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  1. Wow its really been a while. Just posting to say i'm still here!! xD


    I can't believe it's finally happening, we've all been waiting too long for this. AMD is a serious competitor to Intel again atlast. Definitely worth the wait, thank you AMD. Needless to say, I am too excited!!
  3. Thermal Paste for Kraken X61

    Just use the paste already on the x61, you'll be throwing money away if you change it out. But if you ever remove you cooler from the processor you'll need to reapply some fresh paste on it.

    Congrats to everyone on 3 million subscribers! Saying we've come a long way is a huge understatement! I'd love to win a shiny new Blade 14 with Edzel's artwork etched on it! Thank you Razer and LMG for another wonderful giveaway! Good luck to all!
  5. Corsair releases new RGB Fans, Chassis and more!

    @JurunceNK @DarkBlade2117 Iv'e tried the LED behind my TV thing when it was hanging on a wall. It adds an effect of the TV kinda popping at your face and I find it distracting and fatiguing to look at after a while.
  6. Corsair releases new RGB Fans, Chassis and more!

    Your reviews are very thorough and in-dept and this was no different, keep it up!
  7. Corsair releases new RGB Fans, Chassis and more!

    Close your eyes just like you'd put on headphones if your rig was a jet engine obviously /s
  8. Corsair releases new RGB Fans, Chassis and more!

    Just for illustration purposes
  9. Corsair releases new RGB Fans, Chassis and more!

    I'll look forward to your review, these fans look pretty interesting. I'll also add the pricing to the original post.
  10. Source: http://www.corsair.com/en/landing/rgb Corsair has released a whole bunch of new products with RGB lighting control along with a couple new cases. New products include: (All pricing in USD) HD120 RGB Fans: $29.99 single fan, $49.99 single fan w/controller, $89.99 triple fan w/controller SP120 RGB Fans: $19.99 single fan, $39.99 single fan w/controller, $69.99 triple fan w/controller MM800 Polaris RGB Mouse Pad: $59.99 Carbide Air 740 Case: $149.99 Crystal 460x Case: $119.99 w/ 1x AF140L red LED and 1x AF140L fans, $139.99 w/ 3x SP120 RGB fans What do you guys think? RGB fans look cool but I like the 460x case because it looks super sexy and clean with it's tempered glass. I hope the next RGB product is the long anticipated RGB socks+sandals with an included RGB hat.
  11. This is a really cool solution to a problem many don't think about
  12. Congratulations!

    1. UltraNeonGaming


      Cheers! I'm currently in disbelief

  13. AMD Polaris Giveaway

    I want it, gibe nao pls. Thanks for the giveaway AMD and LMG!
  14. LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    I think it's pretty crazy that you can project a 100" image from just 38cm away! With all it's features this is seriously the best consumer projector I've ever seen. I would definitely love to win one! Thank you LMG and LG for making this possible!
  15. Done. The only way I got it under 2MB was resizing because compression made it look horrible and resizing was the only option left especially with these kinds of complex graphics.