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  1. If you aren't familiar with the Snowball service from AWS, they basically ship you a box and you load ~80TB onto it (aggregate 150G transfer speeds), ship it back, and they load it into an S3 store. https://aws.amazon.com/getting-started/projects/migrate-petabyte-scale-data/services-costs/ I'm wondering what exactly is inside and I'm a bit surprised Linus hasn't torn one apart. They look like nifty lil devices
  2. I like AIO coolers because they look a lot cleaner and they stay out of the way so when I'm doing maintenance I can easily reach everything. That being said, they are decidedly not best for $/performance. Paste is paste (pic: Mr Incredible). You're not gonna see major differences in performance from brand to brand and honestly I'd just keep the preapplied stuff and get some thermogrizzly stuff to keep on hand if you happen to see it on sale
  3. Yeah, that would do it lol.
  4. Def, but you can walk up the product stack for more performance.
  5. so, did you solve it? Ain't nothing like an unresolved forum post to drive future folks nuts
  6. I thought the X700 series were top end before going HEDT with a different socket but the 5900 would be the same socket, am I confused?
  7. .... aren't there better 5 series AMD chips?
  8. I'd probably go with a 3600x over that 10700k. Better bang for the buck and has a valid upgrade path. That 3060 will be the bottleneck regardless. You can def still go with the MSI Gaming mobo with the AMD chipset This is said as someone who runs 4 gaming PCs all with intel chips
  9. QoS is a general term for Quality of Service or how the packets on your network are prioritized. Most modern routers of any stripe will allow you do set this
  10. weird. Sorry. TBH I've never used this stuff before, I usually roll my own NAS Looks like you can do it through their (utterly garbage) software? https://www.qnap.com/en/how-to/knowledge-base/article/how-to-map-network-drive-by-qfinder-7-4/
  11. Also, in fairness, when I hit Browse it took 5 minutes (clocked) to show my network devices
  12. No clue. did \\IP not work? What's the URL you're using to manage it? (redact your IP even though it should be an internal IP address, still good practice)