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  1. All good my man, it doesn’t bother me if there is something better, there is always something better just around the corner :) I like those Thermalright TY series, I have a 143 feeding my cpu :) Its a good time to be in the hobby that’s for sure.
  2. I totally get that, I was comparing the cfm of 110 vs 69, and the static pressure I believe may have been higher on the iPPC as well. My knowledge of fans is somewhat limited. For case fans I used 120x38s for well over a decade. I am using nfa14 iPPC on my cooler and being told it’s shit.. when clearly I am getting better results than most using air or even aio. But my iPPC is doing better than my TY-143, as well as my TL-D14X. My cooler came with two fans and I am running it with one.
  3. I like Intel better for that.. They have finer consistency when they slap cores together.. they are all usually awesome. AMD only gives you a few good ones, that's why they boost like they do. I think its a bit lame. That is my biggest gripe with AMD ATM.. all cores are not equal with them. With Intel, if you have good cooling chances are you are getting all cores over 5GHz.. not with AMD you aren't.. unless you freeze it As for microcode updates.. I literally watched them steal GFlops from me. Back when Specter/Meltdown was causing a massive shitstorm for them. The timing was ri
  4. I'm no pro but I think Helium is a bit colder. I know a few guys who could answer this with confidence, I'm sure they will see this soon. You could buy a phase change system, its not as cold as LN2, but it can get fairly close I think.. depending on how the gas is mixed.
  5. I am the only person on the planet who has not experienced any issues with the AM4 platform and Zen3. I jumped in fully expecting a shitload of hassles, the kind you get from building a frustration box. Instead I have had such a good experience. Its been just as, if not more reliable than some of my past Intel setups. The last time I was using AMD 939 was @ retail and I had all kinds of issues using Asus, Abit, and OCZ. Most of the time it was good, but when things got bad.. I just sold all of it and bought a Conroe. Eleven six is a great CPU. But so is the one you have. I know, I am running t
  6. I haven't used the T30, but I have used iPPC's on my heatsink, I really doubt the Phanteks would do better there.. but I could be wrong.
  7. AMD says 4850 is all she’s got. You can try an all core clock, probably not gonna be stable at that speed, or you can downgrade to an early agesa to get over the +200 barrier. Either way, the 4850 cap is the main reason I bought a 5900X. Now I can enjoy a 5150 cap.. but I’m taking a break from that cpu for a few days I missed my little guy
  8. NF-F12 is loud AF once she spools up.. but it moves a good amount of air. At more sane speeds it’s not bad.
  9. You have to use an old agesa 1.1.04 or something like that to get it to boost higher than +200. From before November 2020 iirc.
  10. I would be interested. I pulled my 5900X out last night and put my 5600X back in. Such an easy CPU to cool This is with FC140 and an all core clock of 4700 1.3v
  11. I have pushed 1.45v all core and the heat is insane. If it was a 5600X I would run that all core as high as you can, it is much easier to cool. It’s your chip though, run it the way you want to. A little OT I see a lot of people say Ryzen runs hot.. it doesn’t. Cooling it is very easy.. just gotta put up with a little noise.. which many people cannot.