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George Vella

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    Mostlyhardware, but starting dabbling with software
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    Core i5 10400 @2.90GHz
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    N/A (laptop)
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    Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 Mobile
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    1TB M.2 SSD
    2TB Sata HDD
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    Integrated Display
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    Cheap one from amazon
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    Patriot Viper V530
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    Windows 10
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    Redmi Note 8 Pro/ iPhone SE

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  1. So, recently I've decided to start learning some html, also during this time I've had the itch to download a website from the internet archive and bring it back to life. I tried with iCarly.com, but unfortunatley whenever I try to use snapshots after 2012 the mobile version appears. For some reason, it prefers the mobile version than the desktop. I've tried other free downloaders such as WinHTTrack Website Copier but this still came back with the same result. Also, the link isn't the mobile one, as the mobile one uses /m, and the one I'm using doesn't
  2. Banned because you name is coder and you don't know coding
  3. Banned for Out-Of-Topic Discussion.
  4. Banned for having enough money to buy an RTX 3060 ti (without inflation)
  5. banned for thinking that even if they were available, your wallet will afford it.
  6. Banned for no punctuation and no captial letters.
  7. Banned for having more that 288 posts
  8. banned because you used the wrong you're. You are nor your
  9. Banned because you are probably in a different time zone than me
  10. Banned for taking forever to answer
  11. Yup, I personally only tried it 3 times, since I haven't used a Samsung phone in ages. (I daily drive an iPhone SE and a Redmi Note 8 Pro) I used it once when you still needed the dock (S9), another time using the cable only (Note 10) and recently wireless (S21). I used my friend's phone to try these out, and initially I hated it, even though I loved the idea. When I tried it both on the Note 10 and S21 I am really jealous of his phone. This is really making me want to go back to samsung.
  12. Banned for having to press show hidden comment 26 times just to see a dumb hashtag
  13. Banned for caring what other people say
  14. Banned for thinking I give a shit about that stupid, fulled-with-5-year-old game.
  15. Most people threw it under the bus since at start, it wasn't the best. Now that it's way better people are far busier thinking about the iPad (since the market decided android tablets are useless) as a laptop/desktop replacement, rather than your phone. If Dex was this polished at launch I'm sure it could've succeeded