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    Fanfiction, Anime & Gaming. Things worth living for.
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    I'm a student of New Media & Communication Technology at Howest, Kortrijk.
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  1. I suppose that instead of being one slow 14tb drive it's two slow 7tb drives within 1 slot (so depending on how the system sees the drive/how the drive manages data, it could have some raid-like stripe benefits) but I agree that more heads per drive seems to be a better solution no1 is seemingly trying.
  2. By this logic, Eurasia and the Americas are islands too... hmm, would "all continents are islands, but not all islands are continents" statement be true? The panama canal exists, after all.
  3. the thing is, a lot of software (steam for example) only runs on ipv4. So a lot, A LOT of stuff will need to be patched, deprecated and otherwise changed if we want to live in an ipv6-only world. Like, it'll come with it's own benefits even, if you only use ipv6, you dont need to deal with NAT types if you want to play peer2peer games, as we have so much ipv6 addresses every device (not person or house) can have its own. I say that, but we're probably gonna use ipv4 within our personal homes if not forever, then for a very long time.
  4. Guess I'll finally have a good enough reason to get rid of my old junky printer and get one that has WiFi and AirPrint support.
  5. LMG kind of did that with whole-room watercooling though, what you're requesting is just that on a smaller scale...
  6. Goddammit. And I actually got a 2 year PIA sub earlier this year. Talk about putting money down the drain. Guess that's a lesson for me, a lot can happen in 2 years, so pay monthly. I wonder if I can get refunded for my remaining time.
  7. Pretty much that. Guess it's time to use an alt account for Youtube. ...I mean given how much of my entertainment comes from YouTube I could maybe pay for Youtube Red..... Naaaaah, who am I kidding, alt account it is. edit: I just checked and YTP is 11.99€ a month for a regular user. That's... cheaper than Netflix but honestly still more than I'd comfortably pay. The student plan is 6.99, and imo that's what the regular user should pay... Then again, I suppose it includes Youtube Music in the mix, and if you cancel the spotify sub that suddently becomes a decent deal.
  8. Lmao it's 4 grand. Which I suppose is normal for the target demographic, but ridiculous for mortal men like us...
  9. (•_•) I guess they were... ( •_•)>⌐□-□ (⌐□_□) Outfoxed. I'm not sure I understand the issue. So GitLab is a completely work-at-home company, so there are no offices, and people just remote into a server from home, is that correct, and they are against people from China and Russia having access to their servers? I mean I can see how that can seem discriminatory, but even I find that to be a fairly reasonable and understandable policy? It's one thing to hire a Russian or Chinese in the US, there's much less potential risk there as he or she has a citizenship, life and given the person moved away probably doesn't love his home country all that much. Meanwhile, having someone from those places have remote/admin access, makes it much easier to get a mole in. All they have to do is fake their own country's documentation. I completely understand both Gitlab and gitlab's enterprise customers reason for doing so. It's not as much hackers in the "lone blackhat" sense that they seem weary of, it's major intellectual property theft on a governmental level. At least that's what I feel like.
  10. There's talk now that SEC is gonna save their (the traders, not robinhood) asses, because technically what Robinhood allowed/did was illegal.
  11. I followed that "live" along with the other autists at /r/wallstreetbets - it was absolutely amazing. Honestly what's mind-boggling is that Robinhood didn't patch it after the first time.
  12. So... I didn't think I'd get here but Microsoft's lack of attention and general attitude towards their own products forced my hand... I got myself a MacBook Pro. Fml, I'm subscribed to /r/apple now. How the times have changed.

    I must say I'm enjoying it a lot so far.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Den-Fi


      Not a bad choice. The best laptop is the one you can get work done on.

      Allegiance means nothing in the face of not being able to do what you need to do.

    3. minibois


      The only thing about MacBooks I don't like is:

      1. The keyboard (travel is too shallow IMO, makes it quite hard on my fingers)

      2. The design flaws on certain models.


      To be honest, I like the devices. I am not a huge fan of MacOS.. but I do understand the advantage of software+hardware together.

    4. elfensky


      @Levent I mean their "popular" moneymakers in the surface laptops and the pro tablets seem to be fine... But I got the Surface Book 2, which I think barely anyone bought. I mean I get that it's an unpopular device, but you have less devices to support than Apple, surely you could do it?

      So far I'm seem to be doing fine on OS X, but I haven't fully set up my development environment yet, as I'm waiting for an NMVe -> AppleSSD adapter to arrive so I can swap in a 1TB 970 Evo.
      Catalina's version of UAC is even more annoying than Windows'. Holy shit fuck you for forcing me to type in my 20 character password every time. Why can't I just click "yes" like I can on Windows?

      @Den-Fi Indeed. It'll take a bit of getting used to but so far I'm liking it. And if I live a device, it's imo easier to work on.

      @minibois Honestly, while (slightly?) shallower than the SB2 keyboard, it's pretty aight. Mind you, (and now I'm replying to your second point) I (on the advice of the famed Louis Rossmann) got myself an A1398 model from 2014. So still the "normal" keyboard and okay reliability. Oh, and ports, of course.

      I think I'm the opposite actually, while aesthetically macbooks are pleasing watching Rossmann kinda shuts down any nice feelings you might have towards a modern macbook. I'm more of a MacOS fan, I want things to work and look pretty while they do so.
      I'm considering building a dual-boot Hackintosh desktop now, and selling off my Pixel 2/Falster 2 watch and completely switching over to Apple. I'm liking MacOS that much.


  13. I've just sold my Surface Book 2. Got 2.3k€ for it. Given I bought it for 3000€ about one and a half years ago, it's honestly not even that bad of a depreciation, for a windows laptop. Pretty happy.
    Now I'm considering whether I should switch to Mac or get another Windows machine. Decisions, decisions.

    1. lewdicrous


      Surface book dealer.

  14. Sorry to bother you again, but any chance you could add to the script so it would remove the original .ass subs? Or change it to the second subtitle track? I tried looking at the documentation for mkvtoolnix, but it honestly confuses the crap outta me. to select the first subtitle track I'd have to do --edit track:s1, and deleting seems to be --delete <name>, so would the line be --delete track:s1? --set track:s1=track:s3 --set track:s1=track:s1 --set track:s3=track:s2? That seems super convoluted (if that's even the right way to do it) And if yes where would I have to put it in the scipt?
  15. My bet is on at least 99$. Or 149$, but if you need to replace one, they're 49$ Then again, given the vesa adapter is like 199$, maybe the wheels will be even more ridiculous than that. I guarantee in the first week, someone will 3d model an adapter so you can attach some <insert-local-DIY-shop> wheels onto the thing.