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  1. What is with the obsession with that tacky fake carbon look? Argh, it's just so hideous! Also that phone case looks like any other so I don't know why he said " i don't like cases, so i made my own".....
  2. Thank Lizard Squad. They've been back for maybe a month now. Unbelievable they can just tweet shit and still continue for this long lol. I'm guessing it's going to be a shit Christmas this year.
  3. I don't think Linus was being serious in that video hence why he bought 2....
  4. Lmao here we go again. Gotta keep those outages coming every few of months!
  5. So movieseverywhere/reelgood for games? Was wondering when this would happen.
  6. This is what I've heard/read. Raven was given lead while SHG was suppose to be support, both dev's weren't getting along so Activision put Treyarch in charge and the other 2 now being support. The other 2 dev's have already made campaign and more than likely locked in IW engine so Treyarch will mostly be adding to what's already been done + potential name change.
  7. Lol COD will just flood the store with $15 weapons and skins then. At least with loot boxes we had a chance of getting stuff for "free".
  8. Wikileaks released the Hillary email archive if that counts.
  9. What would be the point though if cars are speed limited? How would you cross the ocean though? build tunnels? That would take decades no?
  10. Wasn't this the case with the other crashes as well? Not surprised anymore.
  11. Eww. 60fps yt is already nausiating, can't imagine what this will be like.