth more then my annual wage over dial up. 

  6. Trying to get nested if statements to work in excel is going to be the death of me.

  7. Two years ago I dropped out of university with £15000 debt to show for it.

    One year ago I reset passwords and basically changed inbox permissions for 8 hours a day.

    Today(well yesterday) i was staging routers for foreign embassies. 


    Honestly really fun working for an ISP, aside from the 14 hour shift to get everything done and a mini heart attack from nearly dropping a cisco 4451.

  8. I bought a dead EVGA GTX 650ti to turn into a drinks coaster for £7, on amazon a god awful rubber circle coaster is £10. One mans trash is another mans.....coaster? 

    1. Sharif


      But that thing ain't even flat? 

    2. DildorTheDecent


      Tear off the GPU. Make it a keychain. Use PCB as a coaster.



    3. brownninja97


      The evga shroud is pretty much a flat block, once you take off the rear bracket it will sit flat, I sanded down the pcb a bit so it doesnt murder my table and superglued the fan so it will not move, its quite stable. Gonna try a cpu heatsink next.

  9. Just handed in my resignation for my first full time job, feel like im gonna cry.

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    2. LukeSavenije


      i feel sorry now...




    3. Lurick


      That sucks :(

  10. Today I was reflecting on how active I used to be here, I remember posting all that news, having upwards of 5-6hours on this forum pretty much everyday. It was basically all I did, it was all I had at the time. I wonder if I miss that now, my life is much better now but I miss the interactions with people here, it was great fun. I sometimes wonder what would have happened had I stayed and dedicated that much time to this forum to this day. 

    1. Silentprototipe


      Well you may feel that but if your happy with where you are right now I say theres no harm in continuing like that :P

    2. Sharif


      Exactly the same situation here, I barely find myself posting or responding to threads anymore

  11. Spent £112.31 on the steam sale so far. :P

  12. I can't believe ageing is still legal, its the number 1 killer of all humans, governments must be profiting off it somehow.

  13. Friend gives me a rid to college, stops for petrol at the station, gets out and forgets to put the handbrake on, damn near gave me a heartattack

  14. In my college a well known grammar nazi got stabbed twice in the arm for correcting a gangster for something. While i hope he recovers quickly i hope more that he gets his fucking act together and quits being a complete prick. 

  15. "The problem with internet comments is that you can never really know who's saying them." -- Winston Churchill

    1. babadoctor


      anonymoose is love

      anonymoose is life

  16. I just ate a KitKat and didn't have a break.

  17. stubbed my toe badly, thing is bleeding. why is the world so cruel.

  18. single disappointment, there is no "cheers, have a beer rating"

  19. i think my gpu is dying, temperature have literally exploded through the roof, well its rad is on its last legs it seems

    1. Nineshadow


      "That's so rad" , @brownninja97 begrudgingly begrudged to himself in a sarcastinc tone as he tried to make a pun.

    2. Swndlr
    3. brownninja97


      in general brownninja style i ripped the cooler off, threw it at a wild sibling, ripped a cooler off a 7970 which i dont remember owning and it works, hits around 89oc max which is much higher then my old 59oc max but better then the supernova occuring with the dead rad.

  20. people think the illuminati control eevrything in world, no its much more sinister, its known as the brain. They think up everything, they force you to do everything you do and you dont even know it. Even now this brain this making me write this.

  21. note to self nutella and chips DONT WORK TOGETHER AT ALL

    1. babadoctor
    2. Stupidtiggers


      I thought nutella worked with everything D:

    3. babadoctor


      lol u must be silly

  22. Extremely good news, my sickness is no way near as bad as i originally thought

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    2. Mbarton


      YAY Glad to hear buddy

    3. brownninja97


      pretty much changed from an estimated two operations and a few months in hospital down to a few set dates where ive got to take some injections and get those fancy tubes put in my arm. i hugged the shit out of the doctor when i got the news

    4. Mbarton
  23. im starting to get the feeling that this healthy cough blood isn't healthy anymore

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    2. Me1z


      Who told you it was healthy to cough up blood at all?

    3. brownninja97


      in and out of the doctors. Sick patient humor is just the best, you can screw with people so much and they cant say anything in return as its unethical. just making the most of my situation. good news is i can recover but its not gonna be fun.

    4. Mbarton


      Gotcha That's great as long as you get better that's what matters