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  2. SafyreLostTooManyAccounts

    What does your desktop look like?

    See I am so good with tech I accidentally deleted Bash so I am stuck on dumb windows until I 1. Fix my screen and 2. Get Pop!_OS again as my other flash drive has Ubuntu
  3. SafyreLostTooManyAccounts

    Which distro is best with my AMD card?

    Pop!_OS is just better imo regardless of driver compatibility
  4. Jurrunio

    good oc

    that's annoying because I dont play any of these games. Some games are more stressful than even benchmarks you know. FFXV and Metro Exodus are the most difficult to run high GPU core frequencies among a dozen games I've tested.
  5. Electabyss

    Upgrading CPU

    ok that sounds close to what i do, the main reason why im even upgrading is because i play and record games like csgo, payday 2, and planing on 7 days to die but all of them run smoothly until i get flash banged, or if my friend wanders to far away. It only happens when there is a tiny amount more of load.
  6. TubsAlwaysWins

    Trouble getting serial connection to work (Bad serial cable?)

    Hmmm Ill try it on a different computer. Thanks!
  7. dgsddfgdfhgs

    Nvidia GTX 1650 available RIGHT NOW; $149

    without an "official" driver Nvida can claim all initial benchmarks and testing are invalid... lol this card is only for new budget builders who either wants a new card or a 2yrs old card and being told nvidia is better at gaming over amd... TBH, I felt the gtx1650 has catch up rather faster than I thought (while ignoring the launch price), ~10% slower than rx570 at 1080p is just ~6fps, which isnt anything to worry about. this will be an ideal solid 1080p 30fps for quite some time
  8. DeaconFrost

    Upgrading CPU

    I upgraded from an i7-7700K to a Ryzen7 2700X...mainly because the pricing was so good at my local MicroCenter. I'm using the stock cooler, and haven't regretted the decision. I do everything from play games, rip/edit video, and run several VMs for learning Linux.
  9. suchamoneypit

    cpu temps read cooler with a higher cpu

    Could just come down to thermal paste and mounting pressure differences. You happen to remember what the differences in their temperatures are at 100% CPU load? Looked up the specs of those CPUs and they are rated at the same TDP at 130W (power draw).
  10. hardlygone

    Will this air cooler block the memory? please help

    yes rgb would be great ... without rgb is just fine but i want somthing not blocking the hall view of ram and i can install all 4 rams . Amazon - newegg I'm using Cooler master MasterCase 500m , the budget is not consider a problem. for now i'm not gonna overclock it to 5ghz i think 4.5ghz is good for me and may be after 3 month I'll overlock it to 5ghz with an AIO or whatever .
  11. BigRom

    Experiences with non-techies

    NVLink SLI bridges and nonsense are for scrubs, true men of culture use duct tape and super-glue for SLI
  12. @Sylvie05 guess who is making a rainmeter skin 😎



  13. Mick Naughty

    good oc

    Unigine benchmarks and the games I play. Bf1, pubg and cod bo4 at the time.
  14. Electabyss

    Upgrading CPU

    Wow i cant believe i did not look at the ryzen 7 i think that would fit really well thank you.
  15. So I have this sorta old laptop I had for a couple years. Had a hard drive fail once. At the moment, it works pretty fine despite it being old. Heck, if I put an SSD in this thing it will run better than new. The caveat's with this laptop is, as I mentioned, it is somewhat old. It has an AMD processor with integrated graphics. Many have stated, the exact one I have is pretty bad. I plan on building my own custom PC in like a year or so, which will be my primary machine. For this, I plan on looking at every single part I buy carefully, and try to get them for the cheapest prices. But once again, this will take a while, so for the time being, I plan on using my current laptop until then. In my case there is no point in buying a new laptop because I plan on getting a custom build PC soon, so I might as well use this current laptop by then. I don't really do gaming on this thing, mainly because it can obviously hardly run anything. But I am now considering connecting a GPU externally to my laptop using the EXP GDC Beast method. I want to connect something at least similar to a 1060, or something. This will no doubt be time consuming, and may not even work. In order to do this, you most likely need to have a spare Wi-Fi adapter port, and plug it in with the wire hanging out of the bottom of your laptop. I believe to access the Wi-Fi card in my laptop, you have to take the thing apart from bottom and the top. But if you have an express card in your laptop, you can use the "beast" with the express card cable. My laptop does not have an express card port. But would it work if I had a USB to express card slot (https://www.amazon.com/SIIG-USB-to-ExpressCard-JU-EP0012-S1/dp/B001KUOW9O)? Would something like this work? So if I have that adapter in my laptop, along with everything else connected, would this method even work? Would this idea of using the EXP GDC on my laptop even be a good idea? What do you think?
  16. SafyreLostTooManyAccounts

    Elementary OS for Web Development?

    I had the experience of Firefox being slow AF
  17. Ravendarat

    Tips for building computers with kids

    Im not sure I would use gloves with them. Little hands in gloves that likely wont fit them properly would make it harder to work on the computer and more likely to make them make a mistake. Just get them to wash their hands before you start and have them ground themselves before they touch anything
  18. suchamoneypit

    How good is EVGA's warranty on DOA products?

    I had a broken used 1070ti from EVGA. No receipt or anything, they still covered it under warranty for free for me. Very good customer service at EVGA. If you have proof of purchase they'll even advanced RMA you a card (send a replacement out immediately)
  19. jake9000

    How to migrate os, games,etc from a HDD to an SSD

    What's the capacity of these drives? moving a partition to a drive smaller than it will be a lesson in pain. If same sizes, check out Macrium Reflect. It's dead simple. If not, robocopy the data over and install the apps fresh.
  20. pierom_qwerty

    1366x768 or 1360x768?

    @chiliNUT @bcredeur97 y'all really just revived a 2+ y/o post. you have some balls
  21. pineSolo

    How good is EVGA's warranty on DOA products?

    Aha... I'm just making sure. I appreciate it.
  22. pineSolo

    How good is EVGA's warranty on DOA products?

    Thanks, I hadn't even thought of that.
  23. Mr.Muffins

    I think i was hacked?

    If you know that someone is doing crazy stuff like deleting your files or something, I recommend that you go into safe mode, do a backup and reinstall windows. (Do this when you are out of options and can't figure out what the hell is going on).
  24. Skiiwee29

    How good is EVGA's warranty on DOA products?

    EVGA is one of the best in the industry when it comes to RMA and warranty support and customer service throughout the process.
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