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  1. I think the strat here is to find the upgrade part that fits, possibly coordinating with/getting advice from HP, then just going to ebay to snipe it.
  2. Yeah, that should be an immediate express RMA. A drive dying like that is bonkers. I would expect them to overnight you one
  3. Strong work! Okay, so this is (likely) either a dead port on the mobo, or a dead drive. You have several ways to move forward. If you have another drive you can drop in, see if the mobo recognizes any drive. You can take it all apart again and swap the slot that the drive is in. If you had a friend with an M2 capable mobo, and are willing to brave human malware, you can try it in their system (I assume you don't have a spare system capable of testing this). Or you can call up your builder on Monday and they should be able to get you a replacement. I'm inclined to guess a dead driv
  4. I thought this was gonna be a second gen i5, my b. I have a lot of experience with salvaging computers like that and I'd stay away from anything earlier than 6th gen but this is baller So, on ebay you can find a bunch of HP power supplies and there are definitely 230W PSUs which will give you a lot of head room
  5. The 4970k should do fine under most any aftermarket cooler, just don't crank the OC I think the 500 would be fine with an i7/970 MOAR RAM IS BETTAR RAM, go 32 I'd go Noctua and skip AIO in an ITX https://amzn.to/33sxv4G