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    Pentium G3258 @ 3.2ghz
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    Gigabyte H81M-H
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    Team Elite 8GB DDR3-1600
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    XFX R9 280x Double Dissipation Edition
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    Fractal Design Core 1000 USB 3.0
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    Samsung 920NW, Dell *REPLACETHISTEXT*
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    A4 Tech x7 G800V
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    Logitech Mouse, similar to the M100
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    Harmon Kardon Speakers, Beats Solo HD Matte White
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    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate/Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS/Windows 10
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  1. R2 actually does have a connection, it's just that my Gerber renderer flips the backside. And with the fuse, would I use like a 10 amp relay and put a fuse after it? What about this one? http://www.amazon.com/JBtek®-Channel-Female-Female-Arduino-Raspberry/dp/B00R77PN1A/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1447850334&sr=8-2&keywords=8-channel+5v+relay+boars
  2. I am making a board for switching on and off Christmas lights. Images below. Please give me tips and advice! Name blotted out image relayTop.png, to preserve privacy. The autorouter may have been a bit dumb, I can re-route myself. Thanks, RedOwen1177 Edit: Are there really only 2 EEs on this forum?
  3. It's awesome. I'm gonna colorize it and then use it!
  4. Our teacher the other day was trying to AirPlay music, and it kept cutting out. So when someone walked in-front of her phone, she told them that they were breaking the beam.
  5. My drawing skills. Made my own profile pic, if you can't tell
  6. i7 something-or-other, Quadro 600s, 8gb of ram, although with deepfreeze so I can't change anything. These ar our lab computers. Task manager isn't enabled.
  7. I say DeLorean because it's an imperfect time machine. It runs on gas, is the normal size for a coupé, and only travels in time and not space. What do you think?
  8. I think they look cool! I really want a few. All I have are fans stolen from old PSUs.
  9. What GPU is it? If you have good airflow, you should be good, though
  10. Yeah, I can feel you a little bit. I'm the more hardware-knowledgeable one of my friends, so sometime they don't get all the hardware things.
  11. This thing is called the "hard drive". It's like a filing cabnet, but for your computer. The more gigabytes you get, the more files you can file away.
  12. It is in a sealed, basement room with no windows. I wish I could open a window, but i cant. Im thinking about going to Wally world and picking up a box fan.