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  1. It sounds like a Taurus Tracker, but they change their lineup occasionally so it might be something else. I used to manage sales at an FFL but the market changes so frequently that I'm not up on some of the newer stuff. 44 Mag is an expensive caliber for sure, not really that practical because even .44 Special is a bit much for a personal defense caliber. A large frame .357 is great because .38 Special is usually very inexpensive and the +P variant is well suited for personal defense. Unless you hike around in bear country there's not a huge demand for .357 Mag for most; The option
  2. It depends on what they want for it. I've shot some rounds through a Judge, it's very difficult to get .45 Colt to be accurate in one in my experience. Being able to use .45 Colt and .410 shotshells is cool, but as for it being a first gun I'd probably wait for something else. Not sure what your budget is for a 1911, just my $0.02 is that they're expensive to get right because of the significant amount of machining required. What brands/models are you looking at?
  3. I'm considering putting together a router out of spare parts, but needed more ethernet ports. 6 more should be sufficient. Might put wireless into the machine as well, but have read the transceivers in regular wireless network adapters don't do well, so might just use an older router as a wireless access point.
  4. That's quite astonishing, I had no idea parts were getting that difficult to find. I've put some DNJ parts on friends cars before with no complaints, so you're probably going to be OK. I'm also glad I bought my cheap-ass tires for my car in 2019, I put like 2k miles a year on it now that I daily my motorcycle, and in Texas they dry out long before I get to the mileage limit.
  5. Jenny McCarthy; Proof that Hollywood celebrities can have have too much pull on society. Anti-vax people are direct players in their own somewhat self-extinction tactic. It's a shame medically-vulnerable people have to suffer their bad choices. I'm just happy that most frontline medical workers here have been vaccinated, because with our states leadership dropping covid restrictions, there will be a lot of people going to emergency rooms with covid in the next few months.
  6. There are people here that tend to confuse freedom and the concept of individual liberty. They see freedom as doing whatever they want, unquestionably with no oversight or boundaries, and there are people that believe that is what was intended when our Constitution was framed. Wearing a mask or getting a vaccination hits them in their freedom zone so they reject it, and coupled with the fact that many don't believe covid exists or whatever, it's a really bad combination. What is actually meant by individual liberty, as it's supported by The Constitution, is that people are free to
  7. Exactly. As if the state’s failures hadn’t killed a few dozen people a few weeks ago, they apparently want more.
  8. Next week, my states terrible governor is removing almost all mandates and safety requirements put in place for covid. Basically we’re all going to be thrown directly into the meat grinder so shareholders can make more money. Done with Texas, I will be moving elsewhere as soon as possible.
  9. I have to ask, where do you work that there's 4590s sitting in the garbage?
  10. Not the most exciting thing out there, but the recent storm here in Texas motivated me to tear into all the old Coleman camping equipment I have, and I needed a few repair parts. Plus, one of these days I'll go camping again.
  11. This is taken from a Tesla article on regenerative braking performance: https://www.tesla.com/blog/magic-tesla-roadster-regenerative-braking
  12. You seem to be frustrated that EVs don’t break the laws of physics. Mail delivery vehicles travel at slow speeds around city centers and neighborhoods, and they barely go fast enough for regenerative braking to do much.
  13. The USPS' impact on air quality even with the current LLVs they've had for decades is very low in the entire scheme of things. The amount of due-diligence they did when selecting the percentage of internal combustion engines VS electric they wanted was probably staggering, if they realized the electric infrastructure wasn't up to par with charging needs for a mostly electric fleet, they're not going to jump into that. There's also range. Even if an unladen Model 3 will go 300 miles non-stop on a highway, a van carrying a heavy load stopping all the time is likely not getting anywhere near that