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  1. I had a hard time getting four sticks stable over 1866 without bumping SOC LLC to level 2 or 3, and increasing SOC current capability by 20% That let me get the speed, and keep things fairly tight. I think Still new.. only been a couple of months with this setup and DDR4 and Ryzen in general
  2. What are you testing with? Just some benches or anything stressful? Is this for a daily oc or just running numbers? Best numbers come from 1900 (+) 1:1 I find. I tried a pair of my sticks up to 4400 or 4600CL16 and still couldn't make up the loss of 1:1, I didn't test with 3D. Might have been a little unstable too but it worked
  3. I thought D15 was 260w? Le Grand Macho RT is rated for 320w True Spirit 140 Power is rated for 360w DRP4 is 250w iirc
  4. I'm always hard on the 212, I made a promise that I wouldn't bash it anymore. Its better than a stock cooler.. most of the time. What would I recommend? Unfortunately I am a massive Thermalright fanboy. So probably something from them.. I own right now Le Grand Macho RT, True Spirit 140 Power, and Ultra 120 Extreme.. I also own H100 and 212 Evo and stock box I like LGMRT. FWIW that cooler can be used passively up to 90w TDP.
  5. Lol I hear you man. Only because I am using an LNA from my old D14 I have a little 93x35 4K screamer mounted under my GPU exhausting. That little fan moves more air than my TY-143
  6. High performance and silence do not go hand in hand, especially when air cooling. Your HSF is good, a Noctua would sweat just as much.
  7. Sorry I didn't see that part. Enjoy!
  8. Would something like this work? Looks like its got strong airflow, and a place for your DVD drive Fractal Design Focus G Black ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Newegg.ca
  9. I think one of the reasons why Apple has high prices is not just for the hardware, but you are pre paying for their software development too. Every few months iOS gets an update. Because a phone replacement or ipad replacement is usually half the cost of the device. If you pay for AppleCare you are in essence pre paying for any repairs. If you bring your phone in, they make your phone nice again, like when you bring your Rolex in for service, you pay.. but your old watch is new again. I took a corner too tight and banged my phone against the door frame. It was pretty hard.. put a p
  10. That is really no better than a 212. Same TDP rating. Just black, and probably a little quieter than a 212.
  11. Crazy. My 3600XT with stock cooler never hit 90 once. And it was boosting as it should. Case flow is very important. I saved the 90c temps for when I got an AM4 mount for my cooler
  12. Thanks I will look into it on payday! Outside of the lan thing, this system is as smooth or smoother than any older Intel I've run. That's a good thing.. it has not been a frustration box or anything like that. Butter.
  13. Yeah you can do it. I've done it in the past on an X48 board just using the intel hardware (software)
  14. Lol thanks man I wish I could say that! Sadly no..