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  1. For anyone in Mumbai, India (All computer hardware stores): All the stores below are from a place called Lamington Road: (To help YOU get a Good Deal right now on PC Hardware) Max IT World --- RTX 3060 Ti's starting at $450-650, RTX 3080 for $1000, RTX 2080 Super for $550-750 PrimeABGB --- RTX 3060Ti's from $500 to $700, RTX 3080 for $1200 99Deals.in (NOT a valid website though) --- RTX 2060's for $300, GTX 1650 Super for $190-220, GTX 1660 Super for $230-280 Now I know these are worse prices than other places; but these are ALMOST ALWAYS in STOCK,
  2. So, I can't seem to find any AUR tab in my add/remove software's preferences in Manjaro KDE, how do i go about enabling AUR?
  3. Actually he doesnt but there are plenty others who do, take primeabgb.com they do, pretty good even though not as good as what i staid
  4. I meant the gpu, 1660 super goes for 14000~ and 1650 super for 10000~
  5. These prices seem way off, if you live in mumbai or anywhere closeby call up max it world in lamington road, a trip there is pretty useful, everything in stock, at half of this price
  6. Ah! thanks, going for 3900X and 32GB RAM. BTW sorry for responding late.
  7. thanks! the 2700X costs like 205$ in my area and the 3900X costs $470, also would a 1920X do? (they cost about 100-150$ less)
  8. wouldn't that mean you are using less than 4 cores, so would 2700X + 16GB ram work?
  9. Also is there any specific GPU requirement, other than a basic one for display output?