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  2. Exploding batteries was a feature, In no way did Apple I mean Samsung fail to properly engineer the product.
  3. jerubedo

    Gaming Build - is this good??

    But again it took nearly 8 years for that to be true in gaming, in limited cases. I understand your point that we're in a market shift. But this is a market shift unlike any we've seen yet. We've gone from 4 cores to 6 to 8 to 12 coming up to 16 coming up. At what point will games simply not make use of more cores even when they are perfectly optimized? We don't know. No data available yet. Will the game developers actually shift with the market? No way to know. We know that SOME of them shifted, a little, with the change over to 6 core. Will that follow with 8+? No historical data available there. The only thing I can point to maybe is the transition from single core to dual core. Even at that, game developers took their sweet time transitioning.
  4. MeatFeastMan

    help me decide on which card to buy

    Well if you're buying new the rx 580 is cheaper, both versions. Not to mention that xfx cooler is one of the better coolers on the AMD side. Are you buying used? If the 1060 6gb is the same price as the 4gb 580 on the used market, then get the 1060 6gb.
  5. cj09beira

    Vega finally beats RTX? Vulkan strikes again!

    at the start dx12 was used almost in name only, basically they had a dx11 base calling dx12 instructions, so its using dx12 but in the worst way possible, newer games use it properly
  6. jofraarcher

    Is this a Good and Legitimate Security Camera Deal?

    For that, you should compare lots of things and get detail about them. itunes error 0xe80000a helped me to overcome from this issue.
  7. Casper_UK

    DRM free question

    I was just wondering on the opinion of others on a discussion I had with a fellow gamer recently, if a developer releases a game drm free, but to play it online you had to have an account to verify you (the gamer) actually purchased the game, would that be classed as the game still having some form of drm embedded, even though the game itself is released as drm free? If the above is true in that yes it is classed as having drm embedded, as a developer is there another way to still have the game released as drm free but with a way to verify gamers actually legally purchased the game The reason I'm asking is, consumers should be given freedom of choice and I fully support drm free (i use gog) but developers also need to ideally be paid a wage for their work, I know gog have proved drm free works too, it's just i'm not sure how their online gog galaxy works. Thanks
  8. I've had issues mentioning people on mobile in general for quite a while and the browser I use on mobile is usually Firefox. Keyboard I'm using is GBoard.
  9. floofer

    An UNPOPULAR Opinion - Huawei P30 Pro Review

    This could be a sponsored video.
  10. > Infinity War is the most anticipated crossover event in history


    > Me:



  11. realpetertdm

    r5 2600x vs i5 9400f (100$ difference)+

    If you're multitasking then Ryzen
  12. Razza12003

    i5 9600k v i7 8700k / 9700k

    Mainly Adobe products such as Premiere, Photoshop and some After effects. OBS for streaming / capturing Then many different IDE's for different platforms. I am looking to get the build complete this week so not really looking to wait unfortunately.
  13. GoldenLag

    Gaming Build - is this good??

    Well, you know. Lets look at every core i5 and core i7 CPU. Last time i checked the performance gap has increased beyond the standard 15-20% (in HT favorable tasks) that HT offers. And especially in the 0,1% lows. Its not as if we dont have historical evidence to look at.
  14. When you download a game on steam you have several things to consider. A) The server you're downloading from. They could be limiting bandwidth to ensure availability to all. B) When downloading said game, its also installing so you will have slower times while it writes the game as to the drive. Mechanical drives will reduce it more so than an SSD. C) Consoles are never accurate and do NOT give good results and thus should not be trusted as a source of speed testing or measuring.
  15. Let's praise them, well done apple for giving a small percentage of users a 1 day turn around on a problem that should have been fixed for ALL users 3 bloody years ago. Even $500 Acer's have a better after sales service record than this. Imagine what some people would be saying if Samsung had of done this? I can guarantee you it would not be "good for Samsung to do that".
  16. jagdtigger

    HDD Shipments Down 18% YoY

    Dont turn it off....
  17. Zeitec

    Gtx 1660ti or RX 580

    I mean they're in different price brackets. If he's happy playing 1080p high settings for the next year then medium for a couple after that, then RX 580 should be fine. 1660ti however is a much faster card, more comparable to Vega 56 (a bit slower granted, around 10%) Now it'll do ultra settings today, high settings next year and maybe the year after that, then medium a year or 2 after that. So basically it'll last an extra year or two over RX 580. Personally, RX 580 is basically an overclocked RX 480, which is a 3 year old card at this point. Now it runs good still, but it's getting pretty long in the teeth and is what I'd call a budget card rather than a midrange card. I wouldn't buy a 3 year old card if I could afford a 3 month old card.
  18. So I have a 50mbps plan, when I do a speedtest I get around 48mbps, which is normal, but when I actually download something my speed is way way lower. E.g., I was downloading a game from steam and the max Dowland speed I got was around 2.7MB/s, being less than half of the 6MB/s I should theoretically get. I'm connected via ethernet and tested this with a playstation as well. I'm really confused right now, am I missing something?
  19. ghostythehost

    Gpu only using half of dedicated memory

    But i just don't understand why it's running at 99% if it's not using all of it's memory.
  20. gabrielem95

    550W or more?

    Thank you both! Since I have already placed an order for the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 550W 80+ Gold, but it's not been shipped yet, do you suggest me to cancel it or will it work just fine for my build?
  21. So I have bought Mk11 and yes it's no surprise that there's been plenty of issues with it on launch. My issue is odd to say the least. So when I launch the game I notice that the controls keep flickering between xbox and pc controls even when my xbox controller is disconnected.Whenever I try move to the left or up in the menus there seems to be a delay or it feels like its not registering the inputs every time. I then go in a game and my character keeps jumping and the game ends up crashing. I really am at my wits end and idk what to do I have contacted WB support but I can imagine they are extremely busy atm so the reply is going to take ages. If anyone has any suggestions please say it would greatly appreciated. Below are the things I have tried myself. 1. I have completely reinstalled the game and reset the data for it on my pc. 2. I have tried using just mouse and keyboard the problem still persists. 3. I have updated my drivers and Windows 10 and checked my direct x version which is 12. 4. I have tried big picture mode in steam. 5. I have checked the integrity of the game files on steam. 6. Used MSI Afterburner to check usage and it is fine. 7.Tried another game with and without my controllers they work fine so the issue is solely with mk11.
  22. Bravo1cc

    Performance issues with HDR

    Hi Guys So i just wanted to get some feedback on if any of you have had the same issues as me, i found just last night that i shave performance issues when running games in HDR, the problem doesn't seem to be the HDR its self but seems to be to do with my desktop resolution and what i think is a bug in windows. So my situation is that when playing any game i lose about 30% of my performance, i have narrowed down a work around of: Run a lightweight program like HWinfo and then turn HDR on while the game is running and then back to HWinfo and then alt+tab back to the game. In Assassins creed origins i have noticed a 33% uplift in performance. I have done this with a few other games and for example Metro Exodus nets me a 10% performance increase. Things that i have noticed also, as mentioned before if my desktop resolution is not set the the in-game resolution this will not work, the same resolution but not trying the workaround doesn't give the same result so i know that this alone is not the issue. Anyone have any ideas what i'm facing and if anyone else has had the same problem.
  23. jerubedo

    Gaming Build - is this good??

    That's again why I said if the trends continue. The 2600x, right now, with it's 15-20% extra performance is performing worse than the 9400F, even in games with more threads. Could that change? Sure. Do we have any concrete evidence that it will? No. Do we have any evidence that suggests that it might not? Yes, Assassin's Creed (12 threads) and Far Cry 5 (8 threads).
  24. Passed yet another Mondeo on the way to Uni lmao.


    For something which apparently didn't sell well there seems to be a decent concentration of them around here.


  25. mr moose

    Dr Su will present Zen 2 and Navi at Computex 2019 (May 27th)

    Its just a shame they don't have the same level of confidence from network admins as Intel. If companies were confident they could upgrade fleet systems and servers to AMD with little risk of down time they'd be able to capitalise a lot more.
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