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  2. OH HELL YEAH, I dont even have Dark mode official enabled on my W10 at home, but When I checked my "About Chrome", it updated to 74 and immediately switched to superior mode Dark Mode It even changed the right click options menu (It's white in all other windows)
  3. Semper

    GTX 1660 Fan issues

    Sporadically dropping to zero RPM while under load is not normal. Zero RPM while idle may be normal, many modern cards have this feature, and some may even have asynchronous fans (I don't know if Galax does this) but not in the manner in which you've described. They'll fluctuate with the preset fan curve and the temperature of the card. Try installing something like MSI Afterburner and see if you can manually control the fans, set a custom fan curve. You may also want to contact Galax customer support about the issue, see if they recommend an RMA.
  4. jstudrawa

    AIO for MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z?

    I would have put the money into a better card. AIO on a 2070 isn't really worth it, IMO.
  5. Kimikomon

    Replacement Side panel

    Indonesia :v
  6. Tristerin

    Noisy Wraith Stealth

    Something wrong with your mount causing the fan to run @ 100% only? (what are your temps idle?) The Wraith coolers they ship out with the Ryzen line up are the bees knees for stock coolers. Ive got 2 different ones and both are the best Ive ever pulled out of a box. Or your fan is bad, send an email and get them to replace it!
  7. Yeah i know that. Also have software i can do it with. It was more a question about if it was needed when overclocking or default would be fine. Yeah i know that setting. Pretty sure its Multicore Enhancement for ASUS. But i wanted to try manually overclocking, to see how far I could push my current chip.
  8. GoldenLag

    iPhone vs Android – The FIVE Year Test

    think it was because in total it costs roughly half of that of the iphone on the used market. i mean you can get a new nokia 5 for around 130$ so idk why they didnt include something new. or Nokia 6 which is around 160$. and to me, one of those are a better option than an iphone 6.
  9. Are there 16:10 monitors aside from the LG Ultrafine 5K? Resolution doesn’t need to be 4K or 5K, not even 2K. I can live with something close to 1080p. 

  10. Totally Average Gameplay

    Gtx1070ti or 1070sli

    It does not justify the higher price tag than it already was. Features like RTX and DLSS are still useless in today's standards, and everyone always does that: buy the flagship card, then sell because change of plans, upgrade or overbought. That style of buy n sell kinda ticks me off.
  11. LoGiCalDrm

    More Badges/Industry affialiate thing

    I think there was recommendation about those, along with "Trusted Member" badge. But trusted members got all promoted to moderators so it was removed. And I think main reason it wasn't kept up was that its extremely hard to say if member will uphold their title as "trusted" or not. Like who gets promoted to that position, member who has personal knowledge about subject, or one with actual education and work experience on subject. What is time frame looked at when evaluating postings, 6 months or 2 years and so on.
  12. I wouldn't expect the next generation to release until somewhere around 2021. Expect some time around two to two-and-a-half years from now. Base your judgement upon that assumption, all we have to go with for the release of any of the next gen consoles is assumptions based upon educated guesses (of an average life cycle of ~eight years for modern console generations).
  13. Dissitesuxba11s

    Loop draining advice

    You need to introduce air into the system. Since it looks like all the fluid is out of the rad, disconnect the fitting between the the rad and pump. Then blow into that tube going into the pump/res to force the water down the system. Once the pump/res and tubes to the CPU is clear, disconnect the outlet tube from the CPU and blow into it to move more fluid out. Once you notice that there are no more fluid in the GPU, disconnect the outlet tube and you can just take out the rad to clear fluid out of it.
  14. sadly that is exactly how you sell stuff to people who arent in the know.
  15. Sychic

    Best RTX 2080

    Personally I'd say the Strix Adv and OC cards since they've got binned chips and their cooling solution is top-tier
  16. ExtTMN

    GTX 1660 Fan issues

    My system: Ryzen 5 1600 GTX 1660 Galax EVGA 500w 80 plus White MSI b450m pro-m.2 I just upgraded to a new galax gtx 1660 and i noticed that the coolers are acting weird. Everything is working fine besides the fans, when idle they keep spinning for a second and then stops, and stays in this loop. Also sometimes only a single fan spins and stops. When I start stressing the gpu with valley benchmark, both fans spins but inconsistently, the rpm keeps dropping to 0 every few seconds but they don’t stop, just gets slower and faster. Also, the temperatures are reaching 75C. My old gtx 960 fans worked fine, only turning on when reaching certain temperatures and spinning consistently without dropping to 0 RPM. Is this normal or is it a hardware problem?
  17. well there is still an issue with waiting for 10nm or 7nm from intel. and it is worrysome and i sort of hope it isnt real. https://www.planet3dnow.de/cms/45941-intel-keine-ryzen-konkurrenz-in-10-nm-vor-2022/ no 10nm for desktop.......... only mobile............
  18. Never heard of anything like this. Did you try another Browser?
  19. I've been reading news around the web and I've seen that the upcoming PS5 might support backwards compatibility with PS4 games. Is it worth waiting for it or buy a PS4 Pro now?
  20. Bouzoo

    More Badges/Industry affialiate thing

    Digress. I can't even.
  21. VegetableStu

    More Badges/Industry affialiate thing

    I think it's more like how Jay Digress has an industry affiliate tag as well? o_o
  22. JabroniBaloney

    This is getting ridiculous...

    I'll take launchers over DOS prompts and answering questions from the instruction manual to get into a game.
  23. Drunk.EU

    Which keyboard to get?

    Try the motospeed ck108. It's pretty premium but comes with blues. I have one and i've switched from logitech to this one. I'm satisfied!
  24. Jedibrysen

    Best RTX 2080

    I have been Looking at the EVGA RTX 2080 XC Ultra Gaming because it has a big heat sink but I want to know the community’s suggestions! I’m upgrading from a GTX 1080 FE and I use a 2700x @ 4.2ghz for my CPU
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