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  1. Lmao as usual. Waiting for the infamous flood next.
  2. Doubt it. This is AMD. They can do no wrong. $50 price increase and I don't see anyone complaining
  3. Just wait for the fires and floods....
  4. This was pre-sold out within like 15min in Australia at every store. I missed out 3 times
  5. "I monitor the Xfinity app constantly and have every device labeled. But I see no new devices or usage." Doesn't this prove they're not using yours? Games don't use a lot of bandwidth to play so running off a hotspot is possible. Also not sure what plans are like in the US but here in Aus certain streaming services like Netflix are unmetered which could be how they're watching Hulu etc.
  6. Not all e.g Mcdonalds uses breast and some skin. But yea the frozen ones that don't specify breast are usually squashed chicken carcasses (yes it's possible to crush bone into paste) and some other nasty stuff which is likely whats in that tube stuff.
  7. Horrible example. CWL uses ps4 with controllers.
  8. It's only really been recent they've fallen behind, people forgetting s8 (I think) exynos phone's also got way faster internal storage compared the sd variants.
  9. Pretty much just an accessory that turns your base controller into a p2w like scuff, elite etc.
  10. What is with the obsession with that tacky fake carbon look? Argh, it's just so hideous! Also that phone case looks like any other so I don't know why he said " i don't like cases, so i made my own".....
  11. Thank Lizard Squad. They've been back for maybe a month now. Unbelievable they can just tweet shit and still continue for this long lol. I'm guessing it's going to be a shit Christmas this year.
  12. I don't think Linus was being serious in that video hence why he bought 2....