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    Fanfiction, Anime & Gaming. Things worth living for.
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    I'm a student of New Media & Communication Technology at Howest, Kortrijk.
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  1. I can shut down my android TV using a "turn off" command within the Android TV Remote. Why cant I not do the same using Google Assistant?

  2. I see what you did there.
  3. ElfenSky

    How does the Google Stadia work?

    It's more like PlayStation Now. Though Remote Play is a decent comparison.
  4. But... Why? It's useful as a built-in anti virus in combination with common sense on windows, but Apple has their own version. And if you are going to choose a 3rd party antivirus, why not go with one of the bigger players that are specifically dedicated to it like AVG, Avast or Kaspersky...
  5. You do in most of (west) Europe and the USA as far as I know. More and more countries require you to identify yourself after the phone-bomb attacks in Brussels.
  6. That just makes me not want to use it even more.
  7. ElfenSky

    Intel Confirms: Macs to switch to ARM by 2020.

    That poll should've had an extra option: "as long as all my programs will work, sure", that's really what matters nowadays. Performance isn't really an issue even today, given how well the A12 Cortex in the new iPad Pro performs. Also consider that you could likely get the (sustained) clock speed much higher than in the iPad given that laptops have active cooling. It's purely a software support game at this point. Will <insert x86-64 program> work on this new arm mac?
  8. ElfenSky

    1TB MicroSD card is here

    I just wonder what the random iops is. Like they're fine for movies/music/pictures, but what about smaller stuff?
  9. ElfenSky

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    Luckily for me, all my passwords are a 20 character string. Still though, damn. Dat performance.
  10. ElfenSky

    Traveling to Canada just because of LTX19

    I've used Turo to rent a car in the US when I was there, it went fairly well though I was with a classmate. Dunno if it's available in Canada, though I suppose I'll have to start researching. The only thing I've done so far is buy a ltx ticket and get my eTA approved. Don't even have the money for the plane yet. Guess I'll have to start looking around for student jobs hehehe. Honestly, my idea would be to rent a car, set specific wayoints that are relatively far out that you want to visit, and just drive between them looking at interesting places, not knowing where you're gonna stay today.
  11. ElfenSky

    Traveling to Canada just because of LTX19

    I'm planning more or less the same, but probably only 1 week because budget. My original plan was to rent a car and drive around, staying in airbnbs.
  12. ElfenSky

    LTX 2019 Ticket Sales Start TOMORROW!

  13. So.. I made a thing...


    1. imreloadin


      Because everyone I know purchases pizzas based on the price per cm squared xD

    2. ElfenSky


      Hey, it's like Linus says, you need to get the best bang for your buck :) (therefore, the most pizza per dollar)

    3. imreloadin


      You heard it here folks, @ElfenSky doing god's work for us mortals xD

  14. In any case, this is fairly worrying. Lots of people use lastpass, and I think they even sporsored LTT quite a few times.