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  1. my mobo is z390 aorus pro,, and yes the t4e i put into the same mobo in the 1x slot works like a charm.. but t6e dosnt untill i put into x16 slot
  2. ok so no matter what i cant get my t6e to work when installed in the 1x slot.. but when i connect it to a 16x slot it works, is there any way to make the t6e work on windows 10 while plugged into 1x slot? my t4e has no such problem.... also if someone has a t6e can you go to advanced settings and show me the options under wireless mode
  3. i have i7 9700k being cooled buy noctua nh u12s.. i wanna oc and i am looking at custoom loops.. like cheapest one.. a cpu bock and radiator (240/280) from corsair.. pump res combo anf tubing from bykski... and any cheap coolant.. now i dont want aio cz i love hardline tubing.. so like how much better temps will i see?
  4. so my cpu is i7 9700k and i have 32 gb c16 3200mhz ram.. right now i can afford 16 gb 4000mhz c18 ram.. is it worth upgrading?
  5. Ok so my 9700k is running on stock being cooled by noctua nh u12s.. i wanna oc.. but this small cooler cant seem to handle it.. now since games dont utilise all 8 cores..i was thinking what if i disable like 2 or 3 cores and oc it to 4.9.. will that help? I mean since 2 or 3 cores r disabled.. will the temps come down to help the cooler handle 4.9 on remaining 5 ot 6 cores?
  6. Ok so i am thinking to buy a liquid cooler for my 9700k.. but i have heard that unlike some other countries.. in India in case if a liquid cooler leak, only the cooler is replaced but not the other damaged components... Is that true? Is there any company in India that also replaces the other damaged parts in case of a leak?
  7. ok so i have a z390 aorus pro and i have 970 pro ssd in top m.2 slot.. recently i came across a asus pcie card which holds ssds.. what i loved is it looked cool in the pcie slow under gpu.. i have one empty x8 slot.. i was wondering if i open my ssd from m.2 slow n buy the asus pcie ssd holder n plug my ssd into x8 slot.. is it gonna give me any performance benefit?
  8. amio bengali...

  9. Thanks . Well why i dont turn off pc in outage is when watching video. It gives me like 40 mins of backup.. by that time the power typically comes back..
  10. yes because imagine i am transferring files.. or maybe watching youtube video.. if i connect the usb hub n speakers to the current in case of outage.. the pc will work but the file transfer will fail and the sound will stop coming..
  11. Ok so this my uninterrupted power supply.. one plug is for monitor another for pc.. and the two white ones are extension for.. my woofer and powered usb hub .. as u can see that the extension connects to the powered hub usb hub adapter.. i wanna ask is it safe to use these under the table.. my table is in a position where i have to use these extension.. which i made myself.. to connect sub woofer and powered usb hub as the wire dosnt reach the battery.. so like can these connections catch fire or any risk? Should i ditch the speakers for blutooth speakers and should i ditch the powered usb
  12. It actually crashes till i set it to 1.280v.. why such a huge gap
  13. Thanks to both of u.. phew.. makes me feel better..
  14. Ok so i have in my system the sata cables that came with motherboard and some extra ones which are cheap.... I wanna ask is it worth investing in expensive sleeved branded ones?
  15. So last night i discovered that molex to sata cables can catch fire.. i had one in my pc.. today i threw it away and used the normal psu cable instead of the molex to sata.. but now my OCD is going wild.. i cant stop thinking that my pc might catch fire if i keep it on overnight.. how safe is it to keep pc on overnight? For stuff like downloading games and stress tests etc?