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    Msi b550 mortar
  • RAM
    32gb vengeance 3600mhz
  • GPU
    Msi rtx2080 ventus
  • Case
    Modded Sama
  • Storage
    Kingston a2000 1tb, Samsung 850 Evo, wd 2tb, seagate 1tb, seagate 4tb
  • PSU
    Thermaltake 550w
  • Display(s)
    Whaley 4k 43" tv
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    Thermalright dual 140
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    Apple Bluetooth
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    Logitech G603 wireless
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    Prosonus E4.5
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    Windows 10 pro

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  1. You don't need apps to use the base drive. You do need apps to use encryption, backup or diagnostics. (which is what these apps are for) HOWEVER, there are plenty of other alternatives that don't send your information to WD.
  2. If you change cases to something with 5.25 drive bays in the front, you can get hotswapping drive sleds. That will give you a *sort of* internal/external solution. But if you have it as a 6 drive raid, I don't see this as a valid or safe solution.
  3. It has an ip so that you can telnet into it and configure it would be my guess.
  4. Are you sure the 600mm is not the depth? Server racks really only come in one width. 19", but 600mm is a common depth of rack.
  5. It's not about where they are sold, but volume, who is their parent company(or what companies are in their group), how long have they been around. At least that is how I figure it.
  6. Well since raid is not a back up, especially if it's always connected to the pc, I'd listen to what others are saying. Multiple USB drives swapped out weekly. Way safer. Your insistance on a raid das seems like you already have your mind made up though and just want validation.
  7. In my opinion, 350 euro for a quartz microbrand is a tad high. I'd go (rationally or not) for the marloe simply for the movement.
  8. For epic Phoenix style points, try incorporating something from the burnt pc in the new one. Like the cpu as a case badge.
  9. QLC isn't as bad as many people seem to think. It has valid applications. Desktop is not it. They make much more sense in datacenters. Storagereview.com had an interesting podcast about it awhile back. Changed my mind on qlc.
  10. How far away is your offsite? How fast can you access it? How much is your time worth? How expensive is downtime to you? Answer those and you can decide it local backup is cost effective.
  11. If you are concerned about speed (you are after raid 0 and 7200rpm, so that's my assumption) and mention video editing, so I gather this is your scratch disk/working volume and not storage volyme... Just get a SATA ssd. It's faster that HDD raid 0. You loose on capacity, but workflow will be much better.