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  2. You all are helping very much, as I do most of my shopping in USA.
  3. 3pin is adressable RGB (aRGB) and 4pin is non-addressable RGB (12v RGB)
  4. Alright, guess we're not helping you then. It's not like anybody here speaks japanese and knows japanese websites anyways.
  5. Any x370 that has the bios update for 3000 will run it. I think all of them got it and even the 350 boards had the update. Thinking on it even the A320s got updates for ryzens 3000
  6. the first question i have is why can't you remove the front of the case? Other than that, yeah zip ties are better, they don't incorporate wire. These things throw them out or tie your garbage bags with them, but don't use them for much else
  7. I'm fairly sure i watched an LTT video recently regarding a build with a large number of used large capacity SSD's, which they'd got from ebay or similar. I cant find it though. Any pointers on which project it was?
  8. I see the Samson Q2U USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone recommended a lot as a budget streaming microphone.
  9. Thanks for the tips I'll some more research and see what I can do... I have checked out tonymac86 but there seems few "budget" MO and more "sponsored" products... Or I could just wait and hope for better prices but whatever that's not the point.... Thanks a lot! And please do write if something comes into mind, I'll be taking a look, I'll be updating the post.
  10. https://cablemod.com/compatibility/ But regarding the upgrade itself, i don't see the point, this unit is still good, the only thing you'll do by replacing it are essentially paying money to renew warranty (since i figured you're replacing it because it just ran out of warranty period), why would you want to do that ?
  11. If they are different fans they will have different performance and noise profiles so running them at the same RPM doesn't necessarily make sense.
  12. True, could be something like onebox or dropbox that are syncing
  13. also use ram in slots 2 and 4
  14. hdmi 2.0 will not do 4k with or without hdr 10bit 444 60hz. not enough bandwith 4k hdr 8bit 444 60hz, or 4k hdr 422 10bit 60hz, or 4k hdr 10bit 444 30hz. need dp 1.2 or hdmi 2.1 if you go from dp to hdmi 2.0 or vice versa your limited to the hdmi 2.0 spec
  15. did a quick google and seems a bit more difficult to get a hackintosh running on ryzen. it's up to you and your level of experience with building such systems. to avoid getting a dedicated gpu, I'd go with a ryzen 5 2400G or 3400G or the more budget ryzen 3 2200G or 3200G
  16. Ratchet7989

    Aw Geez

    Look at me, posting build plans and not even introducing myself. Hey everybody I'm Ratchet! Happy to be here. Been a console gamer for a long time and very recently broke into PC world wanting to build my own rig. Gotta say the research has been a lot of fun and this community has been real helpful in the few minutes I've been on this forum. I hope one day i can be just as helpful to new comers like me! Very impressed!
  17. Hmmm, the name dose not give it away? Japan if you did not get that.
  18. Mine was running without problem until I put my GPU onto this same thing , a PCIe riser cable to vertically mount the GPU, then I got this same error Then I tried to find some way to try to fix, and I read someones's post in other site forum (I forgot which site it was), the person sent message directly to AMD support about same problem, and there that person showed the answer and confirmation from AMD which says that most of PCIe riser cable in the current market is one of the root cause for the errors beside the other causes. Most of PCIe riser cables are not compatible with RX 5700/XT. After I found that post, I went to BIOS to see if I can do something from there, and found there is a setting to choose the PCIe mode, 'AUTO' 'Gen-1' up to 'Gen-4' modes, I just changed mine from default setting at 'AUTO' to 'Gen-3', aaaaaaaaaand it's gone... The error never coming back again ever, til today. Hope this help.
  19. Oh I see! That would have completely solved the issue! Oh well, lesson learned... https://cablemod.com/product/cablemod-c-series-axi-hxi-rm-basic-cable-kit-black/
  20. Seems like a thermal issue. Clean out the dust and replace the thermal paste.
  21. If they do put thunderbolt in the console then it wouldn't be for external graphics. Why? Alex listed the reason a couple posts above yours. You advice to Sony is to stop making consoles and make a PC? That doesnt make any sense. Its not even good advice for Sony if/when they stop making hardware and just run their own games as a service option.
  22. yes, only one header on a splitter has an RPM signal wire on it. but all headers have a PWM control wire. the PWM signal is just a duty cycle percentage and it doesn't matter if fans are mixed they will all run, but at whatever duty cycle they're being commanded to, the RPM that will be is down to the max RPM of the fan. op's post is asking if fans of different RPM can go on the same splitter, and then clarifies later as to whether they can control them to run the same RPM, to which i stated they'd need multiple PWM sources to account for the different RPM
  23. use only PSU cables that follows the PSU, AND some PSU cables are directional. check that the cables are mounted correctly. since for some reason different PSU suppliers have different pin output at the PSU, but standarized at the mainboard connector.
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