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    Fanfiction, Anime & Gaming. Things worth living for.
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    I'm a student of New Media & Communication Technology at Howest, Kortrijk.
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  1. My first ever desktop.
    Sure it's old and outdated. But it's mine :).
    And more importantly... Other than the Case and PSU it was free :D



    CPU: AMD FX8320 (8-core) (free from friend1)
    MOBO: ASUS M5A97 (free from friend1)
    RAM: 8GB (free from friend1)

    GPU: MSI R5770 Hawk (AMD HD 5770) (free from friend2)

    SSD: 120GB Sandisk scavenged from old laptop

    PSU: 650W Corsair (bought for 30€)

    Windows: 10 Edu (free from school :D) 
    CASE: random iONZ case from eBay. Honestly for 30+10€ it is really good. Actual tempered glass, the holes and layout makes sense. I like it.

  2. Making ugly hardware in 2020 is unacceptable no matter how many features or how useful it is.
  3. ocsp.apple.com is ...struggling to say the least right now (it's the anti-virus thing that uploads app hash when you start an app), you can avoid it by temporary adding ocsp.apple.com to your hostsfile using sudo nano /etc/hosts Just don't forget to remote it when their servers stabilize.
  4. Man the times. I bought into the hype and got a lot of extra ships and goodies in anticipation... That slowly fizzed out. They have have is very cool, but ultimately I paid for and wanted the single-player experience. I've since sold everything except the package that lets me access SP + MP, we'll see where it ends up in another decade.
  5. I have such a large backlog of PS4 games, the better experience on PS5 alone makes it worth buying it, but I have to admit, getting that 299$ Xbox sounds really tempting. The whole Xbox catalog from the 360 days and some exclusives.
  6. I have edited my article so include a tiny bit of research. Current SA pricing is comparable to Europe's (Belgium specifically) pricing, so I think it's okay to compare the prices in this case.
  7. Summary Of all companies to do it, Pringles may have accidentally leaked XSX pricing in the terms and conditions of one of their promotions. They mention 46 Xbox' with an estimated retail value of R621,000. That comes to R13,500 per unit, which amounts to about $900 USD. Quotes My thoughts This is way more than what I (and I think many others) expected it to be. For $900 you can put together a damn good gaming rig, which will not only be able to do way more than a console, but will also be upgradeable. South African pricing is fa
  8. > renders leaked and you post no images. Shame lol.
  9. Had my first experience with what I think is rf interference today.
    Temporary moved to my parents for the summer (it's hot in the city, and they're out in the countryside). I brought with me some short flat gigabit ethernet cables to run from my NAS to the switch (I just thought they looked neater) but they're sometimes switching to 100mbit, which never happened back at my dorm.
    I don't have that issue with short round cables.

    I think the lack of proper shielding is actually interfering with the packets and causing it to switch to 100Mbit. Didn't expect that to ever be an issue in "real", as in "consumer" life. TIL.

  10. Is Linus' birthday tomorrow?

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      woah!! nice. Thanks for the info.

    2. Bombastinator


      There are enough people named Linus that I suspect the answer is “yes” no matter which day you pick.  I’ve got at least two full name alter egos living in various parts of the world who are merely also gmail users, and I never even met another person with my first name till I was well past 20.

    3. elfensky


      I'm fairly sure that you're aware which specific Linus I'm talking about ^_^

  11. I bought a yearly sub for CuriosityStream and Nebula. So far so good, pretty nice content.