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    Humble burner of food


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    ASUS X99E-WS
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    16GB 2133Mhz Corsair dominator
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    Reference GTX980
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    Corsair Obsidian 900D
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    samsung xp941
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  1. or buy the PS, and buy a cable from any local electronic store. they make em pretty simple these days. Pretty sure there isn't even a 220-240 switch nowadays.
  2. Pretty sure the power requirement is 220-240V. Israel uses 220 right?
  3. nothing in the products sheet, reports say that AM boards need a horizontal mount (not an issue here) and that ram clearance is 45 mm (so low profile or ram without a heat sink basically) I couldn't find any info on offset with a quick search.
  4. Why not just hardwire in a switch to short the contacts? or even just leave a couple of wires in the requisite pins, and just short them as needed?
  5. Have you checked the spec sheet? run it against memory offset on the motherboard, and clearance against memory height?
  6. Why is no one ever worried about their 1080ti bottlenecking their 6700k? Sigh, both are possible. If you're in a massively cpu heavy load (video rendering, some mmo's or open world games) then yes, your cpu is probably going to bottlenck your graphics card. A 6700k will also run windows 7... just pointing that out.
  7. Someone uses facebook because of their security? oh wait soccer moms/ and dads... we're inclusive.
  8. sure, if it meets your requirements. There's always going to be compromises. It's probably going to run hot. Your input options are going to be shit out of the box, and you've got a screen the size of kira knightley's tatas. If you're fine with that, then every one of those is fixable. You can plug it into a monitor, or a TV. You can plug in a mouse or keyboard. You can run at lower settings so as not to spike your thermals, and there's always totally unnecessary plastic surgery for the other.
  9. The keyboards were pretty sweet. and pointer was pretty close to the best implementation on a laptop I've seen, once you got used to it. My one was a 486 DX75/4? it might have been awhile. running win95 which made it crash pretty reguarly, and required me rebuilding it on a regular basis... totally worth it.
  10. You're right, It was what I heard at the time, but they're not exactly rushing out to tell me their inner corporate workings. The dxdiag file I saw said it came from ibm. It said it was an ibm thinkpad, excuse me if I was a little busy, and actually had to do my job and didn't stop to email myself a screenshot from someone else's computer. It is possible it was one of the last thinkpads released before they sold the business. I find it unlikely that an major multinational would still have it's sales reps using almost pristine 5 year old thinkpads, especially with the average sales
  11. Think you mean lenovo. But I will tell you I was suprised as hell to see it. I even had to take a peak at it's dxdiag to confirm. IBM sold their consumer brand to lenovo, and paid a hefty bill when they did aparently, They kept their corporate contracts.
  12. Umm. they don't have to. I actually ran into an IBM thinkpad that a rep had (no, not lenovo) IBM does still make thinkpads, they just seem to only make them for corporate customers. Even had the little rubber clit.... and I just got flagged.
  13. I've always refered to them as base. They're merely a different way of visualising numbers. think of an abacus (old school I know, but I'm old.) in decimal, the way we're taught to think from year dot, each line has ten beads. we count through one row, we flick a bead on the next row, and reset the first row. the problem is computers can't deal with base ten as they only have two state (except quantumn, you get into those, and we'll talk later) so we're really dealing with base of 2. off or on, 0 or 1. you abacus now only has two beads on each ro
  14. The usual issues for this are temp or power. Either the system doesn't have enough power to support the components (not normal in a modern solution, they're pretty efficent) More likely is temp, maybe a cpu cooler fan that has failed, or has somehow disconnected?
  15. Same, I have a 900D that I was planning on building 2 SLi rig in, never needed the extra room. lots of room for extra ssd's for gaming though. Ali bends if you breath on it.