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    JAKEBAB reacted to LAwLz in New rumour suggests the "Super Switch" might be a pretty hefty upgrade afterall   
    Putting "new" in your product title is one of the worst things you can do. It is mind boggling how any company can greenlight such a terrible name.
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    JAKEBAB reacted to SlidewaysZ in Sweden preparing new IP law to put pressure on actors like Facebook   
    I absolutely hate social media but this is absolutely insane. I hope Facebook keeps up the pressure and the governments have to cave on this stupid idea. Charging for news per link is not a good idea. Do you know what that will do to news companies. Not to mention why does the government think that tech companies should be paying for the privilege to give the news companies clicks and views? That's the most backwards thing.
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    JAKEBAB reacted to jagdtigger in Sweden preparing new IP law to put pressure on actors like Facebook   
    This so dumb, why should anyone pay for linking to a site which is basically free advertisement for them....
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    JAKEBAB reacted to LAwLz in NVIDIA releases CMP lineup and reduces hashing rates on GeForce cards   
    Nope, nope nope nope.
    Terrible decision and I think anyone cheering this on is quite frankly stupid. I am not a miner and I couldn't care less about them. What I am against is the idea that we should be cheering on companies that with software cripple and try to control what we as consumers can and should do with the hardware we have bought.
    This is like if Tesla sent out an update that made it so that their cars were only able to drive on certain roads and at certain speeds, and then people cheered it on because "now Tesla drivers won't be able to drive on my private road anymore" or "now Tesla drivers can't drive over 50 mph on this 60 mhp road because I think 60 is too high despite the law saying it is legal".
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    JAKEBAB reacted to Lurick in Canada to follow Australia's lead in taxing Facebook for news links, gov't says they won't be intimidated by Facebook's threats   
    You mean like aggregating information, indexing it, and returning those links to people so traffic to the destination site which displays ads can generate revenue based on the display of such ads?
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    JAKEBAB reacted to huilun02 in Canada to follow Australia's lead in taxing Facebook for news links, gov't says they won't be intimidated by Facebook's threats   
    Its ok they can stop all service to Australia and Canada and everybody wins
    No I dont think news companies are right to demand payment from the hands that feed them in the first place
    No I dont like Facebook. No one should use Facebook
    And Microshit just wants the more successful search engines/services to take a hit so that they can push their own shitty search engine and services
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    JAKEBAB reacted to kelvinhall05 in Changes on March 16th, 2021 to Lastpass free tier will prevent you from using Lastpass on more than one type of device   
    On March 16th, 2021, Lastpass will remove the ability for free users to use Lastpass on more than one type of device. This means you'll have to decide whether you want to use it exclusively on mobile, or exclusively on PC.
    If you want to use your Lastpass account on your phone and computer, you will have to upgrade to Premium.
    I had trouble understanding exactly what this meant, but thankfully they gave some examples:
    My thoughts
    This is bullshit and not even 15 minutes after I saw this, I had exported my data, imported into Bitwarden, and deleted my Lastpass account. I strongly suggest everyone currently using Lastpass to switch to either Bitwarden or maybe Keepass.
  9. Funny
    JAKEBAB reacted to leadeater in Paying in meme - Elon Musk offers money to help Dogecoin become ‘currency of the internet’ and Dogecoin price rockets after.   
    Don't worry, the next coin will solve that issue. If that doesn't then the next one will, promise.
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    JAKEBAB reacted to Velcade in Florida Water Plant "Hacked" and poisoned the water supply - Password reuse -   
    Unacceptable really.  There should be safe guards in place to not allow such a drastic change. 
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    JAKEBAB reacted to Blademaster91 in The Biden administration is working to help address global semiconductor chip shortage   
    I doubt removing the tariff is going to help much, the only way to prevent supply chain issues is to have more semiconductor factories in the US and EU instead of relying on Taiwan and China.
  12. Informative
    JAKEBAB reacted to LAwLz in Signal Vs Anti-Censorship Community   
    I'd like to remind everyone that encryption techniques are often targeted by misinformation campaigns in order to try spread FUD and make people not use them.
    If Signal implements something that can circumvent censorship in countries like Iran, China, etc, then those countries will not just sit still and watch it happen. They will start spreading doubts about Signal online so that users stop using the tools that can circumvent censorship. 
    I am not saying this is for sure what is happening here, but don't blindly trust what who might have a hidden agenda is telling you to think. 
    From what I can tell (yes I am now going to do what I warned you about), this is what happened.
    1) Iran starts blocking all Signal traffic.
    2) Signal responds by releasing a way for people to set up a proxy, which means Signal users in Iran and other censored countries can send traffic to a community run proxy, and thus get around the censorship.
    3) A couple of Chinese developers raised concern about the way the proxy worked on GitHub. I can't see what the original said, but according to several people I have seen, including those not related to Signal, says the original poster was being rude and threatening. Not something I have a hard time believing after seeing some of his posts on Twitter. Also, he titled it "fuck-signal-tls-proxy".
    4) Signal informed the Chinese developer that they don't use Github for that type of discussion and linked the user to their community forum instead, and closed the issue on Github.
    5) People lost their shit, saying Signal are censoring people, that they are compromised, etc.
    6) BleepingComputer was contacted and they posted an article.
    7) Moxie reached out and explained the situation to BleepingComputer, which pulled the article down.
    8 ) People are now saying Moxie pressured BleepingComputer to remove the article, even though it seems to me like the article was removed because it is just a lot of "he said, she said" going around.
    Also, the "vulnerability" is not really a vulnerability if I understand it correctly.
    The "security issue" is that if you connect to a Signal proxy server, it is possible to tell that it is a Signal proxy by looking at the web server configuration. The logic by the Chinese developer was "if you can tell that a server is a Signal proxy, then it is possible for the Iran government to go:
    and thus the Iranian government can tell if someone uses Signal or not.
    Sounds like a big deal, but realistically, it's not really.
    1) You can already tell if someone uses Signal by looking at the traffic. You can't see what the messages contains but you can see "this person uses Signal" by looking at metadata. This has not changed. It was that way before, and it is that way with the proxy.
    2) It is impossible to cloak a proxy because even if Signal implemented something like uniquely generated nginx configs, you can still check if a particular server is a Signal proxy by just sending a Signal message to it and see if the message gets delivered.
    There is no way for someone to set up a Signal proxy that only works when there a connection from a legitimate users, and block a connection from someone who just uses it to see if a Signal message gets delivered through it.
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    JAKEBAB reacted to Spotty in MTX is the future - Ubisoft to shift focus away from AAA development   
    The industry needs to come up with a more accurate name if "free-to-play" is more lucrative than traditional AAA games. 
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    JAKEBAB reacted to SlimyPython in Tinder's new user agreement - mandatory!   
    Pls tell story.
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    JAKEBAB reacted to porina in Nvidia back at their memory game - RTX 3080 20GB found and benchmarked   
    It's a pretty narrow gap to say 10GB isn't enough but 12GB is.
  16. Like
    JAKEBAB reacted to Blade of Grass in Google salvaged Robinhood’s one-star rating by deleting nearly 100,000 negative reviews   
    That's not an accurate description of what happened, let me quote myself from another thread:
    More specifically, Robinhood let you close your position, which means that if you were long, you could sell, if you were short, you could buy to cover. This is standard de-risk rules (position closing only). 
    There's literally no evidence that Melvin Cap. shorted more than 100% of the float themselves, its an entirely baseless accusation. Additionally, shorting more than the total float is just a quirk caused by the fact that you can short the same shares multiple time (i.e. you short sell it to A, they lend back to you, you short sell to B, they lend back to you, etc.), there's nothing inherently nefarious about it, especially because generally one firm is not responsible for shorting all of it. 
    Regardless, Melvin Capital still has to maintain their margin just like everyone else, which is likely why they needed the $2.75B cash injection the other day. 
    Insolvency is likely the last thing anyone wants, the chance you get anything from that is very low. 
    Err, there's quite literally no bending of rules. Robinhood did what they had to to manage their risk and not become insolvent. The issue was that Robinhood specifically was facing issues with meeting their collateral deposit obligations, that is why they limited trading more than the other firms (because Robinhood has shit risk management). 
    All of what they did is entirely laid out in the contract that people agree to when they sign up for Robinhood, people should read the contracts they sign, especially when signing up for something as heavily regulated and complex as trading, this isn't a food delivery app.  


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    JAKEBAB reacted to Serin in Google threatens to pull out of Australia over new "link tax" laws   
    As with everything LNP, one wonders as to the impetus set forth by Murdoch with regards to this, even if it does appear to be rational on its face.
    It'll be interesting to see if they really do push it through. Dunno if they're really capable of the level of 'trillion dollar corps bad' that'll be required to win a PR war.

    Guess it'll come down to which Aussies like less. The LNP or some multinational. 
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    JAKEBAB reacted to Lurick in Google threatens to pull out of Australia over new "link tax" laws   
    A snippet is not the entire news article, a snippet is a summary. If people read a snippet and decide they don't want the story why should they be forced to go to the newspaper site? If they can't make news relevant or enticing they shouldn't magically be entitled to money. You also realize google isn't just saying "screw you we won't pay a dime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!" they have OTHER problems with this law because it would HURT small and independent news outlets, not the large Murdoch controlled ones.
  19. Informative
    JAKEBAB reacted to LAwLz in Wait, What? Kids Found A Security Flaw in Linux Mint By Mashing Keys!   
    Apparently it's a bug introduced with Cinnamon 4.2. So it might affect other distros that use the same DE. Not sure if there are any big distros using Cinnamon by default (other than Linux Mint) but it's something to keep aware of. If you use Cinnamon, you probably want to upgrade.
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    JAKEBAB reacted to LAwLz in [Updated #1][Rumour] Intel and NVIDIA had an internal agreement that blocked the development of laptops with AMD Renoir and GeForce RTX 2070 and above   
    Ah yes, a random polish website publishes a wild conspiracy theory with 0 evidence and conveniently it's one that can neither be proved nor disproved, so any and all discussion about this will be "I believe Nvidia and Intel are evil so therefore this proves my point".
    Can't wait to see a bunch of AMD fanboys use this to prove that Nvidia and Intel are evil, and AMD is their friend who need protection.
    I like how they have also shut down any argument that can disprove them in the style of a flat-earther.
    "Couldn't the reason for the lack of high end Nvidia GPUs on AMD laptops be because of PCIe limitations?"
    Nooo! That's just a lie told by Intel! You'd be a fool to believe that! It barely makes a difference in most situations so therefore it is wrong. Also please ignore that Nvidia have traditionally had very strict PCIe requirements, such as SLI not being supported on anything less than PCIe x8 motherboards despite PCIe x4 being enough at the time to get 98% of performance.
    "How do you explain the new laptops which do have AMD CPUs and high end Nvidia cards?"
    The conspiracy has been broken and brave OEMs are now rising up against the oppressive regim of Intel and Nvidia! 
    Gotta love how they quote themselves as the source. I should start doing that.
    This rumor seems like a load of bollocks.
    Source: LAwLz
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    JAKEBAB reacted to SolarNova in Twitter Profited from Child Porn, Refused to Take it Down   
    The fact some people here are surprised says a lot.
    Twitter openly engages in censorship, spreads false information, purposefully labels factual credible info as false, is hyper 'partisan' on both domestic and foreign political and social issues, is part of an aggressive oligopoly, and doesnt even abide by its own rules, let alone laws.
    The sooner the average persons not only knows this, but accepts it as reality, the sooner Twitter is held accountable, be that resulting in reorganization, or outright removal, assuming authorities are not compliant with Twitter in the 1st place.
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    JAKEBAB reacted to BigDamn in Twitter Profited from Child Porn, Refused to Take it Down   
    Guys come on. Twitter is too busy becoming a moral authority in the political world, they don't have time to stop child porn. Priorities people!
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    JAKEBAB reacted to suicidalfranco in Twitter Profited from Child Porn, Refused to Take it Down   
    If only the same could be said for very alternative that pops up to compete against them. But no, industry wide ban for everyone else, made up excuses for the "too big"
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    JAKEBAB reacted to LAwLz in MSI adds Resize Bar support for 300 series chipset on their motherboards   
    I wonder if people will get pissed that AMD lied to them about resizable PCIe bar support or if people will let it slide. I am sure there would be multiple threads about how scummy Nvidia or Intel is if they had said the same things. 
    For those who don't know what I am talking about, AMD said that resizable PCIe bar was a thing only they could do as the only GPU and CPU manufacturer, and that it would only be supported if you had a 5000 series AMD CPU, 500 series motherboard and 6000 series GPU. Those where the three requirements, probably in an attempt to sell more of their new stuff. 
    Basically, lying to people and artificially limiting support to make them buy more expensive things or upgrade from previous gen stuff. 
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    JAKEBAB reacted to cm992 in Game on with a better budget - Nvidia @ CES + 3060 announcement   
    COD Warzone getting DLSS. Hype!