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Day Eight - 'Storm Igor' is fizzling out

Last year the title for day eight was  'Storm Igor' Rages On... It seems a title that is not appropriate for this years first day of the second week.    It has to be said that it is looking like our 'soon to be king' is just about fully tapped out, struggling to get that 100m day he is so looking forward to. He would only need another 4.5m, but that isn't all that small when you are already giving it your all. He sits on the throne today with 731,659,045 points. miker07 is up next sitt

Day Seven - Igor falters!

This is gonna be a real quick one.    No changes other than one rank changes can be seen on th rankings today until you start looking below rank 30. Anyway let's have a rapid look over the top ranks.    Shlouski is still on top sitting on the throne with 636,119,656 points, but it has to be said his 100m point day is still elusive for him. Up next we have miker07 with 596,050,047 points. Igor_Sinelnikov had a sorry day today but he remains in the number three spot with 427,45

Day Six - OhBoy Rises!

Well another day we didn't get to our target, but we are once again getting close to that one billion points. Keep pushing, give 'er all you've got.    Well, we have not seen a single change in the top ten this update. Shlouski is once again sitting on the throne with 540,674,413 points. Have to say it is pretty close up in the top with only a 12 or so hour outage in front of miker07 who is once again in second place with 503,835,788 points. Igor_Sinelnikov has put in another incredibl

Day Five - All Is Quiet On The Folding Front

Well guys, I have to say, you suck, we are further away from our one billion day goal than we were yesterday! But hey, I guess that means tomorrow is just another day to try. We have not seen any changes in the top ten so don't hold your breath. But nonetheless, let's dive in.    Shlouski keep himself in the number one spot today despite his power outage, taking the throne with 448,246,714 points, he did manage to outperform the next down the list but it was certainly close and he ca

Day Four - Well, the points start comin' and they don't stop comin'

Usually I try to limit my direct interference in the event, instead I usually like to ask open ended questions. But today I come to you all with a humble request. We are so close to see a billion point event day here that I just need to ask, can you push it some more, even if it's just for one day. Let's cross that billion point threshold together, united as a team.    For the firth day in a row we can see that Shlouski is sitting on that throne, he is really giving it one, despite thi

Day Three - Almost Two and Half Billion

Usually on day three I announce that we have hit half a billion or one whole billion points. Well for this event I can proudly tell you all that we are just a little shy of two and one half billion points. It is in this that you can see just how far we have come as a team, and how far our technology has come.    And for the third day in a row we are seeing Shlouski sitting on the throne with 263,705,429 points, it is incredible to see just how far this lovely fellow brit can go pumping

Day Two - is  _Rlocke a True Man of Honour

So first thing first, Igor did not truly jump 130 ranks, there was a data issue on the last rankings, but this does not affect the integrity of the data, the issue was with the user entered data that was corrected yesterday after the posting of the ranks and blog post.    Sitting on the throne for a second day in a row we have Shlouski, with 167,910,201 points on the second day of the event it can be easily said that he is the man to catch. Producing slightly shy of 100 million points

Day One - Get Some Ants In Your Pants!

Once again we get to enjoy the daily rankings of a folding month.   Ladles and Gentlespoons, here on the team many of us look forward to this event, year after year we come together as a team, to join together, to fold together, to compete together, but in the end the only true winner is science.    It is always a great pleasure for me to write the first blog post, the first of many to come over the next five weeks. It is always interesting to see who has already leap out of

Day Zero - Let's Get This Party Started

So here we are, yet again another year has passed up by and we are once again cranking the dials to 11.   I know for many of you this year will be painful, we are seeing a global energy crisis of the likes many of us have never seen before.  Some of you, this will be the first time in which you have joined us, and for a very select few this will be your chance to get the event veteran badge. For those few of you out there who join me in the elite club of joining every single


Well here we are, once again we have found ourselves staring into the abyss, trying our best to scrounge up hardware from down the sofa cushions  to put to work!    I would not have even remotely imagined that five years ago we would be here, a top 3 team with regular events, seeing prize pools like we have for this event but here we are. It is incredible to see you guys come back year after year, to push forward the team, to come together and compete.    I'm not going to lie

The Dell XPS 12 Had a Very Serious, Very Stupid Design Flaw

There's an Olde English saying out there that goes something like this: He who buyeth a laptop just because it looketh cool shall risk developing cancer. OK, maybe I made that up. Still, I feel like this is one of the most interesting design flaws to ever come out of the tech industry, and one that deserves to be far better known because of just how pathetic it is. When Dell launched the original XPS 12 in 2012, it was marketed as a "MacBook Air and iPad melded into one device," despite

Only in Python ...

Not to take a piss on python , i actually like the languagee , especially the development speed you get with it. but... only in python are things that are an order of magnitude faster in other languages actually much much slower:   Branching logic vs Branchless Logic: import random from time import perf_counter_ns,sleep testnrs = [random.randrange(0,5,1) for _ in range(2**20)] def branch(nr,idx,result): if nr < 1 : result|=int((str(abs(result))*9)[1:3]) elif nr ==


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WordPad is no longer broken

If you didn't see my last post on here, WordPad wasn't starting as quickly as it should've been on my laptop. I tried everything I could possibly think of to fix it or at least diagnose it, but everything failed. I was recently thinking about things that could have some form of input into how WordPad works (which isn't much, it's got about as many settings as a light switch) and thought about the Windows Print Spooler service. For those of you wondering what the hell I'm talking about, t


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WordPad is Broken

Whenever I write one of these posts, there's a good chance that I'm doing so using WordPad. I know some people are probably wondering why, so I should probably start by answering that.   I don't use Microsoft Office because I'm not paying $80 for a word processor. I don't use LibreOffice because it's crashy, needs to be updated manually, and unfamiliar. I know WordPad has no spell-checking, but that doesn't bother me because I'm confidrnt enough in my spellig. I know WordPad doesn't ha


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Mako beast

a 16 cylinder engine  a 4600 lb tow capacity stiff suspension  an 5 star frontal collision rating 4 turbos 2 trims Weird suspension trim (WST) stiff suspension trim (SST) an 4 star rollover rating for weird suspension pros and cons  WST pros:  less possibilities of a rollover smoother ride  Cons: suspension bottoms out while accelerating (w/ trailer) hitch does not attach some times SST pros: suspension will not


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Thoughts on the iPhone 14

As the proud user of a tried-and-tired iPhone XS with an ailing battery and more scuffs than a drunk driver’s car, it should be fairly obvious that I’m not the kind of person who excitedly buys the latest iPhone when it comes out. Still, I often argue with the keyboard comedians out there who always make the same jokes about how a new iPhone is the same as the last one.   I’ve always disagreed with these people for several reasons over the years: The camera usually gets a s


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The click, the bait and the spy.

Not in that particular order.   Now, this isn't worthy of a thread but still I find it interesting, and I've rarely seen others talk about it at least outside the deep circles of the underground web, it's about clickbait, on YouTube, yet not the normal ones made by users but one made by them, and it works in a pretty clever way, as far as I know it can't be fully defeated unless you get all new hardware, so yeah, this is a DEEP trip down the rabbit hole. It'll only be noticeable if you


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VI Improved(vim) and everything wrong with it!

so after postponing for 15years i finally decided to give vim a go.... these are my issues with it most of them are applicable to the out of the box fesh installation of it.   lets start with the first couple: for a keyboard oriented editor (everything availeble from commands and functions without your hands needing to change positions ~ everything availeble from homerow) , to the point wer navigating a document (usually arrows) is duplicated to the keys hjkl , you do have

You don't want to use a Linux-converted Chromebook

About a year ago, I received a Chromebook from my mom’s friend. Its end of support date was sometime in June of this year (2022 if you’re reading this in 2023, 2024, or maybe this blog will be like religious books and people in the year 4843 will have this read to them by their robotic dog who is also their dental hygienist), so she figured I might want to do something with it.   I genuinely don’t think I’d ever wanted a laptop less than that, because I’m sure we all know the hardware

Dry rainclouds and emptiness.

The sound of AVR relays going crazy woke me up at 4 in the morning. Upon looking through the window there was a storm in the sky with lightnings going one after another through the clouds, however, there were no thunders, wind or rain present. Lights on hallways and stairwells were strobing so after rushing downstairs to switch off the fusebox I went back to bed and stared at the night sky for a little longer. What is a storm with no thunder, wind or rain? What is despair and sadness withou


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pacman is dumb really dumb from time to time

here is another thing that really sucks hairy monkeyballs in any arch based distro: so apparently pacman knows these two packages are actually the same as they occupy the same slot (conflict): :: ki18n and ki18n-git are in conflict. Remove ki18n-git? [y/N] (=>both answers haave the same effect the process exits)  but even if sees the conflict it doent actually know these are the same packages, since the -git version is installed lets check what version of the package is curren