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    Guitar, Drums, singing, Computer Hardware, Graphic design, procrastination, and Cars.
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    I am a nerdy 20 year old who spends way too much time on my interests and not nearly enough time on my school.
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  1. I ended up getting it out and the new poly bushings back in. One bolt won’t align properly, so I’ll have to get a longer bolt to thread the other way tomorrow.
  2. In the process of replacing the Steering rack bushings on the Tundra. one is out, but the other one a washer rusted to the bushing sleeve and for the life of my I can't get it apart.
  3. None of that should be an issue on a 23k mike car though.
  4. you sound like Dave Ramsey. Good strategy though. Now that I'm done with school and have a reliable income I'll have a similar, albeit more simple method. My plan relies less on certain accounts though. I'm going to simply have a savings and a checking account. everything goes into the checking account, budget out expenses, spending money for the month, etc, and everything else goes into savings.
  5. When you have a million dollars in the bank?
  6. lol. good to know. I have an Amazon special Techstream and VCM cable. Yeah, the equinox has had several batteries, and the dealership keeps saying nothing is wrong.
  7. ah. I see. thanks for the clarification.
  8. I get it, but I've seen so many stupid electrical issues with new vehicles. My boss's f150 has been into the dealership like 5 times in the last 2 years (not counting oil changes). and I should say If I was buying a domestic, a Ford would be it.
  9. There's a reason I drive 12-19 year old Hondas and Toyotas. And I've officially decided that my Tundra is my truck for life. body panels can all be replaced, and it'll always be cheaper than a car payment, and EVERY part on this thing is now less than a grand, so why not? at least when a CEL code comes on it only has 1-4 possible items. I read the code, replace some sensor, and I'm on my way. engine goes, a junkyard one is about $500. Transmission blows up, 100,000 mile warranty rebuild for 1800, or a junkyard one for 4-500. I can buy a whole cab section for like $600 too. I have yet to hear of a new vehicle that doesn't have loads of electrical problems after 100k. My dad's work vehicle is a chevy equinox. it kills the battery if the key is in accessory mode for more than 10 minutes, or if the car doesn't get driven for 3 days. Just one (anecdotal) example, but it illustrates my point. @Bitter What's roughly the last year that avoids all the multiplex network BS stuff? I'm figuring 2008-2010 or thereabouts, but I don't know for sure.
  10. why 5w-40? you tracking the thing?
  11. yep. exactly. I googled it and was like NOOOOOPE.
  12. that NNBS NBS NOBS, OBS, OOBS thing is worse than intel's CPUs....
  13. Ya mean a 244 hp isn’t high? This is a Honda after all! To be fair ive done my fair share of stop and go too.
  14. yep, 226k and still going strong!
  15. well I've got a dual-mass flywheel. honestly my car is so freaking easy to start. it's ridiculous.