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    are my parts conflict free yet?
  • Birthday Nov 24, 1998

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    Belgium West-Flanders
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    retired atm / want to study


  • CPU
    3930K @ 4.5Ghz 1.45v
  • Motherboard
    Intel Desktop Board DX79TO (yet to buy a proper heatsink)
  • RAM
    32GB DDR3 1333Mhz 3x8GB Kingston Hyper X DDR3 Corsair 1x 8gb DDR3 1333Mhz (OC to 1600MHz
  • GPU
    MSI RX 580 8G GAMING X
  • Case
    Corsair Spec Delta RGB
  • Storage
    Samsung 850 PRO SSD 256GB 500GB 7200RPM 2.5Inch 1TB Seagate Barracuda Compute
  • PSU
    Antec VP700P
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    2560x1440p Dell Ultrasharp U2515H @ 80Hz, 6ms 1920x1080p @ 65Hz 5ms LED Panel basic ACER ding
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100I GTX (jet engine fans still on that thing...)
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Cherry MX Speed Azerty (BE layout)
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    Scammed by Sennheiser - Sennheiser HD 598 & Scammed by Fiio - FiiO E10K Amplifier and DAC Bose serround unit (forgot nameing)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro OEM 64-Bit
  • Phone
    Generic Huawei Lite 2017

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that it's april, lol
  2. I told you i dont have acces my organization non profit is only one i don't even know my customer id so i cannot even reset the password on my router
  3. IS it possible running a home server without port forwarding Filezilla or else. FTP no forwarding and no static ip (i think) should i ask my non-profit organizer for this (non profit renting company) I need this file server for my mom who's trying to acces old pictures and music Thanks in advance Julian I do not have acces to login interface or router interfaces (NO ACCES)
  4. My Antec VP700P still did not blow up! all voltage, FINE. So yeah. idk. im not NA in Europe so i use 230V ONLY (rofl)
  5. Cannot help anymore No experience in Linux
  6. Do not worry, ill get second opinions FIRST! i contact free support and see what they come up with...
  7. 1=Correct. 2=Yes all good 3=No other drives effected only Docking Station with 2x 1TB Seagate HDDs lost/corrupted and do not worry i have know all of the basics i was a trainee technician retired for personal reasons...
  8. We need performance monitor/logs Download GPU-Z and or use https://www.screentogif.com/ Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) - (Interupts Sytem) Ctrl+Alt+Delete Windows+X (on desktop) Right-Click the Taskbar or search taskmgr Windows+R any proccess running Eufi Bios Settings & Specs OS Build/OS
  9. Hello i recently got my Personal Computer back up and running from being tired for personal/medical reasons.. Anyway i set-up Bitlocker Drive Encryption for Windows 10 Pro x64 (64-Bit) Activated 2004 OS Build 19041.572 Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.31.0 However i was stupid enough because it's a USB Mass Storage Device (Removeable) Docking Station with DISK 1&2 as shown I finished the Bitlocker Drive Encryption and it FAILED! Now something went wrong during restart/startup/boot that caused Windows to corrupt the entire encryption proc
  10. TLDR guys if you don't know IT JUST WORKS and i have BIOS GPU stress tests and CPU stress tests to back it up with the voltage readings
  11. I wonder why my other GM Cooler Master Power Supply blew up in a shorter time than my “D tier” Power Supply (that has not even seen the slightest sign of failure) but okay whatever it can't run on “120v” OR it has “high temperature tolerance” which is actually just a statement that it doesn't work in America so there before it's TRASH. We have the other things like the efficiency or whatever look it's designed for the European market and it had been running fine so it's proven itself a better PSU that is BETTER like that Cooler Master or one according to this LIST won't help much if you had a
  12. Computers are not Human get proper voltage input or GTFO.
  13. HAH, My "D tier" Power Supply hasn't blown up yet... after YEARS, wonder how that could be, lol.