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  1. nearly 50,000 comments on the ATF notice. good job guys.
  2. Ditto. I’d be okay if I never did another ball joint, ever. Just finished doing my second set on the tundra.
  3. correct, and there's no consistent way to distinguish between a "pistol" and a "firearm"
  4. yep! the last however long it's been has indeed been a wild ride. Been working in construction (this industry is nuts with the CORVIDS) got married 9 months ago, bought an '86 F250 with a 6.9IDI, sold that, and havin fun with the Tundra. and the wife likes the truck as much as I do.
  5. Wow! Crazy to see all you guys are still here. little update on my part, the Accord is gone, I sold to my teenage brother who’s taking great care of it, and the Tundra now looks like this. all new suspension, wheels, 33” tires, 4.56 Tacoma gears, axles, donor bed, doors and fenders, topper, etc. running great as my daily. Just crossed over 250k. how y’all been?
  6. what happened to your post? seems like it got some of my old posts jacked into it. or am I the only one who sees this?
  7. yep. Body is one of the next things on the list, after suspension. I don't know how updated you are on this truck, but Toyota replaced the entire frame, lower control arms, brake lines, etc. back in February.
  8. Got a Topper for the Turdna! it was 5 hours away, but I got it for $100, so it was worth it. got 19 MPG on the way back. That's absolutely nuts for a 1st gen Tundra. they eat fuel like it's going out of style.
  9. do you ever wish you had the 6 speed? the RPMs in the accord drop like a rock when the AC compressor is on. You have to drive completely differently to not lurch all over the place. still sounds awesome though.
  10. A legend tests the difference in efficiency and potential between roots blower and turbochargers.
  11. My accord is the same way. Kinda sketchy. Although, there's enough flex in the unibody that the doors rub if I need to open them and all four wheels aren't on the ground.
  12. I use GM Synchromesh Friction modified MTF in my accord. (a bit spendy though) Oem Honda MTF is good too if you don't have synchro issues. Use only Honda OEM power steering fluid. they use different stuff than everyone else.
  13. Every civic of that vintage has a broken hood release. fun fact, I was looking at Civics before I got the accord.
  14. It could look nice, it depends on how much light your wheel wells I guess? It’s a pretty cheap touch and potentially with the risk.