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  1. You can run it quietly, the trade off to noise is heat. Less noise more heat.
  2. Try them at 16-16-16 or so at 3200-3600, that might work for you and save you a few bucks. If not some higher speed ram wouldn't hurt at all, these things rip.
  3. You can let it 100 and it'll be fine, that's nothing As to why does it run hot? Not many years ago Intel users used to hit max overclock near those levels you get out of the box. For example, my 3770K requires about 1.525v to hit 4900 lol.. The heat was insane and that was only 4 cores
  4. Not going to lie.. its really weird seeing the back of my mobo lol
  5. Indeed. I should note he is not an overclocker at all. You might be able to get away with it.. he was using an NZXT case that looked like an oven so..
  6. Neither. My buddy has a 9700K powered Hackintosh cooled with a Dark Rock Pro 4 and he says his CPU hits the 70s-80s at full boost while doing his photo/video work. The coolers mentioned aren't in the same class. I threw my 212 Evo away.. because that's what I think of it
  7. I haven't tried with 3d but.. If you can get your IF into the 2000 or 2100 range and run your mems to match then you could easily make up the difference of 2 sticks vs 4 and there are serious gains to be had. He said he couldn't get passed 1900, you might be able to. I blew right by it. I am running my 3200 CL14 sticks at 4200 CL16 1:1.. its psychotic..
  8. I can nail 4600 down no problem with 1.225v. I cant nail down 4700 even with 1.32v, but I can get into windows at 4900. 1 speed 1 voltage, no boosting or anything like that. It acts like my 3600XT when it doesn't want to AVX anymore and just restarts. I know its not my PSU because its brand new and is using 2 EPS cables. I was only using an 8 pin from my last PSU.. I lost the MHz race there.. but IF clocks are pretty intense.
  9. For me I just picked a mobo I wanted to buy. Then I checked its QVL against some ram I was interested in. Then I checked its QVL against the mobo I wanted. Everything matched up and that's what I bought. Its been awesome. No problems, overclocks like crazy. Excellent. Personally, I am glad I chose the components I did, because it rips and is stable AF.
  10. Honestly.. I have no idea. Like that is pretty loud, louder than a TY-143, wouldn’t want to sleep in the same room I normally run them at 7v and would probably be similar to what you are used to.. quiet ish.. There are 2x 24v fans in there, but get only 12v.
  11. I use a Meshify C with 110CFM Panaflo 120x38s. Its awesome. I am only running 4 right now, 3 in the face and 1 exhaust. But if I want to step it up a little I have another I can use as top intake above the ram, as well as an additional 140x25 for the top rear exhaust, and a little 92x35 that I use to exhaust under the GPU. But to be fair it is a little excessive in that configuration. Coincidentally, I will be reverting to that configuration tomorrow when I install my new CPU The shear volume the case can flow is ridiculous.
  12. My 5600X will be here tomorrow.. I bought my system during the Black Friday sales.. but couldn't get the CPU I wanted, so I settled with my XT lol.. its really not bad. It spools up to 4625 on 3 cores and 4475 on the other 3 on its own, and it was the same price as a 3600 lol. This thing rips. I am still on the fence on whether I keep it for a build for my son, or if I should flip it while I can get my money back. I came from Intel and could have built a nice one since everything was on sale. I'm pretty glad I gave AMD another shot. What impressed me the most, what made me build on AM4 was the
  13. Should be. If your CPU isn't happy with your 212 it will let you know right away. Intel 6 cores.. beastly heat when you wind them up.
  14. I like industrials.. they move a lot of air and they last forever. I’ve been running my fans since 2006